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Peter Hodson and Ryan Modesto

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Using Weekly Charts to Identify Long-Term Trends

Using Weekly Charts to Identify Long-Term Trends

Looking at the bigger picture allows investors to take advantage of longer-term trends and chart patterns missed by most novice investors. Using weekly charts can help remove intraday noise and volatility that tends to scare short-term focused investors. 

Institutional money managers with several million dollar positions use larger time-frames like the weekly chart because they can’t react fast enough to the short-term fluctuations in the market. Since institutional money moves stock prices, it can become very profitable for retail investors if they are able to identify and jump on these larger trends created by this money...

5i Staff Dec 11, 2017

Why writing is important when investing

I have not been writing here nearly as much as I would like. This seems like a reasonable activity to stop when things get busy but an investor who does not write and record their thoughts and strategies in some form is worse off in my opinion. Without documenting your thought process, ideas and theories, there is no way to keep track of everything that is going on in the markets and in your own mind let alone what is actually working or not. Fortunately we have a great team at 5i Research who has been able to keep the content flowing for readers and to keep our team on our toes.  

Ryan Modesto Dec 07, 2017

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Review of Northland Power

NOV 30, 2017 - Owner and operator of gas and offshore wind power generation assets. Has executed on big projects successfully, been approached for a takeover and continues to look at organic growth projects. Rating is upgraded one notch to 'B-'.

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Review of New Look Vision Group

NOV 21, 2017 - Canada's leading optical retailer. Recently closed a large $120 million acquisition that opens up new Western Canada markets, and should increase growth potential. With a 1.8% yield, shares are a good combination of some growth and some income. Rating maintained at B+

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Review of Capital Power

NOV 21, 2017 - Alberta based power producer transitioning from coal assets to other energy sources. High dividend payer but higher risk income security. Rating maintained at 'B-'.

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Review of Constellation Software

NOV 15, 2017 - Enterprise software solution provider that continues to show an ability to grow through acquisitions. While the premium valuation necessitates higher growth, all companies should take a look at how CSU has managed its operating history. Rating maintained at 'A'.

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