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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi Team,

Do you see this as legitimate business model similar to a hard asset miner but 'digital' instead? Or do you see this more as fluff and a casino model? Trying to objectively look at both sides.

Which 2 or 3 would you consider if one was to purchase?


Read Answer Asked by David on January 23, 2023

Q: With the sell off continuing across all sectors do you see any justification in the huge drop this took today May 12th besides the sliding of value in crypto markets and general dismay/panic everywhere? Are there any fundamental issues you see the last Q was good. Lastly your opinion on Mike Novogratz as a leader/investor and his track record. I am thinking of adding to a very small position for long term hold. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Kolbi on May 13, 2022

Q: We'd all love to get a look at a few stock prices from 5 years in the future. Get a big winner, or avoid a big loser, with no risk. If you could get a list of the prices of 10 Canadian stocks 5 years from now, which ones would you pick? Let's say stocks with a min market cap of roughly $1 billion Cdn.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on April 01, 2022

Q: The above companies have all fallen below 1.5% of my portfolio and I am looking to do some cleaning up. Could I get an add/sell/hold recommendation on them please?
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Neil on March 29, 2022

Q: Hello Peter and team,
Would you consider Galaxy Digital in the speculative category? The stock has been surging lately but takes a hit at times; however, their numbers look reasonable. Any idea why Trisura is starting to surge? Is it going along with other insurance companies given rise in rates.

Read Answer Asked by umedali on March 23, 2022

Q: Fridayís large drop brought Galaxy to my attention and its P/E of 3 per your data made me look further. But I donít understand some of the other numbers: Revenue = 0, Interest coverage is negative 123.9, and Price to cash flow is 1246.
If P/E is correct it seems like a something to add to my list. I could imagine that revenue might drop if a significant portion of their customers were to drop or reduce their crypto currency activity after taking big hits on those assets.
But I donít understand their business. Is this as cheap as it appears, and is the outlook decent?

Read Answer Asked by Peter on January 24, 2022

Q: Would you suggest averaging NVAX at todays price?
I have TFSA room of $6000, and have some FOOD. Should I average down FOOD($13.2) or buy position in AT vs LSPD vs GLXY for exposure in crypto world?
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Rahul on January 17, 2022

Q: Hi 5i
I currently hold no digital currency assets in my portfolio - from what I understand GLXY holds both bitcoin and etherium coins and provides financing to businesses in the digital currency space. Founder and small % shareholder speaks about growth in the sector and the bitocoin currency has bottomed. Your thoughts on buying todays' assets and the potential future for this business. Share price has been creamed ~ 40% and I am wondering if this is a starting point to start build a position and use GLXY as a diversified way to play the currency and growth in the industry via the merchant banking side of the business. Your wisdom (if there is such things when you roll the dice here) please ........ Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Patrick on January 12, 2022

Q: Both Zoom and Docusign stocks sold off after earnings were announced. I'm looking for a list of a half dozen stocks that shined during the panemic and the date that they will next report earnings.

Read Answer Asked by Ward on December 06, 2021

Q: I have $10,000 that I would like to put towards some kind of crypto exposure. I'm just not sure how to play it, but I'll bet my trusty friend Peter will know! I'm open to any ideas including buying Bitcoin itself, or a miner, anything really. ETF's are a little boring but maybe with this amount of money that's all I can do? Perhaps split the money into 2 ideas? I'm very comfortable with risk. What would you do and thank you so much for helping with everything.

Read Answer Asked by Jay on November 26, 2021

Q: Which of HUT, HIVE or GLXY would you recommend for a small speculative position? Or would you suggest a combination of HUT or HIVE plus GLXY assuming no material difference between the two bitcoin miners? Alternatively, is there a crypto ETF that you would suggest instead? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Bruce on November 24, 2021

Q: Which one do you prefer or both? Your opinion is much appreciated, Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Saad on November 08, 2021