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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I have a 5% interest rate on my bank account right now and because of this I'm way more cash heavy than usual. Does it make sense to hold a larger portion of cash when interest rates are so high?
Read Answer Asked by Ashleigh on April 18, 2024
Q: Good Morning! On a macro level and considering the current high average P/E ratio of the S&P 500 would you be more inclined toward Canadian, International or Emerging market investing. I see that both Canadian and International markets are also priced above average, although not as much as the US. For Emerging markets India and China on the other hand are presenting faster growing economies (still China is much riskier in my POV but BABA might be a good opportunity). What are your thoughts ? Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Roger on April 12, 2024
Q: My portfolio is not at all balanced because of the heavy weight of my Tech sector . I am reticent to sell any it. What would be the absolute max for a Tech sector?
Read Answer Asked by Jackie on April 11, 2024
Q: With the US inflation numbers showing a spike and markets selling off today, what do you see markets doing in the short and medium term. How important were the inflation numbers?
Read Answer Asked on April 11, 2024
Q: If the US decided to devalue their currency, how would that effect stocks?

I read some where they did this in 1933 and 1971.
Read Answer Asked by Mark on April 08, 2024
Q: Hello, The macro market models are really informative and exactly the type of information I was looking for. Within the TSX sector rotation model it does not include Healthcare, Discretionary, and Communications. Can you explain the rationale? thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Janice on April 05, 2024
Q: are there any economic implications when both gold and oil and gas are rising in value at the same time ? Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by jim on April 04, 2024
Q: Hi Team,
Is the party over in the markets this year? Should we be cashing out for conservative dividend payers at this point? Funny ; just when I hear more and more talk of people buying small cap agressive names the market seems to have “peaked” and now rolling over. It’s hard to believe the economy is so “hot” in the US when I hear so much about people being hundreds of dollars away from paying their bills , and with mortgages renewing people that were on the verge will be slammed. Tech companies have laid off thousands over the last year. Some I talk to believe the numbers that the government put out are “false” and politically driven to make the current president look good: especially heading on election year. Sometimes a person really has to wonder if there’s a crisis in the making with the high inflation , interest rates etc. Not that I am a conspiracy theorist but over the years it certainly looks like books can be cooked, so to speak. Just looking for your take . Thanks
Read Answer Asked by Shane on April 03, 2024
Q: Everyone, what are the three biggest risks to the market this year? Clayton.
Read Answer Asked by Clayton on April 02, 2024
Q: Hello - for my RIF- I have done well with VOO over the last year or so and am wondering if this is a good time to move to a different ETF such as RSP or IWP. My thinking is if the US economy does avoid a recession and the rally broadens, then maybe there will be more growth somewhere other than VOO. Your comments and suggestions please.
Thanks, al
Read Answer Asked by alex on April 02, 2024
Q: In your response to Peter this morning you stated that you "think investors can always hedge against the depreciation of US dollars" and you go on to give some examples of how that can be done. Would you consider owning hedged ETFs and CDRs to be another option to hedge against the depreciation of the US dollar? Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Dennis on April 01, 2024
Q: My Question is about which direction stock market would move while looking at current yields of 10YR bonds at 4.4% and S&P at PE 28 [top end of average] offering a yield close to 3.8%, with a differential 0.6 there is not much incentive for investors to accept risk in the market.

Do you think bond yeilds would move lower and hence increase in differential and favouring stocks or a move other way around.
Read Answer Asked by Francis on March 28, 2024
Q: The US deficit and debt are back in the popular media. To what degree do you see this issue influencing markets and do you have any comments on investor strategy? Any guesses on how the US will reconcile this issue and when?
Read Answer Asked by Peter on March 28, 2024
Q: For at least10 years I had been invested in a diversified portfolio that included the eleven sectors, bond ETF's gold, preferred shares and cash only to see the bond ETF's and preferred shares continually tumbling down year after year. Gold went nowhere with no dividend, nada.Tiring of this I got rid of the bond ETF's, the preferred shares, and gold having lost thousands but I didn't care! At least I no longer had to look at this disaster taking place as they melted down to almost nothing. What was left I invested in the good companies and never looked back. As my five year GIC ladder came due, each year I gained a paltry $1,500 or so on $10,000. So no more ladder. All through the pandemic the dividends now kept on coming, stocks are increasing and I was up a minimum of $140,000. So now I have cash, all eleven sectors with fixed income from ETF's like UMAX and others plus my pension. So cash 13%, Equity 50% and fixed 35% no bonds, no gold, no preferred shares and 2 years left on my GIC ladder and Europe ETF. I know 5i loves to include bonds etc as a "balancing diversifier" to a portfolio but for me this did not work out. Maybe in the next ten years or more they may break even but I do no want to wait that long. So far this works for me. I invite any comments that you may have.
Read Answer Asked by STANLEY on March 27, 2024
Q: If you were expecting a bit of a market swoon and don't want to sit on cash what would you consider to be "defensive stocks" or "stocks that benefit" in downturns? I've tried options in the past with mixed (mostly not so good) results so that's not something I would like to do.

Thanks in advance-Dave
Read Answer Asked by DAVE on March 22, 2024
Q: I read a piece In the G&M by Rosie on the weekend re: nuclear energy as a potential outperformer. It mentioned the above firms as potential investments. I did a little homework and of the Cdn firms, the only 1's I thought worth investing in were the ETF and ATRL. I was unfamiliar with the U.S. firms . Can you shed some light on them please? I do have positions in Hammond Power, SMCI & Vertiv, which I'm pleased with and am thinking of adding to. Thanks for any light you can shed on this for me to enhance an informed decision.
Read Answer Asked by David on March 22, 2024
Q: Recently, I’ve noticed that Canadian inflation has been more subdued compared to the United States. Given this observation, I’m wondering if it’s reasonable to interpret that Canada might reduce interest rates sooner than the U.S. If this holds true, and considering my intention to purchase more U.S. stocks, would it be advisable for me to start acquiring more U.S. dollars at this time?

Your insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your guidance.
Read Answer Asked by Esther on March 21, 2024
Q: What are the 5 best industries to buy stock in now pls?
Read Answer Asked by Ron on March 19, 2024