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Investment Q&A

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Q: CSU has been an amzing investment and thank you for your long standing recommendation. What would you consider the next most "CSU-like" company in terms of management and growth in any sector? Could you please provide one in Canada and one in US? Thanks so much. Please do not include TOI in your answer.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on August 05, 2021

Q: MTY Food Group reported excellent earnings today, and the stock climbed 17% as a result. This was despite the fact that there were still 359 of their locations closed at the close of the quarter due to covid. That number is now down to 258, as reopening continues. The eps was 93 cents for the quarter, which would be a run rate of $3.72 for a year, a p/e of about 17, which seems quite reasonable for a growing business. I'm thinking that the results should be significantly better once more of the locations are open, but it is hard to quantify that. How much better do you think the results might look once virtually all of the locations are open? If they are going to be making say, $5.00 a share, the stock looks quite cheap. Do you think this is a good buy at this price?

Read Answer Asked by Dan on July 12, 2021

Q: Recently, the group that bought a bunch of dental practices all over Canada and put them under the corporate umbrella of Dental Corp had an IPO on TSX.

I see dentists are generally affluent and high income earners.

So buying 400+ practices and making it a big business sounds like a good idea except for the part that there is a half a billion dollar debt or so on the balance sheet.

What is your long term opinion of Dental Corp? Maybe a slow burn winner?


Read Answer Asked by Deepak on June 18, 2021