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Peter Hodson and Ryan Modesto

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Headline image for Taking stock of 2018

Taking stock of 2018

We take a look at some market stats for the 2018 year for US stocks and Canadian stocks.

r m Dec 27, 2018

5i Research Update, contest, and webinar

Holiday Gift Giveaway Ends Soon

Being the holiday season we would like to remind members that we have a gift subscription feature that allows you to purchase 5i as a gift and choose the day the subscription activates along with a personalized message sent on the same day.

To make it a bit more fun and to give you a chance to get something in return, we are also running a giveaway promotion. If you purchase a gift subscription, you will be entered into a giveaway with $5,000 in cash prizes and a number of free subscriptions. But, we are limiting the number of available entries to only 500. You can learn more and enter here

If a 5i Research subscription is not in the gift budget, you

Peter Hodson Dec 25, 2018

Bonds: Where Are Yields At Now?

Interest rates have been in a downtrend for decades, but have begun to show signs of reversing in the last two years. As a result, how are bonds yields looking now as an investment option? And what should we be looking out for in bond products being offered?

Moez M Dec 17, 2018
5i Recent Questions

Q: Hi 5i,

I'm looking to increase my current Financial Sector weighting from 5 to 15%. I currently hold BNS @ 2.2%, SLF @ 1.5%, and GSY @ 1.3%. What would you add too and/or too a new position? I don't like to have more than 5-6% of one holding, of course this would be risk adjusted down according to market cap/safety.

Last part, on sector weightings. I follow your general recommendation and I noticed you changed the following from Oct'18 to Jan'19 as follows:
Consumer disc. 10 up to 15,
Consumer staples 10 down to 5,
InfoTech 20 down to 15, and
Utilities 5 up to 10.

Can you add some commentary behind these sector weight changes?

Thanks, Chris.

Read Answer Asked by Christopher on January 15, 2019
5i Recent Reports

Review of Extendicare

DEC 19, 2018 - Long-term care company growing the assisted living business. Growth is low but the yield is high for an investor that might be more focused on outsized dividends. Rating maintained at 'C+'.

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Review of Sun Life Financial

DEC 19, 2018 - Insurance business with exposure to Asian economies. Valuation and dividend show an attractive entry point for a long-term investor. Rating maintained at 'B+'.

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Review of CAE Inc.

DEC 19, 2018 - Training and simulation company that is going through a large acquisition from Bombardier. Long-term contracts and a moat around the business make CAE an interesting name in a volatile market. Rating maintained at 'B+'.

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