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Q: In the US healthcare space, I am looking for a value priced name with meaningful upside total return potential (3 to 5 years) ideally with some current yield. Am thinking ABBV but not sure if I should be looking at pure play pharmaceutical, equipment mfg or..? CVS already owned
Thoughts please on above or others, and thanks

Read Answer Asked by Harry on May 23, 2023

Q: Is inflation finally under control?
Will we have a recession? How deep could it be?
Are our banks safe?
Are we losing control of our country to others that seem to play by different rules? We just kicked a Chinese diplomat out of Canada for threatening the family of a member of the Canadian parliament. How will China retaliate?
Russia is still at war against Ukraine. How is that impacting the world economy?
Climate change is threatening economies in counless ways. Almost all negative.

So here's my question. In your opinion, what Canadian and global companies offer a service so necessary or a product that is in such high demand that they will persevere in these troubled times and make profits for their investors?

Read Answer Asked by Les on May 10, 2023
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