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Q: I have some TFSA funds to allocate to stocks that have potential for significant gain over the next 3 years. Based largely on 5i content/views, thinking of INMD, LMN and DCM. Thoughts? Alternative options you may prefer?

Read Answer Asked by John on August 21, 2023

Q: Hi Team
According to portfolio analytics I need to increase my industrial weighting by 7%. At present I have AMAT, CNR and LRCX. CNR is the largest weighting here.
At present my portfolio is 7% Industrials and I should be at 14%.
I also own ZSP and XIU but I am not sure if analytics accounts for the specific sector weights there when it figures out your weighting or if it only counts as a broad spectrum diversification.
Which stocks would you recommend adding. This is a non registered account.
Thanks for your help.

Read Answer Asked by Anna on August 09, 2023
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