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Q: Hi,

Currently have no exposure to crypto and have been a spectator on the sidelines mainly. I held positions in HUT and HIVE awhile back but sold those. With almost certain approval of a spot bitcoin ETF, the market is gaining optimism and it seems investors are more bullish on crypto. What is your view on the current crypto market? Is this run up going to be followed by another crash or do you see more sustained rally with the new ETF? Is this rally going to be followed by another selloff once the ETF news is approved?

What are some low, med, higher risks positions to gain exposure if one wanted some small exposure. Here are some I'm watching. Can you rank whether they are low, med, or higher risk.


I know you own GLXY in the model portfolio already. Also, what would be your top ETF for exposure?

I'm a very disciplined investor, but on the edge of FOMO ; )

Read Answer Asked by Keith on November 10, 2023
Q: What would be your best contrarian pick today in both us and canadian markets
Read Answer Asked by Todd on November 03, 2023
Q: Apparently there was a crypto or blockchain conference within the last week attended by some of the wealthiest individuals and companies on the planet.

Would you know what it was called?

1.It seems clear that some very influential people want this area to have a place in the world banking and trading worlds.

2. One commentator ( Josh Brown ) expressed the opinion that for the foreseeable future it will be very high risk kind of like gold mines over the years. But there might be money to be made in the picks & shovels companies..

Do you have any suggestions of companies that have merit or look to have potential in that picks & shovels areas?

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Donald on June 26, 2023
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