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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: What would be your top 10 “sleep at night” stocks for US and Canada?
Read Answer Asked by Ben on April 22, 2024
Q: Hi,
I have these in about equal weights and have to let one or two of these go. Can you please list them in order of selling first to last if you were in my shoes.
Read Answer Asked by Marco on March 26, 2024
Q: I have enough funds to add a half position. Which of the following options would prefer today:
1)Top up LMN to 5%
2)Start a new position in CSU
3) Start a new position in TRI
4) Start a new position in TVK
5)Divide funds between LMN and HPS.A , bringing each up to around 4.4%
Looking for growth with moderate risk. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Maureen on March 22, 2024
Q: I’m looking to add a Canadian stock with great potential to compound over the next 5 years or more. I already own stocks such as TFII, ATD, BN and CSU. Which do you think has is the best opportunity to start a new position along GSY, DOL or TRI? Or maybe WSP? Please rank and/is there another I should maybe consider?
Read Answer Asked by Gerry on March 18, 2024
Q: I currently have HCAL in a growth orientated TFSA and I don't think this is a good fit.
Currently, I hold Goog, SHOP, LMN & CLS. Do have a few ideas for a stock that could replace the HCAL ETF?
Read Answer Asked by David on March 07, 2024
Q: Please provide me with your 5 of your best Industrial companies and Tech companies
Read Answer Asked by Donna on March 05, 2024
Q: Hi Peter and 5iresearch team:
In your answer to Gerry's question on Feb 16, you mentioned that CSU and ATB have been the best Canadian compounders over the last ten years. You added DOL, BYD, TFII, BN, CLL.B, TRI based on historical performance and you are expecting LMN.V, TVK, HPS.A, TOI, GSY to be potential Canadian compounders in the future.

1. Would YOU still invest in CSU, ATB, DOL, BYD, TFII, BN, CLL.B, TRI with the same conviction and weighting?
2. Could you please provide a similar answer but for the US market? Please provide 10 or so best US compounders based on historical performance that YOU think investors should keep investing in and 5 or so US companies that YOU would buy as potential US compounders in the future.

Thank you for the great service.
Read Answer Asked by Ahmed on February 21, 2024
Q: What would you view as being the top Canadian compounders over say a 10-15 year period. I'm thinking CSU and ATD. What others for investors that want compounding growth over many years.
Read Answer Asked by Gerry on February 16, 2024
Q: Good afternoon,

Looking for a list of companies with safe , growing dividends and potential for some capital gain - Cdn or American.

Thank you,
Read Answer Asked by Brad on February 14, 2024
Q: I just finished rebalancing in my TFSA and would like to take the extra dollars generated and invest in a conservative growth company for a 3 yo 5 year term. Please rank the names provided including any Canadian favourites of your own.
Much appreciated. ram
Read Answer Asked by Ray on February 12, 2024
Q: Hi I have my RRSP distributed at around 8% or 12% on these stocks, would you change anything , I'm heading to retirement in 7 months from now and like to know if you would recommend any modification. I can sustain drops of 10% , which I handle by doing nothing.
Thank you 5i, you have been good to me!!!
Read Answer Asked by Fernando on January 26, 2024
Q: I recently transferred my employer TFSA account to my trading account, so I now manage my entire TFSA. I have many solid growth names, and have XIU and BNS as a dividend/diversification play.

I am looking for a solid set it and forget it Dividend play to DRIP, and have some share price appreciation for long term.

Would BAM or FTS be your top pick for this type of thing? Can you provide say 7 or 8 of your top picks for dividend growth, business development runway, and a higher dividend? I had considered growing XIU significantly to drip more, since its diversification almost guarantees the set it and forget side of things.

Thanks for all your recent help! I'm definitely ripping through some credits this month. ;)
Read Answer Asked by James on January 24, 2024
Q: Hello,
I have built up a TRI position in a registered account since 2006, and it has now grown to become just under 10% of the portfolio. I plan on continuing to hold for many more years unless something changes.
Bearing in mind your usual advice about position sizing and over concentration, and understanding that you can't provide personal recommendations, is TRI a company that you would be more comfortable holding in an 8-10% weight, or a 6-8% weight?
Read Answer Asked by Roman on January 11, 2024
Q: HI 5i
For my RRSP which two would you pick today, I own BN. would you buy BAM ?

thank you
Happy new years!
Read Answer Asked by Fernando on December 29, 2023
Q: Industrials 12% target allocation - what allocation do you advise? I have Full positions in WSP VRT and Partial Positions in ATS TFII HEI and AXON. Based on your advice, I would also like to have positions in URI HON TRI TIH HPS.A. Need to sort out what to own as Full and partial positions. Please rank for full and partial positions with entry prices for those not owned and what to drop from this list. I have a bias for serial acquierers along the lines of CSU.
Read Answer Asked by sam on November 27, 2023