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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: 1.We have a bit of a debate going on regarding the merits of shorting stocks and doing so when they have the kind of pop such as Nvda had last week.

If someone shorted $10,000 of Nvda at the close of business last Friday, how much would be lost as of the close of business today ( Thursday)?

2. AVGO Same type of situation: buy AVGO end of business yesterday….and loss as of today ( Friday ) close ?


How would that person minimize his loss ( other than by NOT shorting it in the first place )?


Read Answer Asked by Donald on June 02, 2023

Q: Does the earning real ease by Qualcomm suggest that there may be a slowdown with Broadcom that reports later? Do you view Broadcom as a hold, buy or sell? And, would you consider a switch to AMD that had a significant drop is it’s share price today? Which semiconductor stock (Broadcom or AMD) is a better buy right now especially given potential growth in the future due to AI?

Read Answer Asked by Gerry on May 03, 2023

Q: Hi 5i happy new year! I believe its time to step into US perpetual preferred shares due to interest rates. I'm having problems finding these and I'm hoping you can help. Quality needs to be high to the highest as this is for my retirement. I am an advocate of diversification so please if you can have a few stable sectors listed, thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Mark on January 09, 2023

Q: These very large Cies appear promising to me for longer term : wich could resist better in case of a recession ?

Read Answer Asked by Jean-Yves on December 19, 2022

Q: What would be your preferences in semi-conductor companies?
Thanks Lorraine

Read Answer Asked by Lorraine on December 13, 2022

Q: I am down on all of these by about 20%. If I sell them for a tax-loss harvest, what should I do for proxies? Also, since I have no capital gains for 2022, should I sell these stocks/ETFs in January to avoid a jump in stock price before the end of the year (as tax-loss harvesting season ends)?

Read Answer Asked by Brucey on December 02, 2022

Q: Hello,

I am looking to get exposure into semiconductors market with 2-5 year time horizon. Which of the two (NVDA or INTC) would you consider as a better investment and would you suggest any other options in the US market. Thanks in advance!


Read Answer Asked by Irek on August 12, 2022

Q: hi 5i,
can you give me your top pick for a semiconductor stock for long term hold. and if your pick is not Intel (which I assume it will not be ), can you advise re intel as a long term investment (I like dividends ). also, can you provide advice on Camtek ltd. (CAMT) please (it won't auto populate the "enter company" box above. cheers, chris

Read Answer Asked by chris on August 10, 2022

Q: Greetings 5i,

What are your thoughts on INTEL? What are your thougths on the domestic tailwinds via Biden Administration and roughly 75B in federal support for domestic chip manufacturers? Seems almost like the industry is being considered a matter of national sercurity in the US and will back the chip makers. Are there other companies who stand to do well in this environment?


Read Answer Asked by Duane on August 08, 2022

Q: With the chip bill being passed by Biden, which companies will benefit the most;
Intel, Cisco, Nvdia, Advanced Micro Device, Qualcom or other chip companies.

Read Answer Asked by Helen on July 29, 2022

Q: I would like to harvest a tax loss on Intel and am thinking of using Nvidia as a proxy while I wait for a possible repurchase of Intel. Wondering if you think Nvda is the best option proxy wise or would you recommend something else? Many thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Donald on May 19, 2022

Q: I'm thinking of a Covered Call strategy on dividend paying US stocks. I know the dividends are treated differently in Canada, but I wanted stocks that offered weekly call options.

Are there any suggestions you have?

Read Answer Asked by Gregory on May 12, 2022

Q: hello 5i:
2 questions.
Question 1: we hold OTEX and are considering selling and replacing with NVEI. What is a reason, or reasons, we should NOT do this, as overall you are in favour of such a move (your recent posts).

Question 2:
AVGO vs QCOM; which do you like and why?

Paul L

Read Answer Asked by Paul on April 20, 2022