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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi 5i,
In an otherwise balanced portfolio, I'm looking for some ideas for my TFSA.
Current holdings are KXS, LULU, HPS AND ATS.

I'm open to adding to the above names but was wondering if you
could you please recommend 10 Canadian and 10 US stocks that you feel would work well in a TFSA at this time in the market.

Read Answer Asked by Brian on November 30, 2023
Q: Good morning and happy thanksgiving even though it is not ours!

I am looking to invest in healthcare for a registered account(RESP). Could you please provide me with your recommendations.

I would also request two other stocks outside health/finance and energy, perhaps info tech/cons staples for the same account


Read Answer Asked by Peter on November 27, 2023
Q: I sold LNTH 30 days ago to harvest the tax loss. I am looking for one more name to fill my healthcare allotment. I currently own ABBV, ISRG, WELL and SIS. Which do you like best between LNTH, DXCM and INMD, which are three names that you have been highlighting over the past several months? I am looking for potentially higher growth and am willing to take on the additional risk. Any other name(s) would certainly be welcome.

Appreciate your insight.

Paul F.
Read Answer Asked by Paul on November 27, 2023
Q: CROX,DG,FOX.F,INMD,IRSG,ICLN,PERI,OPRA,PDF.Which looser not to sell, which to buy back?
Read Answer Asked by Nizar on November 21, 2023
Q: Long term holding and price appreciation of AAPL and NVDA has led to a U.S. portion of a registered portfolio weighting of 28% and 17% respectively. I'd like to take some profits on these positions and trim these weightings to diversify. Please provide your top suggestions for replacements to consider in Health, Consumer, IT, Communication, and Financial sectors with a timeframe of 10years+
Read Answer Asked by Chris on November 15, 2023
Q: According to portfolio tracking and analysis, I am short on basic materials, consumer cyclical, consumer defensive, health care and industrials. Iím also significantly short on international equities. With this in mind, can you provide your top 3 to 5 companies for each sector to increase my holdings in basic materials, consumer cyclical, consumer defensive, health care and industrials. To increase my exposure in international equities, I will be investing in ETFs. Please provide and rank the top 5 ETFs with international exposure. Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Don on November 14, 2023
Q: What would be your current list of top 5 companies that you would consider your favorite, almost must own's, due to their potential, prior success, moats, or any other criteria you consider as most important, for the following investor:

- Relatively young with a long timeframe to save for retirement.
- Will not need the funds for a long time.
- Has no concerns with short term volatility.
- Irrespective of sector or geography.
- Looking to maximize chances of outperformance over time.

List can be shorter or longer if appropriate.

Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Joel on November 13, 2023
Q: Is the decline over the last three months related to the general decline of higher growth stocks? And what do you think of the recent results that led to a big drop last week? I'm wondering if it's still a good long-term hold or if not, is there another health care stock in the higher risk, higher growth category that you like more?
Read Answer Asked by Paul on November 01, 2023
Q: Hello, I need to add to the healthcare sector. Is this a good time to buy? Could you please provide 5 names and rate them in order of preference and why? U.S. OR Canadian? Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by lorraine on October 30, 2023
Q: hi,
according to portfolio tracking and analysis, I am short on basic materials, consumer cyclical, health care, industrials. im also quite short US and international equities. I prefer equities with dividends that are growing, and has some capital appreciation/growth as well. with this in mind, can you provide your top few picks in each sector please. much appreciated. chris
Read Answer Asked by chris on October 26, 2023
Q: Sooner than later the US Congress and Senate will have to deal with the US debt ceiling. One option is to cut expenditure for certain categories, like health care or medical expenditures. With this in mind, I searched for revenue from the US Federal Government for each of the health stocks that I hold but with no luck. Did this as I think that if such revenue is cut for such healthcare stocks the price of the stock could decline. Can you estimate such revenue received for each of these stocks - ABBV, ABT, BSX, ISRG, SYK, UNH and ZTS? Or do you know a source for such information? .......Thanks for the assistance.......Tom
Read Answer Asked by Tom on October 24, 2023
Q: Due to the popularity of diabetes/diet drugs, do you see any companies consumer staples or others that have recently been excessively beaten on? Perhaps some that could be in for a turnaround in the long term.
Read Answer Asked by Robert on October 17, 2023
Q: Hi 5i team

I have investments in LLY and LNTH. Which among ISRG/INMD/ILMN has better potential for a 10+ year hold? and why?

Read Answer Asked by Matt on October 12, 2023
Q: Of the above health care stocks, could you rank from best to worst and indicate a good entry level for the top two. If you happen to have another better suggestion please rate accordingly.

Many thanks
Read Answer Asked by ralph on October 11, 2023
Q: This period of seasonal weakness is a great time for some early Christmas shopping. I sold a part position in NVO a while ago and am looking to reinvest proceeds to increase my health care holdings.

Considering current valuations, what would you recommend as a good complement to expand and diversify?

Thanks in advance.
Read Answer Asked by Dave on October 03, 2023
Q: From this list what would be your top 3 picks for buys right now with consideration of long term growth in TFSA? If you feel any other picks would make it in to top 3 (besides NVDA/GOOG) please include those as well.
Read Answer Asked by Theron on September 22, 2023
Q: Hi team, RBOT

I have been holding this robotics and AI etf for several years and noted that it somehow managed to completely bypass the rallies in both. Any comments here and guidance of future steps?
Read Answer Asked by Peter on September 21, 2023