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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: In your estimation, is the Apollo Tactical Income fund configured to strengthen as interest rates fall or remain at their current level?
Further to my previous question on AIF, can you comment on the tax treatment that will be applied to the distributions resulting from its upcoming merger? (note: my previous question on AIF's prospect should, I suppose. be better directed at MFIC...)
Read Answer Asked by David on July 11, 2024
Q: I see that AD.UN currently has a yield of 8.7% and its stock price has been fairly stable for quite a while. Can you tell me how much the yield has varied over, say, the last four years or so? In other words, does the yield from this company vary a lot over time or is it too, like its stock price, fairly stable?
Read Answer Asked by Philip on July 11, 2024
Q: My Son hopes to buy a condo in the next 6 months and has sold most of his stocks and now holds mainly cash. PSA, CASH, CBIL and UBIL.U all currently yield in the 5% range. I am thinking he is best to put most the funds in CBIL and UBIL.U, since these may benefit a bit if interest rates fall, whereas the yield in PSA and CASH would decrease. Or is he best to put funds in PSA or CASH and sacrifice a possible decrease in yield, for a safer investment in HISA ETFs. Thank you for your comments!!
Read Answer Asked by Grant on July 10, 2024
Q: Hi there, I recently asked Can you suggest any principal-protected US ETFs? For parking USD cash to earn a yield in a securities account. (The only product I can think of that has this profile is a HISA ETF.)

Seems like there is no HISA equivalent in the US from your response. What is the next best thing that is US listed? A money market fund? If so which would you suggest?

Read Answer Asked by Chris on July 08, 2024
Q: Calamos has started these structured etf's the first of which commenced May 1. They are based on the S&P or the Nasdaq or the Russell. A new monthly fund starts each month with the aim to protect all the invested capital if the etf is held for one year with a capped upside of approximately 10%. They are targeting retirees who cannot replace lost capital as an alternative to holding cash. Structured investing isn't new however the etf wrapper providing capital gains after a one year hold for US residents and a 100% protection rather than some lessor protection as well as a .7% MER all seem to provide substantial improvement compared with other prior structured offerings regarding fees and advertised protection as well as tax treatment on gains in a cash account. Calamos also seems to have a long history of options and hedging investment and claims a significant expertise. As a retiree I am seeking, respectfully and if possible, Peter's assessment of this series of etf's as a way to seek equity-like returns based on the S&P etf set up Calamos is offering as an alternative to a money market holding or even an HSAV.CA corporate class holding which provides capital gains but at around 5% instead of the greater potential on offer. Any comment on the reset of downside protection and upside cap each year would be appreciated. Finally if there is any possible liquidity issue that needs consideration please comment. I recognize this as a big ask however these etf's should have wide interest among retirees seeking a US equity play which aims to protect against any capital loss while providing double the current return of a risk-free holding which likely applies to a substantial portion of your subscription base. Thank you in advance Peter. Hope you're not taking the summer off!!!
Read Answer Asked by Ken on July 05, 2024
Q: Hi team, I am a 65 year old dividend investor. I presently hold about 12% of my portfolio in Money Market Fund ZMMK while waiting to see what to buy next. I am wondering how this fund would react during a major market sell off. I know it is fairly safe but the fund has a short history. In your opinion how safe is ZMMK and during a sell off would funds gravitate towards it or would it sell off with the rest of the equity market? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by William on June 27, 2024
Q: Hi,

The scenario: I have 5 x $100K GICs in one self-directed account at a major bank. These GICs are issued by 5 different institutions ($100K ea.).

The question: if one of these institutions went to zero and its $100K GIC became worthless, would the $100K CDIC insurance apply to the loss?

In other words, in one account, does it still make sense, from a risk management perspective, to spread around purchases of GICs among different issuers (keeping each holding to $100K or less), recognizing only $100K of the $500K in total is insured?

Thank you, Michael
Read Answer Asked by Michael on June 25, 2024
Q: Hello, Looking to take a position in a GIC type investment with the ability to withdraw funds quickly and with no penalty. I came across this fund, wondering your opinion? Do you prefer any other funds that fit this description? Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Cory on June 21, 2024
Q: Good Morning, I liquidated my corporate holdings in order to realize substantial gains prior to the June 24, deadline.
Will be buying back some of the holdings and was thinking an ETF instead of individual holdings. Taking this opportunity to try to reduce holdings and re-organize portfolios.

Also, some of the funds will be needed in the next year. Was thinking fixed income ZST (Canadian dollars) and ZUS.U (US dollars)?
Your thoughts please.
Read Answer Asked by Heather on June 21, 2024
Q: I am looking for a short term safe investment for Canadian and US cash in a non-registered account. CBIL according Global X website holds 0-3 month Canadian government bonds, but when purchasing on Questrade, 0-3 mo U.S. T-bill pops up - is CBIL US or Canadian bonds? With UBIL.U in a non-registered account will there be US withholding tax on the estimated 5.25% yield? Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Grant on June 20, 2024
Q: If it were your money, what would be your number one choice for parking a large sum of money ($200,000+) for a 3-8 month period to 1) maximize return, 2) minimize risk and 3) maximize liquidity. Can you please give me just one top choice for CND dollars as well as USD.

There seems to be a few options from reading previous questions but I am getting decision paralysis trying to compare them all, Your commens are most appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by Scott on June 17, 2024
Q: I need to find a place to park a large amount of cash for the next 6 months - 1 year. the choices are GIC, CBIL, and HISA/CASH.TO.
I have looked to GIC and dislike it because the money is locked in for at least 1 year.
What are the risk associated with CBIL and HISA/CASH.TO. Is there risk of the holding company (Global X in this case) defaulting the money?
Read Answer Asked by Anh on June 13, 2024