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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Could I get a list of the best Small Cap ETF's to buy for Canada, USA & International?

Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Ross on May 21, 2024
Q: Hope everyone had a great long weekend!

I've a question well outside of your regular commentary on Canadian and US markets. Fevertree Drinks PLC had a great run from listing until 2018, and then again after sinking when Covid hit until January 2022. The stock has since hit what appears to be another floor and has bounced along it since.

I am curious what your thoughts are, if any, on their performance, what management issues has led to their share price challenge and what they are doing about it, and lastly the stocks potential for value appreciation over the next 3-5 years.

Thanks very much
Read Answer Asked by Dave on May 21, 2024
Q: The chart for PERI is a disaster. Do you now consider it a sell? Or a wait for tax loss season? Would you still buy it back after 30 days? It seems like you sold the stock last October?

Maybe this was a situation where extraordinary circumstances might have warranted a note in October to all of us that... 'based on our 35 years of investing, war isn’t a tailwind for most stocks and you should consider selling.’ This might have been helpful given how many companies from Israel you were recommending and there are so many opportunities elsewhere, even for defense stocks… Instead you’re cautious with PERI sometimes and then still positive at other times. It’s very confusing for someone sitting on a big loss.

Usually, when someone asks a question about a foreign stock... from Europe, China, Brazil etc. you mention you don’t have sufficient knowledge of stocks outside of North America to recommend. But not so much with Israel, which in retrospect seems to have been one of the most risky places to invest? On closer look, it seems the country has been constantly at war for a long time? What made you feel you had a leg up despite this? Is it possible that these stocks were fundamentally cheap for a reason… because of the risks?

On top of all the headwinds every company faces now we’re constantly hearing in the news about students demanding divestment from Israeli companies? I understand and can be patient with SHOP or DUOL but is war and this divestment thing worth waiting out or buying back into after selling for a tax loss?

There have been good recommendations otherwise, and my portfolio will be fine but it’s a big hit to performance that maybe could have been avoided or at least lessened…

thx, Mark
Read Answer Asked by Mark on May 15, 2024
Q: Can you tell me what you think of this company? Buy?
Read Answer Asked by Max on May 02, 2024
Q: Would you buy Rio Tinto at current levels primarily for copper exposure? It seems cheap at ~10x earnings with a 6.4% dividend yield.

On a technical basis the chart seems to have a wedge pattern formed over the last 4 years that looks like it is about to resolve. With copper prices close to all time highs, in my opinion it seems more likely to resolve to the upside than downside. Would you agree?

Read Answer Asked by Marco on April 25, 2024
Q: Hi 5i team!

I know companies outside the US/Canada are not your focus but what do you know about Miniso?
My kids and all of their friends love this retailer and I was curious if you could comment on the fundamentals and if you would be a buyer for some international exposure?
Would this be considered higher risk?

Thanks for all you do, your knowledge and service is so appreciated!!
Read Answer Asked by Josh on April 23, 2024
Q: Hi, There has been a lot of talk about Japanese stock market witnessing a strong recovery after almost a lifetime. In your view, what are the factors causing this rebound ?

Many portfolio managers on CNBC and BNN have recommended to have an exposure to Japanese markets. Mr Buffet, for one, as always, started early, taking sizable positions in some well known Trading and Industrial companies. Over past 2-3 years, they have also issued many tranches of Japanese Yen denominated Bonds, with interest rates higher than usually offered by Japanese issuers, once such large issue just announced.

What is your view and if you concur, is EWJ a decent investment vehicle to invest at current levels ?

Thank You
Read Answer Asked by rajeev on April 19, 2024
Q: I know it's not your focus but can you commend on Nubank- last question was asked about it in 2021 -
Read Answer Asked by Ashleigh on April 18, 2024
Q: I had purchased this company after using stock screener which showed very low valuation. Recent annual earnings were also 26 cents. However, the stock keeps declining especially a large decline from $3 to $1 on very hight volume. Since then volumes have become small. What do you think? Do you think there is still potential. Also, after the annual results, I do not see any quarterly announcement even thought appratenly thier quarter ends Dec 31, 2023. Please provide any insights you may have.Thanks
Read Answer Asked by Imtiaz on April 15, 2024
Q: hello 5i:
we are (satisfied) holders of DIVO. Would like your take on IDVO and see its not listed in your data base yet. Is there another International ETF you'd recommend? We currently hold both VIGI and EFAV in the international space.
Paul L
Read Answer Asked by Paul on April 03, 2024