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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Could you share your thoughts on this ETF, how does it work? Do you think if it is a good long term investment? Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by David on May 22, 2024
Q: XSP is the CDN hedged version of the S&P 500 which should match the performance of SPY (the S&P 500 in US dollars) over the same time period. However XSP has significantly underperformed SPY eg the compounded annual performance of XSP for the period ending April 30/24 for 3 years, 5 years and 10 years is 6.71%. 11.45% and 10.98% respectively. The corresponding nos for SPY are 7.94%, 13.09% and 12.30% ie XSP has underpermed by 1.23%/year for 3ys, 1.64%/year for 5 years and 1.32% for 10 years. Both ETFS have the same MER of 0.09%- Blackrock indicates that the cost of hedging is included in their MER but this cannot be the case. Is the real cost of hedging with XSP as high as 1.23-1.64%/year? There should a small tracking error but these differnces in performance are siginficant and consistently in favour of SPY
Read Answer Asked by Lakis on May 22, 2024
Q: What do you think of spmo, as an alternative to the s&p500 or qqqq
Read Answer Asked by Leon on May 21, 2024
Q: long time holder of XDV (15 yrs). I see XDIV has outperformed by far since its inception with similar yield and lower MER. For what is worth XDIV has a 5 star Morningstar rating vs 2 stars for XDV. Thinking of switching my XDV for XDIV. Your opinion please.
Read Answer Asked by MANFRED on May 21, 2024
Q: Could I get a list of the best Small Cap ETF's to buy for Canada, USA & International?

Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Ross on May 21, 2024
Q: hi, the annual rate of return on the equity price ( not including dividends ) is about 2.15 percent since may 2010. is this what you would expect for this going forward? and do you have the annual rate of return including dividends/fees etc? I can't find that. do you think this is a good time to add shares ( its trading below April 2013 ). im a bit confused as to why it is trading at this level, ie how do metrics compare with April 2013? cheers, chris
Read Answer Asked by chris on May 17, 2024
Q: I had high hopes for small caps this year, and it looks like, in the past 30 days, they finally started moving up with IWM at 5% gain and IJR at 6%. Unfortunately, my choice for small caps ETF was CALF and it barely moved up in the past 30 days. What is wrong there? I know that it is actively managed and has less holding in its portfolio... is there some problem with one of the holding? Should I sell it and switch to IJR or IWM? I know that CALF overperformed these two over longer periods of time, but the lack of momentum in the past 30 days when the small caps are up worries me.
Read Answer Asked by Richard on May 17, 2024
Q: Good morning, you mentioned these securities in a reply to a question by James on May 13. Could you please add some comments around taxation of the returns, especially if in either TFSA or non-reg account. Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Steven on May 17, 2024
Q: TD launched a series of Target Maturity Bond ETFs that terminate in Nov of each given year (e.g. TBCF winds up in Nov 2026)
Normally, for Fixed Income, an investor could:
- own individual bonds with exact payment/maturity certainty but very laborious
- own traditional bond ETFs: very easy, but perpetually renewing maturities and mysterious trading prices---often downward, it seems
However these new ETFs seem to offer the best of both worlds.
MER is 0.20 vs XBB 0.10 which isn’t bad.
By TD’s offering chart (May 2), TBCF shows a Yield to Maturity (net of fees) of 4.87%.
Seems like a lot to like here for the individual investor, in Fixed Income.
As a Portfolio Analytics subscriber, the Asset Allocator is unhappy with my dearth of Fixed Income holdings!
Read Answer Asked by Dave on May 16, 2024
Q: Hi Peter,
For my RRIF, I want to invest in covered calls ETFs that generate high income with some growth potential for long term hold. Given the current market with possible near term interest rate cut, please share your top four Canadian listed covered call ETFs and top four US listed, with their respective current yield. Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Willie on May 16, 2024
Q: Hi. I’m looking for a Canadian-listed ex-North America equity ETF for a TFSA. And am familiar with the options you usually refer to, such as VIU. My question is whether there are more “actively” managed ETF’s (focused on developed markets) which you would consider. Such as QIE.

A separate related question. Are there U.S.-listed alternatives you would consider, in spite of the withholding tax. And is the withholding tax less of a deterrent than we make it to be.

Read Answer Asked by James on May 16, 2024