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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: This period of seasonal weakness is a great time for some early Christmas shopping. I sold a part position in NVO a while ago and am looking to reinvest proceeds to increase my health care holdings.

Considering current valuations, what would you recommend as a good complement to expand and diversify?

Thanks in advance.

Read Answer Asked by Dave on October 03, 2023

Q: From this list what would be your top 3 picks for buys right now with consideration of long term growth in TFSA? If you feel any other picks would make it in to top 3 (besides NVDA/GOOG) please include those as well.

Read Answer Asked by Theron on September 22, 2023

Q: Hi 5i,

I currently have no healthcare holdings and should be at about 9%. Could you please give me some suggested opportunities?

As always, many thanks

Read Answer Asked by ralph on September 19, 2023

Q: Hi,
I would like to put some money in US healthcare. What do you think of these ideas?Would you pick one or a couple?

Read Answer Asked by Rachel on August 10, 2023

Q: I have room for another heath care stock. I already have ABBV at full weighting. Do you still like it? If yes, can you suggest another stock in the US that would compliment it and a brief reason why you like it. If no, then which two other health care stocks do you recommend?

Read Answer Asked by Steven on August 10, 2023

Q: Hi 5i Team,

Are you able to provide an update on Eli Lilly which had a big move today? Would you continue to recommend it as a buy even after the price gain today?

Comparing it to Lantheus and Perion (very different industries and company size) which one do you feel more bullish on for a longer term hold?

Thanks as always,

Read Answer Asked by Jonathan on August 09, 2023

Q: One gets weary of the seemingly endless legal battles that JNJ continues to suffer. I have held on to shares assuming all sides would surely give in to battle-fatigue. My assumption looks wrong, especially after yet another defeat by JNJ on Friday July 28. Worth holding or move on? As always, your opinion backed by your own reasoning would be much appreciated. If you think best trim or sell, what dividend payer in health care would you favor today (US only).

Read Answer Asked by Adam on August 02, 2023

Q: Hi. My son recently put 15K into a TSFA and he intends to put 10K/year into it until it is fully funded. Can you suggest, say, 8 equities/etf's (US and or Canadian) that he should buy to start his investing career? Thx. JR

Read Answer Asked by John on August 01, 2023

Q: I would like to increase my exposure to US large cap healthcare, currently own PFE and ISRG. Can you recommend another company that would be complementary to these holdings or would you simply add to the existing positions? Also own some smaller names in this sector e.g. WELL but am interested in increasing the large cap exposure. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Barbara on August 01, 2023

Q: Pls ahare your favorite health stocks or ETFs. I am looking for growth - medium risk. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by gary on July 18, 2023

Q: We have small positions of the above stocks in a well diversified portfolio. Which would you recommend holding and adding to vs eliminating completely?

Read Answer Asked by Stewart on July 17, 2023

Q: Hi group I just sold NVDA @ $425. The plan was to wait for a pullback so i could repurchase. Looking like that will not work out. So should I buy AMD or ADBE Or? ...or just wait for a market adjustment broad based

2nd question i presently own the follow stocks and would like to add to some to them. In What order and price would you buy or should i be patient and just wait?

Thanks for your help with these decisions deduct credits as required

Read Answer Asked by Terence on July 10, 2023