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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi, I have very small positions in each of these. Do you think it makes sense to sell STC ANRG and WELL to add to DND and CTS ? I view them as «safer» compagnies if a recession comes and they have as much long term upside potential as the others. What are your thoughts ? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by anthony on June 20, 2022

Q: For fun if you were to build a concentrated portfolio with Canadian stocks maximum holding 7-10 what would be your picks today.

Read Answer Asked by Kolbi on June 10, 2022

Q: Hi , Peter & Team:

I'm in the process of selling some of the losers to offset the capital gain. Which of the above Co. may not rebound as well, that is the most likely to sell now, to the ones least likely to sell ( worth holding).
Take as many credit as you see fit. Thank you for all the great service and advice you have given through the year.

Read Answer Asked by DAVID on June 09, 2022

Q: Hi Peter and Team
Looking to trim / take losses and reinvest for growth in a personal account. Both WELL and TDOC (my only Healthcare holdings) are significantly down. I don't need to take losses but would you suggest holding on or selling and moving to another name ?
Thanks for all the great advice

Read Answer Asked by Linda on June 08, 2022

Q: I am down about 41% with both ENGH and WELL, but 2x the dollar amount for ENGH. I am considering selling 1 or both now for a tax loss and likely buying back. Any idea what to expect with ENGH's upcoming earnings report next week? ENGH seems to be currently sitting at pre-pandemic levels and I am guessing it might be there for a while unless there is some dramatic change in the economy. Thanks for your your comments!

Read Answer Asked by Grant on June 06, 2022

Q: Really don't understand why WELL keeps stubbornly going down even though they have successfully integrated their acquisitions in the last 2 years. They are soon to be profitable and yet no one seems to pay them respect. I realize that we're in a tough market but is there something else? They just raised money to make future acquisitions. Are shorts still after them? What is it that I'm missing?

Read Answer Asked by Yves on June 02, 2022

Q: These dogs of mine were barking today with Eglx the loudest at 14.8%(maybe due to activist).Any reasons? Is it timely to add in this market backdrop? Txs for u usual great services & views

Read Answer Asked by Peter on May 31, 2022

Q: It's really hard to sit on my hands during this type of market but I am(so far). My question is about stocks that I have held that are now only 0.5% positions(at, lspd, eglx, well) and I am also down quite a bit on several others. I don't think I own any (weeds) but .5%-1% position sizes won't contribute much on a rebound. Do I consolidate here or revisited in a few months.

Thanks again.

Read Answer Asked by Derek on May 13, 2022

Q: To me WELL is hitting on all cylinders but it is unloved within the market. This from it's latest results:

WELL reported record quarterly revenues of $126.5 million in Q1-2022 representing a 395% year-over-year (YoY) increase compared to Q1-2021, catapulting the Company to over $500 million annualized revenue run-rate. Revenues reflected accelerating organic growth to 15% on a YoY basis

I have held it for a while now and am under water. Granted we are in a down market but do you think this stock will get more attention once the market hits bottom [when ever that is] and starts to move up?


Read Answer Asked by Ronald on May 12, 2022

Q: Hi Folks
I am looking to add to my Health Sector, currently holding ABBV, PFE, GILD and WELL in various accounts. I have CVS and MRK in mind to add - which one would you recommend at this time and why ? Appreciate your comments.

Read Answer Asked by JOHN on May 05, 2022

Q: After taking a profit from an oil company you suggested last year (thank you!), I am looking to re-invest (outside of the commodity sectors) accepting higher risk for return. It's a registered account with 10 years before the money is needed. Of the companies listed which would you expect to have the most growth over 10 years?

Read Answer Asked by Danny on May 05, 2022