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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hello 5i...with respect to Cdn Industrials...I am looking to consolidate 9 positions into 6 to 7 holdings...thaey are ( largest to smaillest holding ) WSP, TFII, EIF, ATS, CJT, HPS.A, TRI, TVK, DRX, I am looking for some sort of combo of stable growth ( I have good gains in WSP and TFII and will hold, but could trim ) and potential exceptional growth. Would appreciate if you could rank based on growth and how you might see a consolidation effort for these.

One option being considered is to move completely out of CJT and /or ATS to US industrials and looking at potentials FIX or TT... would like your opinion on this move and if you have preference for one or another suggested potential US industrial ( I already hold AXON )

Read Answer Asked by Arthur on July 22, 2024
Q: If you believe there is a rotation happening in the market from mega caps and the direction of interest rates is lower (speculation US rate cute in september), what are your favorite CDN and US names (2-3 names each) that may outperform in that environment?

Thanks as always,

Read Answer Asked by David on July 18, 2024
Q: Calfrac Well Services crossed my screen. Can you give me an in depth analysis in this stock, insider buying, financial ratios, management , and industry. Will it ever catch up to Precision Drilling’s success? what do you like or dislike about it ? Buy , sell or hold?
Read Answer Asked by James on July 18, 2024
Q: From a pure growth perspective - what are five or six companies that excite you most right now?
Read Answer Asked by Stephen on July 17, 2024
Q: Hi, We have some large capital gains crystallized this year, as a result of trimming of some overweight holdings and rebalancing of our Taxable account portfolio. The two securities, we have some losses in, are DRX and TVK. We are toying with a plan to sell those positions in full ( 2% and 1.75%, respectively) in order to book some losses to help us offset the large gains.

We also intend to buy back full or partial positions, after 30 days, as these are some of highly recommended companies by 5i.

Considering that both stocks are trading close to their recent lows, do you see any merit in this strategy ? Are there any catalysts, in the near term for these companies, which could be favourable to stocks but pose a risk to our buyback plan ?

Thank You
Read Answer Asked by rajeev on July 15, 2024
Q: Hi, These two stocks are off their recent lows but still trading significantly below their 52 week highs. Based on your comments, their valuations are still attractive compared to the historic average and their peers. Are there any near term catalysts, in your view, which could propel the stocks higher, back to their glory ?

Thank You
Read Answer Asked by rajeev on July 03, 2024
Q: Do you thing Small/Mid cap companies will do well in next 2 to 3 years?

What are your top 5 Canadian and US names in this space that you would buy today?

Read Answer Asked by Timothy on June 26, 2024
Q: With the tsx dropping over the last few weeks and valuations adjusting for companies you like. What would be your top 3 Canadian and top 3 US names that you would start a position in, if buying today for the long term? Thx
Read Answer Asked by Adam on June 21, 2024
Q: Hi, All above stocks have been beaten down over past few weeks, after a strong run. They are now trading at much lower valuations compared to their larger industry peers in Canada and US. Power Infrastructure, Construction, Industrial and Banking sector have been in a steady uptrend for most of this year and growth is expected to be solid in the foreseeable future.

Just wondering, if they are simply following the trend in US markets where small caps continue to lag the market. What are your thoughts and do you see the trend reversing anytime soon ?

On a different note, ADF Group stock is now trading below $17.31 ( price at which the owners sold some shares recently } and Terravest trading below the recent secondary at $74.25. Some investors seem to be freaking out ?

Thank You
Read Answer Asked by rajeev on June 20, 2024
Q: Hi, currently holding CSU 5.17%, LMN 4.86%, and TOI 1.8%. Have nice gains in all. Looking to trim some CSU and LMN and add to TOI. Would you be comfortable with this move at this time considering each of their fundamentals and valuations? Which do you think has the longest runway for growth and how would you rank them for a 5-10 yr hold.

Also, I have TVK 1.79%, HPS.A 2.02%, PRL 1.41%, WELL 1.91%. No position in DRX (how would you look to avg. into this name?). How would you rank these if you were to add to these positions currently? When looking to add, are you mainly looking at the valuation and fundamentals or does the avg. cost and % return factor into that as well? For example, my HPS.A is up 60% and PRL up 4%, does this factor into your decision of which one to add to or does it not matter and we should just consider the forward return potential? Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Keith on June 14, 2024
Q: Hi, raising some cash so could you rate these companies as to which one you would sell first. And the one you would definitely like to keep
Read Answer Asked by Brad on June 12, 2024
Q: Can you please list in order your top 5 Canadian and top 5 US stocks in order based on conviction? Please also list a management rating, 10 being the highest.
Time frame 5+ years
Read Answer Asked by Nick on June 03, 2024
Q: Which stock would have the most growth going forward- HPS.A, STN,TIH,TVK? Please rank them.

Thanks for your service
Read Answer Asked by Ozzie on June 03, 2024
Q: Hi, Listening to a recent podcast by Keystone Financial, some concerns were raised about high debt level and low organic growth, with most growth generated from acquisitions for Terravest. Do you agree ?

The stock has been weak recently and is now trading at $73, below the recent secondary issue at $74.25 and $9 below its recent high of $82. The decline could well be market related, with DOW and Industrial Sector under pressure, the whole week and not really company specific - Don't know.

At the same time, ADF Group is hitting new highs, almost every day, ignoring the weakness in the Industrial Sector, in general.

Both these companies are on your recommended list. Also, my understanding, based on your investment approach is that you would rather add to a position with stock seeing strong momentum than average down when a stock is in a downwards trend.

Not sure, if the recent price action makes one of the two stocks better than the other, but if you have $$$ to add, which one will you choose today and why ?

Thank You
Read Answer Asked by rajeev on June 01, 2024
Q: I have been eyeing these companies for some time now, regretting not pulling the trigger when first on my radar. I am now questioning the debt level of TVK; does this cause any concern on your part? As for Hammond Power, do you think there is any more room for gains, or has it pretty much hit the wall and is fairly valued?
Read Answer Asked by Colleen on May 30, 2024
Q: What would you consider good entry points for the noted stocks? Is there any you would not purchase at current levels?

Read Answer Asked by Timothy on May 23, 2024
Q: Hi, All these companies are on 5i's recommended list and have been added to Growth portfolio, in the recent past and have done well. Kudos to your Portfolio Team !!!

If the Balanced Portfolio had Cash available and room to add to Industrial/Material sector, which one/ones of these will qualify and be your choice ?

Also, if one owns all above companies, in small positions, in what order would you add, based on their respective valuations, presently and why ?

Thank You

Read Answer Asked by rajeev on May 23, 2024
Q: Please comment on its most recent Q. It is still held in the growth portfolio yet it has been in a down trend since early 2022 from almost $60 to a current price of around $36. Do you still have patience with this one? Is it a buy, sell or , hold? Is there another name you would consider as a replacement with better growth?
Read Answer Asked by John on May 17, 2024
Q: Hello Peter and team

To complement my all ETFs portfolio : VEQT 40%, QQQ 10%, VGT 10%, MOAT 10%, I intend to add 6 of the above 7 stocks for 5% each.
Does it make sense, please feel free to substitute and suggest other stocks and explain why.
This is for a 10 years hold with minimum or no trading in this account.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Raoul on May 16, 2024