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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: How do we get visibility to upcoming IPO's, particularly on the TSX/V? Are there any point of interests upcoming this year? thank you as always.
Read Answer Asked by Chris on January 24, 2024
Q: I am wondering what your thoughts are on the new IPO Oddity technology. This AI company that is direct to consumer make up and skin care products is trying to disrupt beauty. I am wondering what your thoughts are on Oddity and if you still like ULTA and/or Estee Lauder. Do you feel a company like Oddity can have a significant impact on sales and what is your rating (sell, buy, hold) for EL, ULTA and ODD? Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Neil on July 31, 2023
Q: CAVA's IPO opened at $22 US and has already doubled. There is a lot of hype around it and being called the next Chipotle. Too easy to jump in....or wait a little?
Read Answer Asked by Austin on June 16, 2023
Q: I know this company is fairly new, however what are your thoughts on their royalty business model for this space and on the management team? Would you hold shares?

Read Answer Asked by Scott on February 28, 2023
Q: Good Morning
Would you have any information on the above company the information that I was given was that they would be going to an IPO soon
They have developed a method to improve Lithium battery performance by 35%
Other then privately owned I have found little information Just wondering what information you may be able find.
Read Answer Asked by Marcel on January 17, 2023
Q: I own shares in this company. Yesterday, Concord Acquisition and USDC Issuer Circle called off the SPAC merger. I would have thought Concord shares would have stopped trading but it appears not. I am assuming that my best option is to sell at this time as I don't see many other options. Would holding be of any value? Your thoughts? I truely believe in Circle's future. Thank You.
Read Answer Asked by Walter on December 07, 2022
Q: Hi, what to you think of Volkswagen here? If I understand they used the recent Porsche IPO to raise funds to invest in the EV space - they are gunning to be the lead EV provider in Europe and compete with Tesla. But with recession looming near future looks bleak for expensive cars. Do you like VW for a focus on EV longer term over others? If so, would you hold off for awhile or is there a lot of negative baked in the current price?
Read Answer Asked by Kel on October 03, 2022
Q: Hi 5i,

Can you suggest some worthy Canadian IPO's launched within the last two years which have risen and fallen dramatically which one might one to consider purchasing in the near future. I already have MAGT, MDA, TOI and TIXT that seem to meet this characteristic.
Read Answer Asked by Ian on May 16, 2022
Q: Thoughts on investing in the coming IPO (May 6) of Dream Residential REIT?
Read Answer Asked by John on May 09, 2022
Q: With an 11 dollar option price and closing of the deal expected in Q1, it seems like there is an opportunity in DWACW at 28 when DWAC has been consistently mid-80's and higher. Am I missing something?
Read Answer Asked by Rick on March 02, 2022
Q: I've been a shareholder for awhile. On Feb 17, 2022 Circle / Concord announced they were doubling in value (from $4.5B to $9.0B). The company was most definitely pleased to share this which would normally be positive; however, I have a few concerns / questions.
a) I feel that the value of my investment has dropped in half. Is this correct? (I like to be wrong!)
b) Does this mean that everybodies investments has dropped in half. i.e. At one point in the last 6 months I heard that Cathy Wood's funds bought millions of shares. I assume she would also be impacted. I own a few shares of one of her funds AND ask this question because, some bigger fish may not be too happy if they got impacted as well - which could have other repurcussions for CRCL.)
c) Who is the winner here? I am guessing that a number of people possibly had their share count doubled? If not, does everybody lose? (I think the company gets more money.... but I feel that us little retail investors may not be as lucky.)
Thanks as always.
Read Answer Asked by Walter on February 22, 2022
Q: IPO Coveo started CVO.TO on the TSX today, can you be kind and give me your opinion on this company finance and is it interesting to buy or not . Thank you for your great recommendations.
Read Answer Asked by Michel on November 18, 2021
Q: Braze, Inc. (BRZE) Another mediocre company in a sea of company's that do the same/similar thing? This is starting to seem like the tech boom & bust of the 90's.

Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Ross on November 18, 2021
Q: Hello 5i
I believe this company is a SPAC which will give me one-for -one with WEJO when the merger takes place. I got tangled up on the spac/lawyers details. If I in fact bought VOSO shares am I in fact buying into WEJO?
Read Answer Asked by Rick on November 13, 2021