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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi 5i Team,
In general I follow 5i Balance Equity Portfolio. Lately, I went through comparing my portfolio to 5i Balance portfolio I found that I have to add the following stocks BDGI,PKI and SHOP and I am under weight on AEM,ATD,ATZ,BAM.A,CCL, ENB,TFII. Can you please advise in order which stock consider a good buy at this time.
Also, Can you please advise good buying stocks from the Growth Portfolio.

Read Answer Asked by Yousef on November 29, 2021

Q: It seems to me that going forward inflation worries are real. Assuming my thesis is correct, I have read that one way for investors to protect their portfolios is to buy companies with "pricing power". What exactly is pricing power and can you give me a list of Canadian and American companies that currently have the most pricing power.

Read Answer Asked by Les on November 01, 2021

Q: If inflation is going to be a concern, do you have 5 company suggestions in the US and Canada that would have pricing and so earnings power? Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Michael on October 25, 2021

Q: My recent question about defensive growth stocks - let me rephrase it as I was after growth in defensive sectors . In defensive sectors I would appreciate your advice on top 3 growth stocks within each sector for 5-10 year hold. For example, in staples sector, could you advise top 3: COST, ATD, MED, CELH, PEP, MDLZ, BYD, DRVN, MNRO, or others. For Utilities sector, please advise top 3: for example, BEP, BIP, RUN, PBW, ENB, or others. For REITs and Telecoms, same. Please deduct requisite points.
Thank you..

Read Answer Asked by sam on September 20, 2021

Q: I currently hold in my portfolio symbols ,WISH,ECOM,PHA,VXTR,CVX ,IPAand MRS
They have all gone down recently, do you think Ishould hold on to these stocks for long term growth

I am thinking of adding TCL ATD and AX.UN to my portfolio , what are your thoughts on these stocks . do they still have more upside to them

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Howard on July 15, 2021

Q: Why the Ceo still express interest to buy the french grocerer,a low margin industry,when refuted by the French government ? Is it because France is his motherland?(heart over mind)The market does not like it.Price dropped 3.08% on friday,Down from $45.16 on Dec 17 to current $39.70.Please comment on the co.Txs for u usual great services & views

Read Answer Asked by Peter on February 08, 2021

Q: What would be your 2 Top buys from this list for a long term hold?

Read Answer Asked by Valter on December 30, 2020

Q: These four fine companies are all RSI oversold at present. I know you like all of them, or have, and am wondering if they could be considered strong buys at these levels ( for long term holders) or whether best to wait and see what the coming weeks bring us all. What order of priority would you give them for current investment? BTW, thanks for the consistently calm and perspective-driven approach you take in your advice.

Read Answer Asked by alex on November 02, 2020

Q: Hi, folks

What would be 2-3 picks to help diversify this portfolio?


Read Answer Asked by Robert on June 18, 2020

Q: Thanks for your flash report. Much appreciated.
Without doing a full review, which of the above would risk being downgraded if you were to do a full review? Thanks. Your service is great!

Read Answer Asked by Marco on April 15, 2020

Q: Good afternoon.

Iím interested in which you prefer (1 and 2) in each category below.






Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Alan on March 19, 2020

Q: Hello 5i team,
I've held a good number of stocks you hold in your BE portfolio and I've managed to obtain a 14% compound annual total return in the last 11 years.
100% of my portfolio is in equities; I'll be shortly 77 years old and plan to reduce my equity exposure to 30%, with the above stocks in mind.
Your opinion is most valuable

Read Answer Asked by Antoine on March 02, 2020

Q: I have some consumer disc and staples stocks, but I am looking for a few USD with some momentum. Could you suggest a five or more, best to last that I can explore? Many thanks for all you do.

Read Answer Asked by Elaine on January 27, 2020