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Peter Hodson and Ryan Modesto

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Headline image for 5i Screener: Low Beta Stocks For Lower Volatility

5i Screener: Low Beta Stocks For Lower Volatility

As we approach year-end, there are numerous reasons investors should expect and be prepared for volatility. We screen for stocks with low beta and high quality as ideas for lowering portfolio volatility.

Moez M Oct 20, 2020
5i Recent Questions

Q: Hi team:

about 2 years ago, when CVE was around $ 15, it was a top pick by a BNN
market call speaker who I think is a conservative investor in general; he thinks that it has good value and pays a dividend to wait

the company HSE that was bought by CVE now was trading around $ 25 plus over ten years ago too and paid a dividend for the investors

The less than ideal outcome of the CVE stock ( has suspended dividend if I am correct) does reflect the general outlook for the Canadian energy stocks;

but after the last Fed election, one of the natural gas company just moved the head
office to the USA, the dividend paid out from what I understand no longer qualified for the dividend tax advantage

I wonder if CVE might be the next Canadian energy company to re-locate South of the border ? I also share the deep pain of the workers for the CVE who got laid off after the merger that no longer have a job

I wonder if it is a Value trap stock ?

Read Answer Asked by Michael on October 29, 2020
5i Recent Reports

Review of Well Health Technologies

OCT 28, 2020 - Since adding the company to our Model Growth Portfolio, WELL has shown impressive returns. We continue to see long-term growth potential for WELL as a play in the health care and telemedicine space. Rating initiated at 'B+'.

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Review of New Look Vision Group

OCT 14, 2020 - While the company has been negatively impacted by the coronavirus and a further reduction in retail traffic, investors should continue to reap the rewards of the company’s staying power over the long-term. Rating maintained at 'B'.

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Review of Spin Master Corp

OCT 13, 2020 - The company still shows long-term promise but management has missed on estimates more frequently than we would like. Meanwhile, margins have been deteriorating over the last two years. Rating downgraded to 'B'.

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Review of Shopify Inc.

SEP 30, 2020 - Now the largest company on the TSX, this e-commerce giant has an expensive valuation, but continues to have a large runway for growth. Rating maintained at 'A-'.

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Review of WSP Global Inc.

SEP 29, 2020 - WSP’s performance and strong balance sheet provide a valuable operational and strategic outlet for the company to well beyond 2020. Rating maintained at 'B+'

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