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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: if I where to sell today stock from my corporate account would it be deemed for taxes sold today or settlement day the 25th?

Thanks !
Read Answer Asked by Denis on June 21, 2024
Q: I am looking for a short term safe investment for Canadian and US cash in a non-registered account. CBIL according Global X website holds 0-3 month Canadian government bonds, but when purchasing on Questrade, 0-3 mo U.S. T-bill pops up - is CBIL US or Canadian bonds? With UBIL.U in a non-registered account will there be US withholding tax on the estimated 5.25% yield? Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Grant on June 20, 2024
Q: Hi, Can you claim a loss if stock goes to zero, that is; if a stock get delisted can you claim capital losses ?
Read Answer Asked by Fernando on June 19, 2024
Q: Good morning,

BEP,UN is classified as energy in portfolio analytics, should it not be under utilities?

Thanks for the unique service you provide followed your suggestion on NVDA after 2 splits my cost base is 3.80$ only problem is the taxman with clawback at 91 000 already reached and at 107 000 combined rates plus clawback in quebec is 65 % ????
I put all the money, work, risks for one third of profit!!
I see no way around this do you have any suggestion or resources to address this.
I won't ventilate to much as my language would not be proper.
Thank you !
Read Answer Asked by Denis on June 18, 2024
Q: Which Canadian companies will be most impacted by the new capital gains tax. Appreciate your insight.
Read Answer Asked by Nancy on June 14, 2024
Q: Sold both for tax loss.
Wondering about proxies for both. Could you suggest a couple? If the proxy goes up in the 30 days, I presume you would keep the proxy until it changed direction. What is the thinking on this process. What if it goes down?
Thanks on your thoughts
Read Answer Asked by John on June 12, 2024
Q: Retired. This question is regarding the proposed June 25/24 tax changes.

I have unrealized capital gains of $110k and my wife has $30k. We also have a house worth roughly $5-600k.

4 questions:

1. My understanding is, upon the last death of my wife or I, the proceeds of the house will pass on to our beneficiaries (our kids) free. Correct?

2. My wife's $30k unrealized CG isn't large enough to warrant being proactive. Agree?

3. My $110k unrealized CG is large enough to at least look into it further. My largest unrealized CG is in WSP (even though I have trimmed it 18 times) = $32k.

I see 2 options = #1 is do nothing because the house doesn't factor in and the $110k is well below the $250k threshold. #2 = sell some or all of WSP, then buy it all back the next day.

Any thoughts, knowing you can't provide personal advice?

4. Just to confirm, because WSP would be sold for a capital gain, there is no need to wait 30 days to rebuy....agree?

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on June 05, 2024
Q: My question is about the increase capital gains tax.

Assume a corporate account has a
$100,000 capital gain on 3 stocks at this time.
Would one be better off selling and buying those back before the June deadline and saving an estimated $6,000 or just staying put and let the stocks grow and pay the increased tax at a later date when sold.?

I realize their are many assumptions but I'm interesting in a general opinion on a hypothetical scenario.
Read Answer Asked by William on May 28, 2024
Q: Hi Peter,

Not sure if this is a question that you have seen before.

Can a person transfer an RRSP in kind to a RRIF?

Currently my wife has a LIRA, TFSA and an RRSP.

She will start drawing down on her investments in two years.

Iíve read somewhere that if you transfer the RRSP into a RRIF that you are not subject to withholding tax.

While I understand that taxes will need to be paid eventually, I would rather settle that up at tax time and can do that out of any account.

Thanks in advance.
Read Answer Asked by Kelly on May 28, 2024
Q: June 25th - Inclusion rates go up.
Do you think that there might be some profit taking from now up to that date?
Maybe the number of people making a profit >$250K on selling shares isn't enough to nudge the market.
Read Answer Asked by Arzoo on May 24, 2024
Q: Sorry about this tax loss question but I find it a little confusing regarding the minimum 30 day waiting period.
If I sold all my BCE shares on April 16 for a loss.
What is the "earliest" exact date I can start buying BCE back and still claim
the loss in my taxable account?
Read Answer Asked by Ian on May 21, 2024
Q: Good morning, you mentioned these securities in a reply to a question by James on May 13. Could you please add some comments around taxation of the returns, especially if in either TFSA or non-reg account. Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Steven on May 17, 2024