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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi the great team, can you name some examples of positive momentum stock . Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by victor on October 15, 2021

Q: I am a recent subscriber, but have been around long enough to have taken your advice on TOI:CV. It has done quite well, thanks. I have my TFSA holding only one stock, BNS with the whole $75,000. It has essentially not moved in the last 6 months. Can you suggest one or two stocks that you feel have a similar potential as did TOI, as I would like to sell my BNS and move into something else?

Read Answer Asked by D. Justin on September 29, 2021

Q: Can you offer 5 companies in Canada and the US that have pricing power in the face of inflation? Thank you

Read Answer Asked by hal on September 28, 2021

Q: I admit to a "home country" bias, but try to temper that somewhat by investing in Canadian companies that derive significant portions of their income from outside Canada (e.g. I own AQN, ACO and others).
In this context, which do you see as a better fit as a consumer staple holding -- Aritzia or Gildan?
Or is it even, or also, a consumer staple or consumer discretionary question -- everyone needs basic clothing (Gildan) but fashion (Aritzia) is more discretionary?

Read Answer Asked by Lotar on September 23, 2021

Q: Hi,
I currently have these stocks in my TFSA CAD account. They are almost all equally weighted. Do you think there needs to be any adjustments?

I understand they are all growth stocks except ZSP. Is it a problem if I only have these growth stocks?

Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Yongwei on September 20, 2021

Q: Balanced Equity Portfolio (Cdn & US Stocks): If 5i were just starting business today what 20 stocks would make up the portfolio?

Read Answer Asked by Keith on September 16, 2021

Q: I've held VEEV for a while and it seems to be stalled. Time to move on? If yes, would you recommend shifting the funds to bring ATZ up to 4%? Alternatively, is there another company in the health sector you would recommend in VEEV's stead? Medium-risk investor.

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Maureen on September 16, 2021

Q: Hi Folks,
In my non-registered account I hold: ATZ,NVDA,LSPD,TOI,KXS for growth and some blue chippers as well - I would like to add NVEI and possibly sell KXS or would you suggest I just add NVEI - is there more room for NVEI to grow in price

Read Answer Asked by JOHN on September 15, 2021

Q: Have some cash to purchase one or two companies in my TFSA. Am wondering about CTS or PKK. What is your opinion of these 2, which would you prefer and why?

An alternative would be to add to a couple recent purchases that I have I/2 positions in. These are ATZ, TIXT, NEO.

I await your guidance and please take the appropriate # of credits, I know this is more than one credit.
Again many thanks for your guidance.

Read Answer Asked by John on September 13, 2021

Q: We have decided to increase positions in ATA, CSU and GSY in a non-registered account, as well as start positions in ATZ, FSV, GDI, WELL, TOI and LSPD in a TSFA. All purchases will be made with the intent to be long-term holds (10+ years).

Please suggest entry points for each of the companies. Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Peter on September 13, 2021

Q: With the drop in Chewy today, how would you rank it with the above Consumer Cyclical stocks?

Read Answer Asked by Neil on September 03, 2021