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Is Investing a Zero-Sum Game?

Is Investing a Zero-Sum Game?
You hear this a lot, the idea that only winners and losers exist in a market. This notion has always sat with me as overly simplistic and not a fair or true picture. Hence, I wanted to dig a bit deeper into this idea with a bit of a case-by-case example...

Ryan Apr 04, 2018
Headline image for Be Aware of Crowd Psychology

Be Aware of Crowd Psychology

With market uncertainty and volatility running rampant, now is a great time to focus on crowd psychology and the four psychological phases of asset bubbles...
5i Apr 03, 2018

Technical Analysis - Opportunities In Tech: OpenText, BlackBerry and Descartes Systems Group

Opportunities in Tech

Since the goal of many investors is to outperform the market, the relative strength indicator is a very important tool for identifying opportunities. The relative strength indicator is often used to compare the performance of a stock vs. a benchmark such as the TSX index. More importantly, at a time when the TSX is down more than 900 points from the January high, the relative strength indicator can also be used to find pockets of strength.
Since the TSX has very few places to hide in a market downturn, being able to find these pockets of strength can be very profitable...
5i Mar 08, 2018

Catch 5i's CEO on BNN this Thursday at 1pm EST. Send in your questions.

Ryan on BNN

5i's CEO, Ryan Modesto will be appearing on BNN Market Call on Thursday, March 1st, 2018. Set your PVR or tune in live at 1PM to hear Ryan's latest top picks, how the past picks have performed, and him and his team's latest investing insights.

For readers who don’t get a chance to call in, you can always utilize our Q&A section to ask questions you may have throughout the year. If you're not yet a member, you can get one free question credit by signing up for a free 30-day trial here (no credit card required).

Submit your questions when he's live by calling BNN's Market Call at 1-855-326-6266, emailing, or submit your questions on Twitter by using @marketcall during the interview.

5i Feb 28, 2018

How to Calculate the Expected Total Return of Any Stock

How to Calculate the Expected Total Return of Any Stock
It is important to understand how to use realistic assumptions to estimate the returns that you’ll receive from investing in stocks.

This article will outline how you can calculate the expected return of any stock by using financial metrics and projections about future performance...

5i Feb 22, 2018
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