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Investment Q&A

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Q: People seem to have varied views concerning the causes of the supply chain disruptions including covid, lack of longshoremen, lack of truck drivers, etc. Do you see any companies benefiting from this; perhaps on the transportation side such as CNR, TFII, or CJT ? Or any other industries?
Thanks for your insights.

Read Answer Asked by Ian on October 19, 2021

Q: looking for growth companies over the next 1-2 years. Could you pls select the top five and place in order of rank

Read Answer Asked by Howie on September 09, 2021

Q: Hello,last week this company had 2 upgrades by analysts one for 6.00 and 6.75with the average rec being $6.75 which would indicate almost a 100% gain,the stock is very thinly traded and really did nothing on this news,do you think there is value here for a 1-3 year hold more if it hits this target,could i get your thoughts on this company and any near term catalysts...thanks as always

Read Answer Asked by Greg on September 01, 2021

Q: CSU has been an amzing investment and thank you for your long standing recommendation. What would you consider the next most "CSU-like" company in terms of management and growth in any sector? Could you please provide one in Canada and one in US? Thanks so much. Please do not include TOI in your answer.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on August 05, 2021