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MAR 30, 2023 - Given the track record of CSU, we believe TOI could replicate the success of acquiring VMS companies in the European market. Given a higher organic growth profile and large addressable market of the European VMS market, we think the premium valuation for TOI compared to CSU makes sense. We are maintaining our rating at A-

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Q: What would be your top Canadian tech picks to survive or thrive in a recession.

Read Answer Asked by Neil on June 08, 2023

Q: Hello 5i
As a long time holder of CSU I'm wondering about what % of CSU TOI and LMN one might own. Without giving me specific guidance can you comment on the pros and cons of an equal weighting of each (ei 33% of each).

Read Answer Asked by Dave on June 08, 2023

Q: I liked the answer you gave to one of the members today on how to deal with volatility. Buy good companies run by good people at attractive valuations and hold for the long term. My question is:
What Canadian companies would you consider best fit the bill today? If you can give me 10 companies that would be super helpful.

Read Answer Asked by Les on June 06, 2023
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