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Q: Good afternoon,

What would be your choice for best 5 stocks to own for maximum dividend yield? Also ENB or TRP and why? ( please mark me down for 2 questions)
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Brad on May 17, 2023

Q: Hello,

TRI recently announced an upcoming reverse split of their shares. This seems to to go against the usual practice of a reverse split whereby a low priced stock and out of favour stock (unlike TRI) will do one to drive up the price of their stock when itís trading very low and in risk of being delisted as was the case of Bombardier recently and JDS Uniphase many years back. Iím having difficulty understanding why TRI would not just buy back shares via an NCI as opposed to a reverse split. Also, when is the reverse split scheduled and if I was to buy 10 shares tomorrow, how many of those shares would I have after the reverse split and would the price of TRI increase as a result of the reverse split as is normally the result of a reverse split. Many thanks for the amazing service that you provide.

Read Answer Asked by Anthony on May 05, 2023
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