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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Would you please please order the tech stocks in order of preference for long term hold with a brief explanation of each.
Would you consider CEG comparable to NEE?
Read Answer Asked by Catherine on June 13, 2024
Q: I hold AVGO in my RRIFF. I sold half of my holding when it was trading at 3.5 times my cost base, to reduce my exposure back down to 3% target weight in my overall portfolio. It's now trading at nearly 6 times my cost base and is at 4.6% portfolio weight. If it continues to run I will sell half again when it hits 6%. Is this a sound strategy? At what price would AVGO need to reach before you would say it was approaching bubble territory and I should cash out entirely?
Read Answer Asked by David on June 12, 2024
Q: I already own MSFT, AMZN, VRT, and NVDA. I'm considering either adding to these positions OR buying AVGO or AMD? What do you suggest?
Read Answer Asked by Graeme on April 12, 2024
Q: In a high growth portfolio I hold the following US stocks: CRWD, GOOGL, NVO, Uber and the ETF XT. I think I would like to replace the ETF XT with a single growth stock. XT has done okay for me in that it has doubled but that took nearly 10 years. Can you recommend a faster growing US stock that would be a good fit?

Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by David on March 27, 2024
Q: I have a ~1% position in ERF (Enerplus), in an RSP, which looks to be taken over by Chord (CHRD). Most of the ERF proceeds would be in CHRD shares (a company I don't know much about), with only a relatively small amount of cash received. Meantime, my portfolio is currently ~8.5% oil & gas (SU, CVE, TOU, IMO, CPG, etc.) but only ~3% "chips" exposed (, MSFT). From your perspective, what do you think of selling some (or all) ERF now, so as to buy something like ASML?

Read Answer Asked by Ted on March 20, 2024
Q: Nvidia, Constellation Software and Broadcom (in that order) have pulled away from the other stocks in our portfolio. We know how you view NVDA and CSU and wonder how you would rate AVGO to overweight in the portfolio as well? We hold AVGO in two registered accounts for the nice dividend.
Thank you
Read Answer Asked by J on March 05, 2024
Q: Hi Peter and 5iresearch team:
In your answer to Gerry's question on Feb 16, you mentioned that CSU and ATB have been the best Canadian compounders over the last ten years. You added DOL, BYD, TFII, BN, CLL.B, TRI based on historical performance and you are expecting LMN.V, TVK, HPS.A, TOI, GSY to be potential Canadian compounders in the future.

1. Would YOU still invest in CSU, ATB, DOL, BYD, TFII, BN, CLL.B, TRI with the same conviction and weighting?
2. Could you please provide a similar answer but for the US market? Please provide 10 or so best US compounders based on historical performance that YOU think investors should keep investing in and 5 or so US companies that YOU would buy as potential US compounders in the future.

Thank you for the great service.
Read Answer Asked by Ahmed on February 21, 2024
Q: Held Cisco,Oracle,Pfizer,intel,for many years now. is it time to cut the umbilical cord? i am 82 but still continue to invest.What U.S. stocks should i consider replacing them with?
Read Answer Asked by Sy on February 08, 2024
Q: hi,
thank you for, and this question is in reference to, the answer to the "baby Mag 7" question a few days ago by "JR". are you able to do a short analysis of these 7, compared to the "adult" Mag 7 in regards current and future valuation, growth, debt/equity metrics. further, do you have any guess on the timeline of googl/meta etc.'s development/utilization of their own AI chips in house?
take as many points off as needed, this question seems like a bad homework assignment to me!
thanks Chris
Read Answer Asked by chris on January 30, 2024
Q: JPM has had a decent run but I'm thinking of swapping it for Mastercard. Can I get your thoughts please?

Palo Alto has also been terrific, but I'm trying to add more AI into my portfolio. I'd like to sell it and find a new name, CDN or US. I own MSFT, AAPL, Salesforce, GOOG, Meta, NVDA, Constellation, Shopify and Kinaxis. I was thinking of Taiwan Semi, AMD or Broadcom, but can I get your thoughts please?
Read Answer Asked by Gregory on January 29, 2024
Q: Peter,
what would be your list of baby Mag 7 that have high probability of solid growth and show possibility of becoming the new Mag member? Do you see AMD as a potential contender?
Read Answer Asked by JR on January 19, 2024
Q: Hi, Can you suggest some chip equipment makers and your thoughts on them.

Cheers, Chris

All the best for the new year to staff and members
Read Answer Asked by Christopher on January 09, 2024
Q: good afternoon,

Can I have your view on this company. Looked at a few reports on it and it doesn't look to compelling. Something else to look at ?


Happy Holidays to the Crew,
Read Answer Asked by Denis on December 20, 2023
Q: Everyone, what is the rate of return for the large cap tech stocks vs the Nasdaq 100. For the large cap I would classify: AAPL, AMZN, GOOG, MSFT and NVDA ( you can add more to the list). Please use a time period that you have good stats for but or a 5 year or 10 year return period. I would like to know if it is worthwhile only investing in the big tech stocks overall. Clayton.
Read Answer Asked by Clayton on December 07, 2023
Q: Good Morning Peter & team,

Have $6000 to add and do not have enough exposure to chip manufacturing. Was thinking about QCOM but read a few of your comments and don't necessarily like they're dependency on cell phone. NVIDIA has had the big run up along with a few of the other popular names. Is there a late bloomer/less popular name you might recommend for a 3 - 5 year hold if not longer? Growth is the priority.

Thanks for all you do

Read Answer Asked by Gord on November 16, 2023