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Headline image for  IPO in limelight: Neighbourly Pharmacy

IPO in limelight: Neighbourly Pharmacy

Neighbourly Pharmacy (NBLY) chain, Canada’s third-largest pharmacy chain operator, has filed preliminary documents for a $150 million initial public offering (IPO) on the TSX. Let's dive into Canada's only pure-play pharmacy chain operator. 

Barkha May 18, 2021
Headline image for What is Going on with Lumber?

What is Going on with Lumber?

About four months into the year, if we were forced to pronounce an investment ‘theme’ for 2021, it would probably be that of ‘micro-bubbles’. In various different areas in the markets we have been seeing soaring asset prices relegated, generally, to niche asset classes or industries. Most are likely aware of the laundry list and acronyms here: SPACs, crypto, EV, Green, meme stocks, and so on. The list is not reserved to more ‘interesting’ spaces though, it has now seemingly expanded into what most would consider more boring areas of the market, specifically, lumber!

Lumber Chart


This chart does not include a typo or a data error. Lumber futures have indeed taken off over the last year, going from levels that trade in

Ryan May 11, 2021
Headline image for Short sellers don't always win, and shouldn't get the glory

Short sellers don't always win, and shouldn't get the glory

One of the stocks that our company follows got attacked this week. That’s right, Well Technologies (WELL on TSX) was the subject of not one, but two, short sell reports, designed to strike fear in the hearts of investors and drive share prices down. WELL fell about seven per cent intra-day on the day the first report was released.

We looked at the reports and the main conclusion of both was that Well’s recent $360-million purchase of CRH Medical was not a good acquisition. Maybe it will be, maybe not. But we reminded our clients that every single trade they have ever done had an equal and opposing view. That stock you love and has quadrupled in four years? Someone didn’t like it much and sold it to you. If a company you own gets attacked by a short seller the key is not to panic. That’s what the short seller wants you to do.

But the whole process got us thinking: Do any of these attacks actually work? Sure, short selle

5i May 04, 2021

Stock Market Updates from 5i Research - April 29, 2021

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Report Updates

We have an updated report on Xebec Adsorption Corp (XBC). The company reported disappointing quarterly results related to revenue recognition in the most recent quarter. While this presents a potential risk in the future, it remains to be seen whether this is a one-time occurrence or the beginning of a pattern. That said, the company continues to be very well positioned in a fast-growing space with plenty of growth potential ahead. We discuss more of our thoughts on the stock going forward

Barkha Apr 29, 2021
Headline image for Magnet Forensics Upcoming IPO (MAGT)

Magnet Forensics Upcoming IPO (MAGT)

A Waterloo-based cloud investigative company has filed a preliminary prospectus for an IPO worth C$90 million. Let's take a dive into what the company does.

Barkha Apr 27, 2021
Headline image for 5i Stock Screener: Growth Stocks on Sale

5i Stock Screener: Growth Stocks on Sale

With the rotation from growth to value stocks in the market seemingly cooling down, we thought it would be worth finding some stocks that have been hit hard by broad market swings while still showing good fundamentals and growth potential.



Moez Apr 20, 2021