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Q: I hold the above equities. I have additional funds to allocate. Your suggestions please. Take this opportunity to thank Peter for a great job, very reliable.
I would not want to add to my positions in ECN.PR.A , ENB, PNG ,& LSPD because of weighting’s and/or risk.

Read Answer Asked by Roy on February 12, 2020

Q: The vanguard ETFs make up 13% of my portfolio. In the tech space I own PNG & LSPD.
A little bit overweight in both due to increase in value . If I were to buy another tech stock which would you suggest. My portfolio contains mostly dividend stocks with some Growth. My biggest risk would be if interest rates were to rise.

Read Answer Asked by Roy on January 30, 2020

Q: I have very little US exposure and have US$40,000 in my RRSP that I am looking to invest. I have looked at questions and profiles on VIG, VIGI, VYM, VTI and DGRO but I am unsure which of these or others ETFs would be best and am looking for some direction. What low cost, large US $ ETF or ETFs would make the most sense with the goal of maximizing US$ dividend income. This will be a long term holding.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Mark on January 22, 2020
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