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Headline image for 5 from 5i: Economy and Walmart

5 from 5i: Economy and Walmart

Weekly stock market update & five stock related articles we thought were a must-read this week

Barkha Rani Aug 16, 2019

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Q: Could I get your take on Keyera - payout percentage, dividend sustainability, debt levels, industry positioning/competition and how tied-in to gas prices they might be. I am a retired, income-oriented investor, looking for something that has been beat up a bit and might be more apt to up than down further over the next few years(!).

Read Answer Asked by Grant on August 21, 2019
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Review of DHX Media

AUG 14, 2019 - Too much debt put a considerable amount of pressure on DHX Media. No bidders even after the company put itself up for sale, shows the amount of disinterest from investors. Coverage dropped.

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