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Investment Q&A

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Q: submitted a question last week but received no response
provide your top 5 growth picks. place them in ranked order from excellent to good. also provide why each one is on the list. what makes each one worthy.what is catalyst for a big move apart from general market sentiment. what makes each one standout.

Read Answer Asked by john on October 03, 2022

Q: Hello,

With the articles in the press now revealing the lack of leadership, poor succession planning, disgruntled employees, spotty review of the new CEO, why are you sticking with BNS when there are other banks that IMHO offer far better potential for the reasons I mentioned above.

I was under the impression that these factors play a major role in selecting companies that appear in 5i portfolios.

For full disclosure, I do not own BNS


Read Answer Asked by Sheldon on October 03, 2022

Q: For the info of members:

Read in The Motley Fool about the dividend history of the Bank of Nova Scotia. Certainly makes it a must own for the Canadian banking sector.

"I tend to favor companies that increase their dividends annually, like Dividend Aristocrats. We already know that regulators made sure that Canadian banks couldn't claim such a streak, but that doesn't mean Scotiabank doesn't have anything to crow about on the dividend front. For starters, the dividend has been increased in 43 of the last 45 years. And, even more impressive, a dividend has been paid every year since dividend payments started being paid out on July 1, 1833. That date is not a typo. That's a dividend record that is hard to complain about."


Read Answer Asked by Ronald on September 29, 2022

Q: Hello

I finally bought into the thinking that GSY is helpful for some of the Canadian population. I bought shares recently when I thought things were not looking so bad.
GSY investment has given me the experience of a Waterfall/ Falling Knife Chart and it appears to continue to drain away capital value.
Terrible investment for me despite being what I thought to be a decent buy point.

The valuation I know is compelling.........everyone says those useless words.
Does this company have the financial ability to make it through this crashing market?
What is the indicator that makes you believe it to be so?


Read Answer Asked by Dave on September 29, 2022

Q: Visa has been making new lows.What would you consider a good entry price for starting a position?
I assume visa has been decreasing due to recession and inflation cuting down on spending. Would agree with that or is there soem other reasons for the decline?

Thank you


Read Answer Asked by Steve on September 28, 2022

Q: Thank you for your answer re BX vs peers. I am planning on adding to an existing position in BX.
My question is: Stock price is back to early 2021 levels but on valuation metrics, how cheap is it actually? Additionally, at what valuation and at what approx share price would you feel is compelling enough to add to

Read Answer Asked by Harry on September 28, 2022

Q: Hi,
I’m confused with the last press release of Brookfield on Friday :

""...The transaction will result in the division of Brookfield into two publicly traded companies – the Corporation (Brookfield Asset Management Inc. will be renamed “Brookfield Corporation”) and the Manager with the holders of Brookfield’s class A ………becoming shareholders of the Manager on completion (the “Arrangement”).

• Brookfield Corporation and the Manager will respectively own 75% and 25% of our asset management business;

• the Class A Shares of the Corporation are expected to trade on the New York Stock Exchange (the “NYSE”) and the Toronto Stock Exchange (the “TSX”) under the new ticker symbol “BN”;

• the Manager’s class A limited voting shares (“Manager Class A Shares”) are expected to trade on the NYSE and TSX under the ticker symbol “BAM”;

• each holder of Class A Shares will receive 1 Manager Class A Share for every 4 Class A Shares held;

It looks like the actual BAM.A shares will be « renamed » BN. And "NewBam" shares issued on 1 for 4 basis. Is it right?

Do you know how long it could take to implement the changes after the Nov9 meeting? 5-10 days? I plan to transfer some shares of BAM out of my RRIF this year and I prefer to wait after the spinoff.

Thanks a lot.

Read Answer Asked by Denise on September 27, 2022