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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: please list 3 Canadian companies and 3 US companies with moats also show their forward P/E versus their historical P/E. in your list please exclude V. MA. and CP and CNR. thanks Richard

Read Answer Asked by richard on March 22, 2023

Q: Hi Team,
Any idea on why ATZ can't seem to catch a bid lately? Especially on a day like's still down when other stocks in the sector are up today. I don't really understand where the weakness is coming from as everything in their last release and the future prospects looks points to the company firing on all cylinders so to speak. Should a person be looking at adding to a existing position here soon? Thanks


Read Answer Asked by Shane on March 22, 2023

Q: Hi Atz will report within four weeks approximately. How many new stores have they opened since last report? Are there any new stores set to open before summer? What is your intuition as to surplus inventory reported last quarter? If one wants to invest would you advise waiting until they report? I know you favour the company and itís share have fallen 20 percent since last report. Spring is almost here and new shoots are sprouting.
Thanks and good day

Read Answer Asked by Alan on March 17, 2023

Q: What small to mid cap companies can you recommend that have been beaten up due to market conditions but have a high chance of success long term? Looking at a potential entry point this year with the prospect of beating out the returns of larger cap names that may be in a similar situation. Could you also give a brief thought on the risk/reward of this approach as well. Thanks very much.

Read Answer Asked by Dustin on March 14, 2023

Q: I have held TOY for a number of years while its done nothing and I am considering a switch to ATZ. Before I throw in the towel on TOY, I would like to check a few things with you:
1) what are the current and projected P/E's for each stock?
2) what are the projected growth rates for each stock?
3) I believe TOY has a rock solid balance sheet, do you have any concerns about ATZ's balance sheet and ability to weather a possible recession? If so, ewhat are the concerns?
4) On a scale of 1-10 what are the chances of each company still being around in 5-10 years?
5) which stock has better short term and which has better long term opportunites? 6) would you make the switch?

Thanks for everything!

Read Answer Asked by Scott on March 13, 2023

Q: Are there any small to mid-cap companies that have been beaten up over the past year that you really like the longer term outlook for?


Read Answer Asked by Dustin on March 13, 2023

Q: Peter, if you were initiating or adding to positions in your TFSA, which 2-3 Canadian Companies would you be picking for maximum returns (top picks)?

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Carmen on March 13, 2023

Q: Hi Peter & Team:

Of the above consumer stocks , could u rank them from 1-5 (least prefer to most prefer)
Secondly, are they at the attractive price to buy now? What would be a good price to get in.

Take as many credits as you see fit. Thank you

Read Answer Asked by DAVID on March 10, 2023

Q: Would appreciate your view on Aritzia and its trajectory relative to LULU. Are we in early innings with ATZ with Lulu more mature. Possible in 5 years to have atleast 50% of Lulu market cap? The growth strategy seems sound and their stores are always jammed.

Read Answer Asked by Christopher on March 09, 2023

Q: Looking to add 1 new position to my TFSA in consumer cyclicals and based on Q&A and reports 5i is very positive on both of these companies. Which one would be your 1st choice today for long term (5 years+) growth? Would you split the new money between them? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Barbara on March 01, 2023

Q: Hi

What industries and stocks would you recommend for the Current Market Condition?


Read Answer Asked by Linda on March 01, 2023

Q: This question concerns a well diversified Canadian portfolio (~30 holdings), focused slightly toward growth.

Looking to add to positions in ATZ, DOO, BN, BAM, GSY, KXS, TRI, PBH and T as well as initiate a partial position in WELL, all for long term holds (5+ years).

Would you rate any of these as a wait-and-see rather than a buy today? Please rate (1-10) in terms of your conviction to buy today, along with suggested target buy range [great, okay].

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on February 28, 2023

Q: Hi 5i,

I have owned GOOS for the past 3yrs and I am questioning the company's prospects moving forward giving their performance and their dependence on the Chinese economy for growth.

Considering replacing GOOS with ATZ. Management seems to execute well and their track record of growth is impressive.

Would appreciate your thoughts.

Thank you in advance.

Read Answer Asked by GREGORY on February 22, 2023

Q: I have very little exposure to Consumer Cyclicals
in my portfolio. I am considering taking a small position (say 2-3%) in Cdn Tire - it has a 4% dividend and some analysts seem to like it. Question - is now a good time to being taking a position in consumer cyclicals and what are your thoughts on CTC. Are there better options?

Read Answer Asked by Ronald on February 21, 2023

Q: What would be your top 5 Consumer Discretionary names in Canada and the US?


Read Answer Asked by Dave on February 21, 2023

Q: Looking at adding to the 1% or less 'toe in the water' holdings that are part of larger diversified portfolio . Anything here that you wouldn't add to or would delay adding to ? Or, any that you would sell ?
Thank you , as always.

Read Answer Asked by Alexandra on February 14, 2023