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Investment Q&A

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Q: I would like to make a small investment in India; now the most populated country on earth. I like ZID that has returned about 81% over the past 5 years, but the market cap is only $122M - is this ETF too small? I like FIH.U with a trailing P/E of 6.23 and market cap of $1.94B, but it has only increased 13% over the past 5 years - can FIH.U only be bought in USD? Would appreciate your thoughts on ZID and FIH.U, or perhaps you have another suggestion regarding investment in India.
Read Answer Asked by Grant on February 16, 2024
Q: A further update on converting PDYPF "shares" to FLUT shares. Two weeks ago I asked BMO IL to journal my PDYPF shares to FLUT so I can sell them on the NYSE when I want. My son did the same at Questrade. His shares were converted in one day. I'm still waiting. I called today and essentially I was told that their computer set up cannot do this. Further more, PDYPF shares were CDIs, that is they are held by the CREST depository in the UK. OK that sent me back to re-read the notice 5i posted and section II #5 applies to CDIs which have been now converted to DIs (Depository Interests) which is essentially no change but Computershare holds them and sells them through CREST. Can you convert DIs to FLUT? The notice says YES but there is a charge by CREST. I guess this is the 1% "stamp tax" I was told about. I am now looking to transfer my shares to Questrade where it will be more visible and open. My son did not pay any "stamp tax" but maybe he will when he goes to sell the shares. Read the notice for more info here:
Read Answer Asked by Earl on February 16, 2024
Q: Recent news reports talk about “The Granolas”. European companies powering markets like The Magnificent Seven are doing. Any comments and are there ETF’S for them? Term coined by Goldman-Sachs, I believe.
Read Answer Asked by James on February 14, 2024
Q: I have been investigating MELI, and have found it to be an interesting stock to possibly add to my portfolio. Would you consider it to be a quality investment for 3-5+ years? Could you please compare it to AMZN and SHOP? Would it make sense to hold all three, or would there be too much overlap? I understand that MELI has a South American focus, so would MELI’s largest risk be government stability or intervention? Thanks for your assistance.
Read Answer Asked by Greg on February 13, 2024
Q: With today's jump in ARM and current valuation, would you suggest selling and buying back when things settle ? I was tempted to sell when it hit $120+, but did not...

- I love many facts about the company and thought buying at $78 was expensive, but realistically what are the 5i Crystal ball suggestions and recommendations ...

Happy Spring in February!
Read Answer Asked by michael on February 09, 2024
Q: Thanks to Earl for his recent note on how to go about selling PDYPF shares (?) through BMO InvestorLine.

However I'm still confused as to what the Flutter Entertainment transaction is actually all about.

Is the Fan Duel listing a spin out from Flutter and a completely separate listing? Ie, is this a choice between owning Flutter shares or Fan Duel shares on the NYSE?

Is it a choice between what exchanges you want to hold your shares on, NYSE or London?

If the Fan Duel listing is a spin out, do PDYPF share holders get some Flutter shares and some Fan Duel shares?

Finally, if it's a choice between one or the other, which one do you favour, Flutter or Fan Duel?

Read Answer Asked by Peter on February 08, 2024
Q: Is there an ETF similar to SPHD (larger companies with low volatility), however is focused outside of the US (and Canada) that you would recommend? Preferably with a yield over 3.5-4%. I hold VIU for general exposure however moving to retirement and am looking for a bit more income focus.
Read Answer Asked by Samir on February 02, 2024
Q: Can you provide an current on EVVTY and an outlook going forward.
Read Answer Asked by Kim on February 02, 2024
Q: I got a call back from BMO Investorline as a follow up to my questions last week. I think I now have the answers and want to share them. The PDYPF are not ADRs and he did not see a need to do anything immediately. I can have the shares converted to FLUT on the NYSE but there is a 1% "stamp" tax ($608 for me) plus to sell I would pay the standard $10 commission and would then have to do Norbert's Gambit to convert to CAD or pay their conversion fees. If I sell the shares on the LSE I would pay slightly over $280 commission plus two fees/taxes totaling 0.6% and have to pay the conversion from sterling to CAD. I'm glad I have a good profit on these shares because that sure adds up. I both cases slightly over 1% of the value. I hope this information helps others.
Read Answer Asked by Earl on February 02, 2024
Q: What's the best way to invest in Argentina? Big fan of Milei
Read Answer Asked by Patrick on January 29, 2024