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"Great logical views that I wish I had followed when I first started to invest!"
"Thank you for the sage research Peter! [...] Stay safe! Thanks for providing such a high value overall service."
" Dear 5i, I thought I would express my gratitude for all the assorted insightful articles. I really enjoyed the recent article written by Barkha and look forward to more IPO articles.Thanks"
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Headline image for October Chart Attack - Synopsis

October Chart Attack - Synopsis

With another quarter of Chart Attack sent to inboxes (you can sign up to download your copy...

Recent Stock Reports

Review of Enghouse Systems

Oct 05, 2021

ENGH is a growing company that is operating in an industry with lots of macro tailwinds and has a history of delivering good profit margins and shareholder returns. The rating has been upgraded from a B+ to an A-.


Review of Aritzia Inc

Sep 16, 2021

Aritzia Inc. (ATZ) designs and sells apparel and accessories for women in North America. The company targets the “everyday luxury” category and offers a wide variety of apparel. Management has done a good job of setting expectations and overdelivering with a track record of beating estimates. Rating initiated at ‘A-’.


Review of Stantec Inc

Sep 16, 2021

STN is a solid global operator with sound management providing satisfactory results in difficult times. The prospects for growth appear to have improved for STN and we think this has been reflected in the share price. Rating maintained at 'B+'.

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