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Q: Hi group please indicate in what order and at what entry price would you add to the above stocks. Only comment on the top 10 out of above list (i have a 100k to spend would you go all in now or wait until markets settle Thanks for your help with this decision

Read Answer Asked by Terence on September 28, 2023

Q: Hi Team,
The market has done a good job at punishing growth investors as of late (again). If one is looking for opportunity to add today which of the following is the best buy today (long term horizon). ATS, LMN, SHOP, BN? Perhaps rank the order you would purchase them. Thanks


Read Answer Asked by Shane on September 27, 2023

Q: Hello, which would you sell between lspd, engh, sis and sangoma to buy some lumina shares for more growth long term ? The transactions would be in a RRSP. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by jean on September 21, 2023
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