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Review of Constellation Software Inc

JAN 10, 2023 - CSU is an industry leader in the VMS market in North America. Given the challenging economic environment, management indicates that most of the operating units experience little to no impact indicating the phenomenal competitive advantage, and recession-proofed nature of VMS businesses. We believe the company still has a long way to grow and its investment thesis is still intact, we are maintaining our rating at A.

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Q: please list 3 Canadian companies and 3 US companies with moats also show their forward P/E versus their historical P/E. in your list please exclude V. MA. and CP and CNR. thanks Richard

Read Answer Asked by richard on March 22, 2023

Q: When Lumine starts trading later this month, I will want to add to the shares that I will receive by virtue of my CSU holding. Is it your expectation that there will initially be some selling pressure and hence price weakness as investors who do not see Lumine as a core holding, sell the shares that they received? Also as was the case with Topicus, can I assume that an additional source of selling will be index funds who will be forced to sell their shares?
In your opinion, when will be the optimal time to acquire additional shares - immediately after they start trading, or gradually over the following weeks?...thanks...Glenn

Read Answer Asked by Glenn on March 20, 2023
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