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Q: I'm considering taking a position in one or more of the following EV infrastructure roll out companies most of which have been around for a number of years now. How would you rate them, first, in terms of business plan and management effectiveness as well as potential future growth prospects but but also in terms of their financials, safety as an investment and finally in relation to technological superiority if that is a relevant consideration?
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Allan on August 12, 2022

Q: Hi Peter,

I am not a big fan of ARKK or Cathie Wood. On a year-to-date basis, ARKK has fallen more than 50%. But I am fascinated with Cathie’s all or nothing investment approach. ARKK invests in disruptive technology firms. Her high risk and high reward investment style reminds me of Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell in the movies Top Gun and Top Gun Maverick. You either reach Mach 10 or crash and burn!

My question for your team relates to ARKK’s top ten holdings: ZM, TSLA, ROKU, CRSP, EXAS, TDOC, PATH, NTLA, SQ, and BEAM. Which of these stocks have fallen sufficiently so that a high-risk investor can safely purchase them for a five-to-ten-year hold? Also, what is your ranking of these ten high tech disruptive companies? Living life in the “danger zone” has its attractions.



Read Answer Asked by George on July 14, 2022
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