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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Please rank the following for growth 10+ year investment in a TFSA.

Please include risk involved, 10 being high risk.


Also, would you avoid investing in LSPD if one already owned SHOP?

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Nick on August 03, 2021

Q: Could you please recommend a few stocks for two RESP accounts? First account for 4 years old grandchild. Second account for three grandchildren (4, 5, and 8 years old). Planning to contribute $2000 ($500 for each grandchild). The first account has already 26 ENB shares. The second account is a new account. Thanks in advance for your very valuable advice.

Read Answer Asked by Hali on July 30, 2021

Q: Good day! Looking to add a growth position in Consumer Cyclical with either of DOO or DOL or any other you may suggest. Already own MG and ATZ. Which do you suggest and why. Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Roger on July 30, 2021

Q: Can you share your top 3 Canadian and US growth picks over the next 5yr timeframe?

Read Answer Asked by Patricia on July 27, 2021

Q: Assuming a deflationary scenario and a continuing low interest rate environment for the next 18-24 months or so, what are your top five sectors and the top three picks within those sectors.
Many thanks for your most helpful advice.

Read Answer Asked by John on July 26, 2021

Q: Just looking for an opinion,

In what scenario does this ever get back to it's glory days before the oil fallout years ago? I have owned this for sometime in a TFSA and wondering if I should just keep holding due to not being able to harvest tax loss or take the loss and move the proceeds into something else in a different industry where over time I could recoup the loss.

Read Answer Asked by Kolbi on July 22, 2021

Q: As of today, what would be your top 10 most stable Canadian companies, or ETF's, to invest in. Stable meaning those best able to ride out any market or economic downturn. Dividends are always nice but not essential. Thanks as always.

Read Answer Asked by Curtis on July 22, 2021

Q: If you had to pick three out of the above for a TFSA today, which three would you pick?


Read Answer Asked by Andrew on July 20, 2021

Q: This question is about first things first. I would like to add to ATZ which I'm underweight but am already overweight Consumer Discretionary. At the same time, I am underweight Health Care and could add to this sector. Now for the lead up to the question - If the first principle is tp focus on the portfolio, then I should go with the health care stock rather than ATZ. Is that right?!.....What a quandary, eh?!......Tom

Read Answer Asked by Tom on July 19, 2021

Q: Hello,
If US legalization on cannabis does not happen during Biden's term, would curaleaf still be a good buy? The company appears to be firing on all cylinders and yet the stock hardly moves. It only trades over the counter and cdnx given the current status of legalization in US. I am sure if it traded on nasdaq or NYSE, there would be more exposure. Is it worth holding or consider buying more shares? Is Aritzia a good long term stock given its current guidance and numbers..? Thanks very much.

Read Answer Asked by umedali on July 15, 2021

Q: Hi Team,
Three part question. Firstly, I know as professionals you do not recommend “winners” climbing to over a certain % of ones Portfolio. However, if early investors in Apple or shopify for example would of bailed ; some would not be millionaires now. Or in some cases , billionaires where the CEO’s are holding most their wealth in their company stock. How can one hope to land that “life changing trade”(1000% or more) if one keeps trimming eternal winners ? Does it not make sense if a person finds that “winning company” to keep holding of goals are set high? GSY one of those stocks, if you were to choose the likelihood of a solid company with good prospects, to choose to be overweight in and aim for that life changing 1000% move over a 10 yr or so period? I ask this company specifically because I am overweight this company and this is my goal. (Up over 200% so far and metrics still make this stock look cheap to me)

Thirdly… if you were to speculate a few different companies, either US or Cnd as your “best guess’s” so to speak of having the likelihood of producing 1000% gains over the next 10yrs or so; what would they be? Thanks for your input and deduct credits as you see fit. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Shane on July 14, 2021

Q: Hi Guys....great service. Looking for an undervalued stock that you think could have a big rebound in the next 6 months to 1 you have a few on your radar?(US or Canada)….thinking of something at least mid-cap....thx

Read Answer Asked by dan on July 13, 2021

Q: Hi Peter,Ryan and 5i team,
Our grandson’s RESP ( age 7) is overweight in technology having Descarte and Kinaxis. Both have done very well, Do you think it is time to rebalance or continue holding. Which company in your opinion should we sell if any.
If we sell, we would like to add another holding. Please suggest a couple of names that would round out his portfolio.
Thank you as always and enjoy the summer.

Read Answer Asked by john on July 09, 2021

Q: Hi, looking to high grade my portfolio and swap QSR for MED. Small gain currently with QSR. Can you compare the two fundamentally and do you see MED having higher growth potential? Which would you rather own?

Can you rank these for long term growth? BYD, QSR, DOL, DIS, SBUX, MG, ATZ

Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on June 25, 2021

Q: Hi,

If not already asked, what are your thoughts on the most recent news for Aritzia wrt acquiring a men's clothing line? I for one had not heard of this brand so not sure how it might stack up to other men's clothing brands. How accretive might it be?
I took a 1/2 position just before the announcement so good timing on my part. :) Street seems to approve of the purchase.

Also wrt ATS Automotive recent acquisition....thoughts on this? How accretive or what might it mean to additional revenues/profits going forward?
I don't own this but am watching it closely.


Read Answer Asked by Stephen on June 22, 2021