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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Who should i focus on for copper. Manageable debt to survive any economic down turn, mining in stable political countries, low cost production, reasonable life of current mine(s) for future supply. Trading on the Canadian exchanges With EV etc I expect supply of copper will be another metal that will be in short supply but will have its ups and downs in the short term.

Read Answer Asked by Tim on May 26, 2023

Q: Teck is starting to drift downwards again, including a big drop today. Dont see any news. Any reason you can see for the drifting down? Just fading confidence that an acquisition is going to happen? Seemed like there may be new/different offers on the acquisition the horizon a few weeks ago, has that changed? Would you recommend holding on in anticipation of acquisition offers coming in again? Not in a rush to sell, but dont want to hold on if pricing is going to continue to move down to pre-acquisition offer levels.

Read Answer Asked by Jason on May 25, 2023

Q: What is your current view for where things might be going for energy? For Gold? thanks

Read Answer Asked by Leonard on May 23, 2023

Q: ARIS has taken a beating lately and hasn't paid a dividend in about 8 months. I'm hesitant to take the loss as I'm bullish on gold and have it in a registered account.

You commented today that "Very good growth is expected over the next 24 months" Can you expand on this? Will they bring back their dividend? Are there better beaten up stocks in the sector that pay a dividend?

Read Answer Asked by Robert on May 18, 2023

Q: If I were to move into Precious Metals, would you prefer a royalty, ETF, or individual stocks ? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by george on May 17, 2023

Q: Hi,

I have a divided the amount I set aside for Gold (long time hold as a hedge against many variables) between GLD,XGD and ZJG. But the Junior Golds cost me money! Down about 12%. On GLD and XGD I am up. Will the Juniors see the light of the day soon? Or should one wrap up th e position and move it to XGD/GLD? Or your favourite PHYS?

Read Answer Asked by Savalai on May 12, 2023