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Peter Hodson and Ryan Modesto

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Q: "This will allow more investors (those that can't buy trust units) to buy shares. We view it as a positive move. Shareholders will get one new share for every four held. "

What does this mean for someone like me who was just about to get into the stock , do I wait for this to wash out or do i get in now , also timeline of the "split" ?

I thought splits always went the other way 4 for 1 not 1 for 4 .. ?

For a regular retail investor in TFSA and my RSP the wording on the release is a bit confusing to say the least .

Thanks for any additional info .
Chris N

Read Answer Asked by Chris on November 11, 2019
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Review of Altus Group Limited

OCT 31, 2019 - A commercial real-estate consulting company with a developing software business. Shares have done well this year with the run up in the real estate sector, while fundamentals have only improved modestly. Overall, the company is heading in the right direction with a strong presence in its niche. Rating maintained at 'B-'.

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Review of Winpak Ltd.

OCT 31, 2019 - This company has a strong position in the packaging industry giving it solid margin control and the ability to weather tough economic conditions better than its peers. Although share performance has lagged its peers, recent acquisitions are a positive development for the company. Rating maintained at 'B'

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Review of GDI Integrated Facility Services Inc.

OCT 31, 2019 - The company is a Janitorial Services provider in the US and Canada and is seeing good growth through its acquisitive strategy, particularly in the US. Even though shares have seen a bit of a run, the market GDI addresses remains large and it continues to be a relatively unknown name in Canada. Coverage initiated at 'B' rating.

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Review of Magna International

OCT 17, 2019 - Automobile supplier with an attractive valuation relative to global peers and historic multiples. Focused on shareholder value. Rating maintained at 'B+'.

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Review of FirstService Corp.

OCT 07, 2019 - Property management service provider that has been an excellent operator over the long-term. Main detractor is a high valuation against moderate growth expectations. The company's store conversion strategy from franchise to corporate-owned should help generate more stable cash flows. Rating maintained at 'B'.

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