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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: My son has a small portfolio consisting of two ETF’s and seven stocks (CN, AAXN, NVDA, CRWD, DDOG, DIS, TTWO). We have picked stocks that have good potential, but that are also fun for him to follow. He is using the ETF’s to give his portfolio some diversification with 20% in ZSP and 15% in XIT. He is investing for the long term. He now has some extra cash to buy another stock or two. Would you have some suggestions? We are also thinking of selling XIT and splitting the proceeds between CSU and maybe one other stock. Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Kim on January 23, 2023

Q: Hi,
Of this list do any of these names have concerns and if so, what might they be? Are there any you would wish to wait longer before buying? Any you do not think appropriate buys in this market? Others you feel are more compelling? If you were to buy these, in what order would you do so? I know - lots of questions - feel free to deduct accordingly! My preference is for stability of future earnings, lower or no debt and the dividend is a bit of a bonus, but not something to rely on. Many thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Dawn on January 09, 2023

Q: I have no Healthcare companies in my portfolio. What names are you presently recommending; Canadian and/or US $. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Gerry on January 05, 2023

Q: Hi Peter,
I don't have any positions in the Health Care sector. Please provide a few suggestions, either stocks and/or ETFs, for both Canada and USA. I would like the Buy and Hold for say 5 years or more strategy.
Many thanks,

Read Answer Asked by Roger on December 19, 2022

Q: With most stocks drifting lower, can you find and name a few stocks you like with good upward momentum? Doesn't matter of size/sector. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Kevin on November 08, 2022

Q: In an answer today you stated '20% of biotech companies in the US now trading below cash levels'. What would be your top biotech picks and/or your top biotech ETFs to play a recovery?

Read Answer Asked by Larry M. on May 11, 2022

Q: Hi, can you suggest some names in Biotech sector with 3-5 year time frame.

Read Answer Asked by Harpinder on April 21, 2022

Q: In your response to Marco's question on March 11 you mentioned you felt there were better opportunities in the US. Could you mention your top choices. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Michael on March 15, 2022

Q: I have dabbled in a few mid to small cap Canadian bio companies over the years. I never have the stomach to hold on for the long term in general due to high volatility but I like the sector. I'm currently sitting on Sernova (SVA) for now at least. How Do you like them? Do you have any other recommendations in this sector?

Read Answer Asked by DAVE on March 02, 2022

Q: I'm hearing that pharma and biotech company valuations are at multi year lows. With one chart showing the percentage of US biotechs with market caps below cash value is at a 25 year high, and by a wide margin. Do you feel this sector shows a big opportunity to get good companies for cheap in a sector that will one day improve? If so what companies look best to you in Canada or US? Are there any sectors that are more beaten up? Thx

Read Answer Asked by Adam on February 23, 2022

Q: Hi group - I am a medium risk investor - Can you please give me your top picks + % weighting in the top sectors - Financial, Industrials, Materials , Energy, Health care , real estate, Tech Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Terence on February 14, 2022

Q: Good morning everyone at 5i
I have been thinking of selling gild at a tax loss following their earnings report. Wondering what you would see as a replacement in order to buy back later. And should I buy back later or just keep the replacement. I already own abbievie in this sector.

Read Answer Asked by joseph on February 02, 2022

Q: I would like to add more healthcare to both my Canadian and US portfolios. I am OK with ETF's, or, good stocks that you like. I currently own small positions in NBLY and WELL, so I would be looking for something outside of those two companies. My timeframe for the investment is long-term (10+ years).

Thanks in advance

Read Answer Asked by Don on January 14, 2022

Q: Hi can you recommend some healthcare etf funds that trade on the NYSE or NASDAQ, I need exposure in this sector, looking for:
1. Growth based funds with some dividend income
2. Dividend income with lower volatility


Read Answer Asked by Kim on November 19, 2021

Q: I currently hold Abbvie and looking to add a second health care sector name to our portfolio. This is a dividend focused portfolio and I'm considering AMGN right now given its 3.8% yield and 5 year dividend growth rate of over 10%. Any thoughts on AMGN and/or another preferred health care holding to add to our Abbvie holding?

Read Answer Asked by Serei on October 25, 2021

Q: With the senior demographic gaining in numbers what is your feeling about ADUS as an outpatient and home healthcare company.

Could you please list your top 3 recommendations, in both US and Canada, for this Healthcare industry.

Read Answer Asked by micheal on August 10, 2021

Q: Your views on AMGN. The price is moving in the range between US$230 to US$245. Pays a dividend yielding 2.5% plus and increasing dividend year over year. One bad thing is happening with its new drugs. They are failing and not getting approval. Your views. Should exit the position? What's your choice? Do not own any drug company but own BAX-N as 10% of my portfolio. I run very concentrated portfolio based on individual companies and ignoring sectors.

Read Answer Asked by Piyush on June 08, 2021