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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: With the senior demographic gaining in numbers what is your feeling about ADUS as an outpatient and home healthcare company.

Could you please list your top 3 recommendations, in both US and Canada, for this Healthcare industry.

Read Answer Asked by micheal on August 10, 2021

Q: Your views on AMGN. The price is moving in the range between US$230 to US$245. Pays a dividend yielding 2.5% plus and increasing dividend year over year. One bad thing is happening with its new drugs. They are failing and not getting approval. Your views. Should exit the position? What's your choice? Do not own any drug company but own BAX-N as 10% of my portfolio. I run very concentrated portfolio based on individual companies and ignoring sectors.

Read Answer Asked by Piyush on June 08, 2021

Q: Thanks, 5I Team, for all the good work. I owe GILEAD SCIENCES since 2017. It is still around the same price I am down about 1.5%. Would you recommend holding on or moving on. If moving on, what would you recommend in health care sector, I already owe Cardinal Health & ABBVIE Inc. I am looking at long term investment.
Secondly, I owe FASTLY INC and am down about 40%. I am a long-term Investor and can hold on. Would you advise to hold on or switch to Lightspeed or something else? If it really has potential, I can wait it out don’t need the cash.
This is general question not stock specific. Normally I prefer to buy US stocks in RRSP and Canadians in TFSA and non registered due to withholding Tax. I am unable to make up my mind as to where to put the riskier growth-oriented stocks. In TFSA I am unable to write off the loss if the investment goes sour, If I put in RRSP eventually, one pays tax on withdrawal in retirement, but can’t immediately write off the loss when I sale and book a loss. In a non registered account If the stock takes off I end up paying tax on half the gains. What would you normally recommend?

Please deduct credits as required.

Read Answer Asked by Nimish on May 31, 2021

Q: Good afternoon 5i
I hold AMGN in my RRSP, and it only represents 2.5% of my portfolio. Its a slow grower with an ok dividend. I'm thinking of selling AMGN and buying ABBV as a replacement, as it may have better performance and a higher dividend too. What are your thoughts on replacing AMGN with ABBV? Does ABBV have better potential? If you can suggest a different stock that is a better choice than ABBV as an alternative, please do so.
My only other current healthcare stock is SYK.

Read Answer Asked by Lois on April 16, 2021

Q: Great article today re the "Phoenix Market". With that in mind, could you please suggest a US stock or two in each major industry sector that you feel is well positioned for growth in the next 5-10 years that you would nevertheless be comfortable stepping into today? (Even if just half a position) Please feel free to deduct the number of credits you deem appropriate.

Read Answer Asked by Patrick on January 28, 2021

Q: I am considering the above to add to my tfsa, please advise in order which are best suited today or please add your own suggestions. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Peter on January 20, 2021

Q: Recently in response to questions, 5iR provided  target sector weightings for a dividend conservative portfolio and also for a balanced portfolio.
For my income portfolio, with a target sector weight of 10% for Communications, I have a position of 3.50% in BCE and, for health care, with a target sector weight of 10%, I have no positions. What are some Cdn and US stocks and ETF, even in Cdn dollars, would you suggest I consider.

When it comes to the balance portfolio, the communication target sector weight of 5%, I have at position of 3.00% in Telus and in the case of health care, with a target sector weighting of 10% (say in US stocks), I hold no positions. Again, what are some US stocks and ETF, even in Cdn dollars, would you suggest I consider.

Yes this is two questions in please deduct two credits............Again, Thanks........Tom

Read Answer Asked by Tom on January 19, 2021

Q: Peter and Team:
I need some exposure to the healthcare sector and my choices are very limited in Canada, especially when Johnathon doesn't want to play in the Chess Game presently. What are your favourite US names, and where does ABBVIE fit in to the puzzle? When I am typing a question, does it time out after so many minutes?

Read Answer Asked by BEN on December 31, 2020

Q: Hi, current in my portfolio of 13 stocks + 2 ETF I have some good performing stocks that are > 5% position, TXN is 10.3%, DIS is 8.40%, EWZS is 9.37% and ADM is 8.54%. 25% of my holdings are in TECH (3 stocks + 1 etf). Do you feel comfortable with keeping these stocks with current positions or could I trim it to reduce risk ? I don't have many exposure to financials and consumer cyclical sectors. Can you suggest me growth stocks in these 2 sectors in US and CAN ? In healthcare I have only ABBV, I would like to have other good options here for growth and medium risk. I have +20 years horizon.

Read Answer Asked by Clayton on November 27, 2020

Q: Hi 5I team.
My question is about healthcare and diversification in the space. I have been attempting to keep my position around the 16% portfolio weighting and currently hold ABBV, AMD, AMGN(4.8%), LLY(3%), PFE, MRNA, and WELL positions. Although I do not want to abandon the PFE/MRNA freight trains, I am looking at adding/shifting to what may be a longer term/higher dividend return avenue with the use of GILD(attractive entry and solid div), CRISPR(awaiting a pull back to $90 if it comes), and even MDT(under $103 if it comes)

How do you feel about this strategy and the switch out of AMGN/LLY to GILD/MDT?

Thank you


Read Answer Asked by Peter on November 23, 2020

Q: Understanding that time in the market , not timing the market is best approach to long-term gains. And that one should never try to "wait for, or guess, the bottom" to pick up solid stocks, humour me with this scenario -> COVID-19 is gone tomorrow! Albeit with somewhat new reality. But it's effectively off the table as a criteria or condition for stock selection. What are your top 3 industries, and individual names in each industry you'd be rushing out to buy? Feel free to add more than 3 industries and names. I have always been a fan of Info Tech (software) so you can exclude this as I strongly believe that trend is always positive. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Randall on November 16, 2020

Q: My portfolio is a little out of balance when it comes to healthcare stocks.

I am considering: WELL.CA, VEEV.US, GH:US, SYK.US, BIIB.US, ABBV:US, AMGN:US. (I already own IHI and BAX)
Are there others that you would add to the list?
Is there an ETF that you would recommend?
Could you please rank the above stocks with regards to 3-5 year hold?
I sold my position in GUD about a year ago.


Read Answer Asked by Brian on November 10, 2020

Q: Hi group what's your top 4 sectors /stocks/etfs in the US assuming Biden is going to the white house the market seems to like the set up with Biden winning but Senate going to republicans Thanks for your insight

Read Answer Asked by Terence on November 06, 2020

Q: RE; Healthcare,
I currently have a limited amount of healthcare exposure in my portfolio and looking to build the allocation. I hold some MDT in my US account, I have been adding to that holding on dips. I would appreciate hearing your favourite US and Canadian healthcare stocks.. Please provide your top choices for US and Canada plus any particular ETF's you like in the healthcare sector. Thank you, Patrick

Read Answer Asked by Patrick on November 02, 2020