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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi Guys

I know you don't really follow non North American stocks closely but wonder if you have any thoughts on the Swedish bank Svenska Handelsbanken and its valuation right now? It seems to near a 5 year low in terms of stock price yet seems to a conservative bank with a decent yield.


Read Answer Asked by Stuart on June 06, 2023

Q: Hi All at 5i!!
I was reading an article in the National Post by Barbara Shecter and it made me a little uneasy. The article was about Shadow Banking and its potential risks. She mentioned Blackstone and Brookfield. My question... I own both, but I am more concerned about Blackstone and its exposure to poor corporate loans and office real estate , among other things it dabbles in. I am up in the stock and wondering if I should take a profit. Is the company in for some trouble ?

Read Answer Asked by Tamara on June 06, 2023

Q: Hello,

I have a sense of how you will answer this question but I hope you can elaborate a provide a bit more of your thought process.

Both BN and bbu are “holdcos” and have a holdco discount. Which do you think is cheaper? And if BBU is significantly cheaper why not give that a bit more of a closer look as an investment? Even though BN has the Asset Manager ownership, which is the holly grail (and some ownerships in the other spins and real estate).

Read Answer Asked by James on June 06, 2023

Q: Which ONE of the 4 stocks above would you suggest purchasing for a combination of dividend and capital appreciation over the next 12 months?

Read Answer Asked by Ron on June 06, 2023

Q: Due to interest rates, both GSY, AFRM and UPSThave taken a beating.

However you seem optimistic about GSY but not AFRM and UPST. What's the reason?

Do you see GSY doubling over the next 12 months.

I am thinking to sell my AFRM and UPST and buy GSY i stead.

Read Answer Asked by V on June 05, 2023

Q: You recently said that BN has more upside potential than the Canadian banks. However, I can't bring myself to trust BN management for a number of reasons, including opaque financials, constant shuffling of assets, too many interrelated corporate entities and emphasis on non-GAAP measures rather than good old-fashioned earnings. What gives you confidence that BN is a better long term investment than the Canadian banks?

Read Answer Asked by David on June 05, 2023

Q: I am looking to add exposure to Canadian Banks. Given current pricing it seems like a good time to add exposure. Can you rank your favourite banks at this time. Do you have a preferred Bank ETF that could also provide good Canadain Banking exposure.


Read Answer Asked by Timothy on June 05, 2023

Q: Coyld you comnent on the year over year deposit outflows from Canadian banks vs US banks?
The impression I get is the monopoly situation in Canada will let the banks carry on as usual

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Delbert on June 05, 2023

Q: I am absolutely stunned by your constant promotion of BN.Why is this?
The dividend is almost none.
They have a high portion of their investments in commercial real estate,which looks more scary by the day.
The market keep telling us for a long time that BN is overpriced.
So why oh why do you keep mentioning BN in a favorable manner?
I know they are around for a long time,but so was Nortel and GE.

Read Answer Asked by Josh on June 01, 2023

Q: Good morning
I would appreciate comments regarding investing in the Canadian financial sector versus US financials. This is in a tax sheltered account and currency volatility is not a concern. Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Les on May 31, 2023

Q: If you didn't own any banks but are realizing they are getting to attractive price points that have div yields only seen one other time in the last 25 years (covid), and you were considering TD or RY. TD looks attractive because of its bigger pullback due to US M&A mishaps, while RY has not pulled back nearly as much and has been stable. TD having the bigger div but RY outperforming TD by a pretty big margin over every time frame. Which would you chose today, TD for valuation or RY for long term outperformance? This is for a long term hold. Thx

Read Answer Asked by Adam on May 31, 2023