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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I am thinking of reducing these 3 techs by 50%, then re-buying in November. Reason: rapid gains over the summer likely at risk due to traditional volatility in September. Maybe even do the same with MG until chip shortage gets sorted. Does this tactic make sense? If so, are there other obvious stocks you would include?

Read Answer Asked by John on August 27, 2021

Q: Above are my CDN holdings greater than 2% of my portfolio. I'm looking for 1 more sleep at night CDN recommendation for an RRSP account that you would initiate at more than 2% and hoping you might have a short list of recommendations? No oil/gas/pipelines, thx but otherwise I'm open.

Read Answer Asked by Cameron on June 03, 2021

Q: I have these tech companies in my TFSA. Can you tell me which companies you like and which you don't and why? Do you think I have too many Tech companies? I show a profit in all but KXS, CGY, NVEI. Thanks 5i.

Read Answer Asked by James on March 04, 2021

Q: Hi 5i,
I know you guys are long term investors and donít like trading around earnings, but it seems to me that most tech stocks are priced to perfection these days and they can have great earnings calls and yet the stock sells off. Recent examples are NVDA, ROKU, TTD, SQ and SHOP (although SHOP announced a financing as well). For new positions, arenít the odds in your favour to wait until after earnings to buy? Similarly, if one is overweight on a position, again it seems to me that the odds are in your favour to trim back prior to earnings. What are your thoughts on this approach?
Thanks again.

Read Answer Asked by Dave on February 26, 2021

Q: I sold my shares on SHOP the day before its earnings release which turned out to be a good move, and I lost my LSPD after its earnings to a stop loss at $90. I'm thinking that if I want to get back into one of them that LSPD would be preferred at this time because it will benefit from the re-opening trade, particularly restaurants, whereas re-opening will be of little benefit to SHOP. Do you agree?

Read Answer Asked by Ken on February 19, 2021

Q: A while back, I bought some shares of Shopify that were trading in the US stock market. Last December, sold them for a nice profit. I'm presently preparing my income tax returns including form T1135 in which I must declare all foreign shares held in 2020, along with any capital gains/losses resulting from the sale of said shares. Given that Shopify domiciled in Canada but trades in both Canada and the US, should I declare the holding as well as the capital gains that resulted from its sale? Robert

Read Answer Asked by Robert on February 16, 2021

Q: I own full positions (5%) in GOOG and AMZN.
Would you sell either or both to buy SHOP?
I'm not a huge fan of partial positions but would consider turning two into three if you recommended.
If the answer is both, what would the other full position be?
Thanks for the great service, Just gave a gift membership for Christmas.

Read Answer Asked by Kyle on December 30, 2020

Q: Hi. On the above six stocks, I am down today alone (Dec 28) more than 6% on half of them and down 4% on the other half. On a day when the 3 major markets are up. The question is, is this a theme of investors thinking these are stay at home stocks with a view to normality returning and therefore more downside on these type of stocks to come as the virus wanes, or more just tech, growth, high flier stocks having their usual ebbs and flows.

Read Answer Asked by William on December 29, 2020

Q: I have these stocks in a tfsa. Any you feel could be eliminated and can you recommend an addition or 2? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by LOIS on December 14, 2020

Q: Good morning
If I want to add to each of those positions which one would you chose considering actual valuation and future potential

Read Answer Asked by claude on December 07, 2020

Q: I hold the above companies in my TFSA and they represent my Tech holdings. I am getting a little overweight in my tech sector and am wondering if any of my holdings are in essence duplications. If so could you recommend which ones to sell.
I have a list of buys, including CAE, TFII, XBC, GOOS, and would redeploy the capital plus some of my cash to these positions. Of my potential buys in what order would you see as the best opportunities.

Read Answer Asked by Bruce on November 27, 2020

Q: Hi Guys, Thanks to 5i and the above companies 2020 has been very good year and would like some more ideas to go along with these above gems.


Read Answer Asked by Anthony on October 16, 2020

Q: "Hello 5i team,

As we approach election season and Q4, the markets look to be taking a bit of a downturn that is reminiscent of earlier this year in Feb/Mar.

What are your thoughts on what's ahead for Q4 in terms of buying? Are there any industries and/or names that you would suggest to focus on?

Specifically, I am considering AAPL, MA, SHOP, SQ and AMZN on the current correction, given the upcoming holiday and gift buying season is likely to have a lot of ecommerce action and new apple toys, with payment processing being a natural fit.

If you could suggest your views on which industries and names have typical strength Q4 that would be appreciated.

Thanks very much! "

Read Answer Asked by TRINA on September 23, 2020

Q: Is there any advantage or disadvantage if I buy any of above stocks to my registered accounts (TFSA,RRIF) on Canadian versus US stock exchange.
What is the better choice and why?

Read Answer Asked by Andrzej on March 28, 2019