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Conflict-Free Investment Research

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Who actually works for you?

Brokers make money, investment bankers make money, fund managers make money! So who has your - and only your - interests in mind? 5i Research® does.

  • Who else will offer three Model Portfolios (Balanced Equity, Growth and Income), with no obligations or management fees?
  • Who else will answer your investment and company questions honestly and independently, without trying to sell you something on the side? (We have 75,369+ answered questions in our archives).
  • Who else cannot trade in any stocks they cover? 5i staff are not allowed to buy any new Canadian securities - only US. This ensures that there is never a potential for conflict in what we recommend.

We work ONLY for you, our members. Isn't it about time someone was on your side? On your money's side? With No Conflicts, ever!

Peter Hodson

5i Research® is founded and majority owned by Peter Hodson, CFA, former Chairman of Sprott Asset Management L.P.

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Ten years ago I was forced from work due to illness, at the age of forty with three young children, my financial situation was very precarious. My wages were reduced by 50% and I had never invested in the stock market, it was imperative that I did something to supplement my income. With great advice from you and lots of reading and research, I was able to learn enough to almost return my earnings to their original levels. 

- Robert S.

With 5i Research® You Receive:

Conflict-Free Research Reports

  • Access to over 70 easy-to-understand research reports, written for regular investors, and not institutions.
  • Gain an understanding of small to mid-cap Canadian equities that aren't getting attention from analysts. We show you the numbers, charts and drivers that we think matter most.

Preview Reports:

Answers to Your Investment Questions

  • Learn from the 75,369+ member questions that have already been answered.
  • Submit up to 24 investment questions* a year.
  • Many members find this feature alone to be worth the subscription price many times over.

*general stock, ETF, fund, and investment questions only. We do not give individual portfolio advice.

Get alerts and analysis straight to your inbox

  • Our Watchlist feature allows you to get notifications on the stocks you care most about.
  • Any questions we answer on companies that are part of your watchlist get e-mailed on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Don't just know that something has happened at a company, know WHY something has happened.

5i Research® Model Portfolios

  • Access our full balanced equity model portfolio, model income portfolio, and growth portfolio.
  • Equity portfolio up 34.1% in 2013 (launched March 2013), 29.1% in 20149.5% in 2015, 19.26% in 2016 and 15.21% in 2017 with no management fees or obligations.

5i Balanced Equity Portfolio:


5i Income Portfolio:

5i Income Portfolio

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So how much does all this cost?

Just $176.95 / year

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60-Day Moneyback Guarantee

We believe 5i Research® will be your best investment yet. But if you try it today and decide it's not for you, e-mail within 60 days of purchase and you will receive an unconditional refund (refund does not apply to users taking advantage of any free trial offers or renewals).  

Mutual Funds vs. 5i Research

A typical mutual fund in Canada charges 2.50% in fees. This means you are paying $2,500 every year in fees, on a portfolio of $100,000.

An annual 5i membership is $176.95, no matter how large your portfolio is.

That's a 93.6% savings compared to a typical mutual fund in Canada.

But what about performance?

Since December 2014, 5i Research has beaten the TSX by 42.17% (as of March 30, 2018). That's an extra $42,170 gained on a $100,000 portfolio.

How did mutual funds do over that same time period? In Canada, 93%, 91% and 82% of funds underperformed the TSX over one, three and five-year periods ( Results in the US, relative to the S&P 500 were not much better with 81% of funds underperforming over a three year period!

That means that not only did you miss out on an extra 42.17% in gains ($42,170 on a $100,000 portfolio), but you also could have paid over $2,500 in fees to underperform the benchmark.

Plus, with 5i Research, you're also getting:

  • The ability to ask our team of analysts questions on the stocks and/or ETFs that you’re considering buying
  • Access to our database of over 75,369 answered investing questions (from investors like you).
  • Un-biased reports on the top growth and dividend stocks in Canada
  • Access to 3 different model portfolios based on your investment strategy (growth vs. dividend/income vs. balanced)

Let's see a mutual fund offer you that (while also being 93% less expensive!)

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5i, You are the best. Prompt, clear, and concise responses during this tough period, you are worth your weight in gold ! Thank you for your continued support and excellence in service and knowledge. You are definitely the best investment service out there.

- Jeff

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns 5i Research®?
5i Research is privately owned, with the majority owned by Peter Hodson, CFA, former Chairman of Sprott Asset Management L.P. 5i Research Inc. is also the owner of Canadian Money Saver, a fully-independent financial magazine, published since 1981.

Does 5i Research® manage money?
No. Managing money while providing research is filled with conflicts. We want our research to be unbiased.

Does 5i Research® trade in stocks it covers?
No. Never. Staff are also not allowed to buy any new Canadian securities. Staff are allowed to trade US securities only.

Is 5i Research® affiliated in any way with any money manager, brokerage firm, bank or public company?

Why is the cost so low?
We don’t print out glossy, 80-page reports. We don’t take company executives out to fancy dinners. We don’t pay lawyers to structure deals. We don’t pay commission to brokers to sell products. We don’t give any investment bankers large bonuses. We don’t cover everything. In addition, our founder has made a lot of money from wise equity investments, and we don’t need to charge a lot to our members in order to survive.

How often will I get research reports?
Reports are issued frequently (about two per month). We cover Canadian equities with a focus on the small and mid-cap space. All reports are available to members for download from the members’ area. We also send out a member update e-mail every 2-4 weeks letting you know what's new.

Why do you use a high-school grading system on companies?
Because everyone can understand it. An “A” company is better than a “C-“ company. Most stock analysts use inoffensive terms to protect their relationships with companies. Do you know if a “Sector Perform” is better than an “Equal Weight”? Frankly, neither do we. Letter grades are simple, and we don’t care if we offend a company with an “F” grade.

What does 5i stand for?

Integrity - we have absolutely no conflicts.
Insight - we have decades of experience.
Independence - we work only for you.
Individual - our research is catered to you, not an institutional investor.
Investment - Invest in education before you lose money elsewhere.

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I just wanted to take a minute and thank-you for adding the "Question" section to the 5i website - I love, love, love it. I'm extremely new to investing and I'm finding everyone's questions and answers very educational. Keep up the excellent work that you're all doing there at 5i, I'm really enjoying your website and love your newsletters. Thanks for watching out for us "little guys/gals". 

- D.S.

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