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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Lifespeak, apparently going public over the next couple of days. Thoughts, worthwhile company in which to invest? Or just a trade, if one could get in at initial offering?

Thank you as always...

Read Answer Asked by warren on June 30, 2021

Q: I had bought this when the SPAC mania was high with the belief that this SAPC from Goldman Sacs would be a good investment and provide a decent gain as well as an Initial buy-in into a great company as people like us just cant get in any decent IPO..
Unfortunately, this too has dropped and I'm almost 20% down. Is there any news as to which company they are pursuing and please advise if I should hold or sell this and invest in a growth stock, as they are back in favor.

thank you as always your advise and guidance.

Read Answer Asked by Rajesh on June 25, 2021

Q: I see price has been lowered and share count increased- surprising given the
ESG and renewables play. Are we seeing a top in the space or just a few too many issues flooding the market. Would you be a buyer here

Read Answer Asked by Scott on June 21, 2021

Q: My wife owns a company that started using last year. I hear her rave about it all the time. I even heard her say she would pay double the fees charged it is so useful. I told her I would buy some stock if it ever went public and here we are... You said its expensive based on the current valuation. Can you please elaborate compared to the competition? The stock shot up and I don't want to get caught in the excitement and overpay. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by David on June 17, 2021

Q: Have you done any research on algoma steel warrants look interesting on this spac

Read Answer Asked by andrew on June 17, 2021

Q: would like your analysis of this IPO - sounds interesting with dividend and pet business growth - how is debt, and valuation at mid point?

Read Answer Asked by Scott on June 16, 2021

Q: As a TD Waterhouse user, I received a notification from them this morning that TD had pulled the Q4 IPO. TD gave no reason, and I've been unable to find any other information. I hadn't asked to subscribe to it, but I'm curious about what happened since it was so widely touted. Do you have any insight? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Barbara J on June 15, 2021

Q: Several recent IPO offerings have been withdrawn by the issuer, including LMPG and Q4. Are there specific reasons or is this part of a general trend?

Read Answer Asked by Jeff on June 15, 2021

Q: Using the current information could you rank the upcoming IPO's and comment on the on the best pick to come out .......... thx Ray .

Read Answer Asked by Ray on June 15, 2021