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Investment Q&A

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Q: Can I please get your outlook on the energy sector, and the holdings above- how would you rank them for a 1 year hold, would the ranking change for a 5 year hold?
There is the view that energy will come back to represent a larger % of the index again.

Read Answer Asked by Kyle on June 09, 2022

Q: What is your opinion of this ETF for a core long term holding for exposure to the oil and gas industry? Is the MER high/low in your opinion. What alternatives if any would you suggest? Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Kolbi on June 07, 2022

Q: I am thinking of buying these companies in my tfsa account in equal weights. Do you have any concern with any of these companies and would you be able to rank them in order of possible upside? Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Myron on June 02, 2022

Q: i do not know much about oil but like buy in cash account for dividend.
can u tell me your top 3 US oil company today?
can u tell me top 3 Canadian oil companies

thanks all your help

Read Answer Asked by brian on June 01, 2022

Q: Given the possibility of a recession and the certainty of volatility for the next couple years, can you give me 4 CDN and 4 US stocks/etf's, you think might provide some safety and reliable, albeit moderated returns? The equities I've listed are my ideas.

Read Answer Asked by Graeme on May 20, 2022

Q: Hello:

Appreciate your steady guidance through latest "interesting" markets.

What are the realistic possible paths for oil pricing and related companies? i.e. +6mo, +1 year, +2-3 years?

The Russia factor is a huge variable and I cannot see global sympathy restoring demand for Russian oil but money talks ... when I see US pump prices something will have to move longer term or there will be a lot of frustration and pain.

I own smaller positions in a few O&G companies at historic highs so I am tempted to take a little profit after not taking some for lots of growth stocks when they had tailwinds.


Read Answer Asked by Marilou on May 18, 2022

Q: I have a small percentage in each of these companies, I would like to add to some or all can you tell me in order of preference you would suggest I add them.
Thanks, Dorothy

Read Answer Asked by Dorothy on May 09, 2022

Q: Great 5i team, There are times like this; I will need to put my cash holding to work. I kept trimming energy names in our family portfolio to under 10% and staying on the sidelines for the last few months. Your thoughts are very much appreciated with these 2 questions: which one that you would pick 3 out of these 7 energy names and which sector that you will allocate the funds? I am light in industrial and health care. Thanks for your input.

Read Answer Asked by Nhung on May 02, 2022

Q: Can you suggest some good options in this sector. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by gary on April 29, 2022

Q: Hi,
BIR, WCP, PEY, CVE, GXE, & ERF have significant gains in my portfolio.
SGY, and HWO on the other hand have laggard in this sector.
I would like your guidance if I should sell any of these at this time or hold. If hold for now, what should I watch out for?

Read Answer Asked by Harpinder on April 20, 2022

Q: Good morning,

I added these at the very low point of energy. 5% equal weight of my portfolio, now it becomes 20% ish. I am looking to cutting down by half. Should I keep the pipelines ENB & PPL & VET and cut the rest or just reduce across equal weight. Your thought is very much appreciated.

Thanks again!

Read Answer Asked by Nhung on March 28, 2022

Q: I've been self managing my portfolio for 18 months. I'm already retired but still maintain a buy and hold strategy. However I've seen nice profits disappear on some of my holdings and I'm wondering if and when it's wise to take profits. For example, my CVE stock has increased 118% and now represents 5.25% of a portfolio that has about 15% in energy. Is this a good time to sell all or a portion of CVE and invest the dough in another company or continue to hold for the next couple of years and reap the dividends?

Read Answer Asked by Robert on March 28, 2022

Q: Hi Team: I currently have 21% of my portfolio in Canadian oil stocks (Cenovus 10%, Suncor 8% and Westcap Res. 1%). Iím concerned that this may be too overweighted in oils for current market and economic conditions. If it is in your opinion, what would you trim and by how much? If it matters in your consideration, 24% is in fixed income.

Read Answer Asked by Bob on March 24, 2022

Q: Hello, conservative investor and thinking about adding an oil and gas ETF into my portfolio and am looking at XEG vs HEE. Now, I know HEE writes covered calls, so I was surprised when looking at 5 and 10 year returns that HEE's return was lower than XEG. Conversely, in up years, HEE had higher returns than XEG. I would have expected this to the be the opposite. Are you able to say why this has been the case? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by jeff on March 17, 2022

Q: I'm looking to review and possibly consolidate my oil exposure.
Currently I've got WCP, CVE, FRU, and PHX.

How would you rate these for a long term hold for income and growth? Are there any others that would be better?

Read Answer Asked by Robert on March 07, 2022

Q: Hello Peter and team,
What do you think of cenovus results? I have three stocks in oil sector: cve, wcp, and arx. Do you think i should switch cenovus to Tamarack Valley.. Eric Nuttall on BNN seems to think cenovus is an excellent buy but the results this am did not sit well with investors in pre-market.. Please advise. thanks very much

Read Answer Asked by umedali on February 08, 2022

Q: If I had to buy only one energy ETF, which would you choose?

If I had to buy only one large cap energy stock, which would you choose?

If I had to buy only one mid cap energy stock, which would you choose?

Your thoughts on TVE please.

Read Answer Asked by V on February 08, 2022