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Review of Constellation Software Inc

NOV 27, 2020 - Hitting multiple record highs, CSU still has plenty of room to continue doing what they do best: reinvesting free cash
flows to acquire businesses in fragmented niches and enabling them to provide greater value. Rating maintained at A.

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5i Recent Questions

Q: Constellation reports in approx. 3 weeks - TD WebBroker shows an estimate of $10.13 on 4 analysts, down from 7 last year, whereas 5i (using Bloomberg?) shows $12.82 on 2 analysts, if I read and interpret correctly.

How do the analyst numbers normally work - as the date approaches more of them weigh in and the different services come closer to dovetailing the actual earnings or...? Please explain the present discrepancy with TD & 5i. Evidently TD casts its net wider in the analyst poll so would you say 5i uses analysts with a better proven track record?

Read Answer Asked by Jeff on April 19, 2021

Q: Does CSU maintain an economic interest in Topicus? Based on my review of the final long form prospectus for Topicus and insider reporting it looks like CSU holds voting control and a significant number of pref shares in Topicus. What I'm trying to confirm is whether I need to buy Topicus to obtain exposure to its growth or whether as a CSU holder I will already have some exposure.

Read Answer Asked by Patrick on April 09, 2021

Q: Roll-up companies can be amazing wealth compounders over time (CSU and BYD, for example). Do you have any tips on how to spot a good roll-up oriented company during the early stages of their development? Were there any specific catalysts or metrics you looked for when initiating coverage of CSU and BYD?

Two examples of roll-up companies I am looking into are PHA and NLH, which operate in the health care space. I know these two companies are probably too small for 5i to cover currently (but CSU and BYD were also small once-upon-a-time), but I am wondering what I should look out for when evaluating these two companies.

Read Answer Asked by Alex on April 09, 2021
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