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Investment Q&A

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Q: Please recommend a few health care investments.
Read Answer Asked by Susan on April 19, 2024
Q: I've held JNJ for over 15 years based on my belief in the quality of their management. I'm feeling my trust may now be overly 'generous' and it may be time to move on, particularly now that the steadiness of consumer products is gone. I'm considering VRTX or another suggestion you could offer. I have full positions in TMO, SYK and UNH, highlighting my preference for quality.
Read Answer Asked by Mike on April 19, 2024
Q: What is your opinion on the use of CDR's (Canadian Deposit Receipts) for the purchase of US Stocks? Also, what type of accounts would be the most beneficial and be the most risk in the use of them, RRSP, TSFA, RESP, or non-registered accounts?
I've recently purchased Palo Alta, Visa and Adobe using CDR's and it seems to be a way of getting US exposure while avoiding the immediate approximate 30% currency exchange, while using a CAD hedging process.
If you are somewhat positive on CDR's, what other US stocks would be good considerations.

Read Answer Asked by g on April 11, 2024
Q: At current valuations what would be your top 3 picks, regardless of sector, amongst the available CDR's for a long term hold within the TFSA of a 26 year-old (top 4 picks if NVDA happens to be one of your top 3 choices). If you then also throw LMN, CSU, BA and ATD into the mix what would your ranking be (best to worst) along with your conviction/confidence level (10 = most confident, 0 = least confident) for each choice and a brief statement as to why. Many thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Bruce on April 08, 2024
Q: I need to trim SMCI, NVDA and VRT. I have partial positions in AMZN, MSFT, AMD, LLY,GOOG, AXON, NXT, CELH, PLTR and NTNX. Could you please order the partial positions from high to low, for a potential add? What are your recommendations for 4 or 5 other growth stocks, any size/sector that I could investigate for a new position? Would any of the these growth stocks fit into the ranking of the partial positions? If so, could you place them into the ranking? Thanks very much for this service and the patience you show, in answering the many questions!
Read Answer Asked by Greg on April 08, 2024
Q: Further to Peter's column in the Financial Post [always good, plain ,common sense advice] I'm wondering what US companies in the health care sector might be considered?
Read Answer Asked by steve on April 08, 2024
Q: Hi team,

Grateful if you could provide a list of what you see as the best canadian and the best U.S. blue chips at this time for building a solid portfolio with a growing future. It would help to know what guided your choices.

Deduct as many credits as you see fit.


Jacques IDS
Read Answer Asked by Jacques on April 02, 2024
Q: 1) If you could only hold 10 names from 5iís Balanced portfolio with the aim of maximizing total returns over 10 years, what would you choose?

2) Same as previous question, but the 10 names can be any security, Canadian or U.S.

Thank you!

(Public question)

Read Answer Asked by Trevor on March 25, 2024
Q: Hi 5i team! Thanks for your wonderful work.
Are LLY and NVDA going to have similar growth in the short term (next 6 months)? which would perform better in next 6 months? Lastly , if you had to choose between LLY and Novo Nordisk, which would you prefer? Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Dimitrios on March 25, 2024
Q: Can you suggest 3 "best" US stocks for growth other than MAG7 ?
3 best US with dividends. thanks
Read Answer Asked by Fernando on March 20, 2024
Q: I hold two small positions, which combine to about 2.5%, in New Gold Mining and Triple Flag Precious Metals. I am considering a switch to Lilly Pharmaceuticals. At the moment, my exposure to the materials and health care sectors are about 5% each: this would change my weighting to 2.5% materials and 7.5% health care.

My questions are which of LLY or (TFPM + NGD) have a more favourable outlook on a three-year horizon, and would this potential impact on my portfolio diversification outweigh any potential gains?
Read Answer Asked by Domenic on March 15, 2024
Q: Hi Team,
Currently for healthcare exposure I own VEEV and WELL. I was considering replacing VEEV with either LLY or UNH. Would this be advisable? If so, which one would you recommend? Also, regarding Well would you recommend continuing to hold it; or selling it to make a switch for either LLY or UNH as well? What sort of mix here would you recommend? I am looking for long term growth here. you see the healthcare sector in general to be a good place to be right now?

Read Answer Asked by Shane on March 13, 2024
Q: Good Morning, Can I please get your opinion on the recent earnings of Viemed and Profound Medical? Are they worth holding for several more quarters, or is it perhaps time to move on. I know you don't have many ideas for Canadian healthcare stocks, other than WELL (which I own), but if you wanted to switch to another CDN or US healthcare stock, what might you consider? Thanks. Brad
Read Answer Asked by Bradley on March 13, 2024
Q: I have been watching NVDA grow to an ever more out-sized percentage of my portfolio, and have been meaning to trim, but have delayed while I consider where to put the money.

Can you recommend some US growth options in either the consumer cyclical or healthcare sectors? I have a 5-10 year time range.
Read Answer Asked by Alex on March 12, 2024