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Q: Hi Peter,

Does a portfolio, that is made up of the stocks listed above, agreeable to you if one has a longer term time frame, say 5 years plus and has a high tolerance for risk?


Read Answer Asked by ilie on October 01, 2021

Q: Hi 5i Team,

I have approx. $100k USD of capital to deploy to a portfolio with a 3 to 5 year hold outlook with a focus on High Growth. Comfortable with higher risk.

Id like to have meaningful position sizing so want to limit the # of stocks to 4.

The pool I am considering is COIN, SI, ROKU, NVDA, SHOP, AFRM, SQ, CRWD, and ZM.

My inclination so far is to go:
45% - NVDA This just seemed like a must own to me. Semiconductor exposure in a supply-short environment along with the multitude of other things they support AI, Gaming, Genomic sequencing etc. Hard to see how they wont be over a trillion dollar market cap especially if the ARM acquisition is go (Risk factor).

25% - AFRM BNPL adoption in North America is far behind that of Europe/APAC and I like AFRMs positioning as a consumer first proposition with transparency and AI with strong partnerships with AMZN, AAPL Canada and SHOP.

20% - COIN Continued adoption of Crypto. Would use this as a proxy instead of going with ETFs/Fund exposure

15% - CRWD (Valuation risk so smallest position, but cybersecurity industry hasnt matured yet with lots of runway remaining for a stock with strong MOAT)

I decided against SHOP due to how much growth they've already seen and potential impact on consumer spend from an inflationary environment.

Could you comment your thoughts / advice on the above? Any stocks that you would switch out or position sizing youd recommend to reconsider?

Read Answer Asked by TRINA on September 24, 2021
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