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Q: I have a small RRSP account that is half in TXF.TO and half in US cash. I will not need access to this account for at least ten years. Overall, my portfolio is very diversified. But I am trying to decide what to do with this account. I was thinking 1) about putting the US cash into VOO 2) and/or selling TXF.TO and only holding VOO. My other thought was 3) putting the US cash into a US REIT or 4) a US ETF paying a good distribution. Would you have any thoughts? And if you think a US REIT or US ETF would be a good idea, could you provide a few suggestions? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Kim on November 24, 2022

Q: For someone retiring in 10 years and looking to withdraw capital gains (already have high dividend payers)over the span of their retirement, what mid and large cap equities/ ETFs , including USA, would you suggest, in a non registered account . Thank-you

Read Answer Asked by Albert on November 08, 2022
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