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Peter Hodson and Ryan Modesto

5i Recent Blog Posts

Pot Stock Hangover

A look at the recent declines in cannabis companies on the TSX.

Ryan M Oct 14, 2019

5i Recent Questions

Q: REM iShares I was watching Tyler Mordy explain this play on Market Call --- between long and short yields generating 8%
Your thoughts please.

Read Answer Asked by Mark on October 15, 2019

Q: In response to an earlier question you indicated that Horizons would be converting HXS and other ETF's to a corporate structure because of federal government action. Would this new structure be suitable for an RRSP? I am looking for a Canadian ETF invested in US equities for a registered account where I do not lose the withholding tax and also like Horizon products thus far. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by T on October 15, 2019
5i Recent Reports

Review of FirstService Corp.

OCT 07, 2019 - Property management service provider that has been an excellent operator over the long-term. Main detractor is a high valuation against moderate growth expectations. The company's store conversion strategy from franchise to corporate-owned should help generate more stable cash flows. Rating maintained at 'B'.

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Review of CCL Industries Inc

OCT 07, 2019 - Consumer packaging and label company with strong fundamentals and growth. Trading at even more attractive multiples now due to a one-off 2nd quarter that missed estimates. Rating maintained at 'A-'.

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Review of Enghouse Systems

SEP 16, 2019 - Enghouse is a well-run company that develops enterprise software solutions for a number of vertical markets. The company continues to be a long-term value creator and has recently made two big acquisitions. Rating maintained at 'B+'.

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Review of Chartwell Retirement Residences

SEP 12, 2019 - Canada's largest owner and operator of senior residences continues to pay a healthy dividend. It appears to be trading below its net asset value and has a significant growth pipeline. Rating maintained at 'B+'.

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