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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Dear 5i,
I am interested in perhaps investing 2 to 4% of my TFSA in the Lithium area. Can you suggest some CDN and US listed stocks and ETF's that you like that I can do some further research on. Do you like the medium to long term prospects for Lithium?

Read Answer Asked by Ian on January 30, 2023

Q: May I have your comments on GOT's "Golddigger" project? Their website seems somewhat over promotional even though this area in BC has produced mines going back to Anoyx' mines in 1912. The mineralized zone on the side of a mountain seems, to my layman's eye, to be tricky to mine. I guess if the mineralization grades are high and consistent enough... Have any senior miners taken up GOT's stock? Does management have significant money committed to GOT's stock? Are the Nisga'a onside?
Any comments you have would be appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by James on January 27, 2023

Q: I have owned IVN for many, many years....back when it was below $1. I have sold bits as it has moved up over the years. I was always told not to fall in love with a stock and feel I might be with IVN.

Can you give me a best case senerio on what the top end of this company could be. I always had in my mind it was worth $12-14, but is it possible this is a $20 stock or maybe a $30 stock someday?

If everything fall in place as planned, no political issues, metal prices keep increasing, etc, what do you see this company being worth in the next 4-5 or even 10 years?

Will not hold you to it, just looking for your opinion.


Read Answer Asked by Kevin on January 25, 2023

Q: Happy New year 5I. This is my first question of 2023. DPM had a big pop yesterdday. i guess that the press release about a juicy find in their Serbian property was the reason for the sharp rise in share price (60isb grams over 40 meters sounds pretty good but you ex-Sprott guys should know better than me,) So my questions are: Are those drill results in Serbia as good as they sound to me? and Does a release of good drill results usually lead to sustained strong share price? (My observation is that interest wanes when the next company announces some shiny drill results!) I like DPM for their net cash balance sheet, two profitable mines in Bulgaria, the copper smelter in Namibia, and now this potential in Serbia. I wish they had not invested in the property in Equador but it is too late now. I sold half my postion in DPM. Should I keep the rest and get out now that 52 week share price is near the high point?

Read Answer Asked by Paul on January 20, 2023