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Q: As an older investor, I am considering a gradual move from mostly individual stocks to a fully ETF portfolio. My thinking is to allow management simplicity for my wife in the event of my death or disability. Seeking dividends predominately but also a representation of growth. Can you please suggest an array (portfolio) of ETFs that I could begin migrating towards? As always, your advice is appreciated. thank you
Read Answer Asked by alex on May 08, 2024
Q: I have these ETF's in my portfolio, although they are a small percentage. I am wanting to do a clean up of most of my partial holdings in individual stocks and purchase more ETF's. I was going to add VIG as well. Could any of these ETF's be replaced with better ones or not bother with them, and what others do you suggest to compliment them for an income investor who wants to see a little growth as well in a well diverse portfolio? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Pat on May 08, 2024
Q: In answer to Pat's question on Mar 19 related to CDZ and the % in Financials and % in Telco's.

ZLB = 19% financials and 9% in telcos.

Also....use the 5iR chart and compare CDZ and ZLB. ZLB outperforms CDZ in the 3 yr, 5 yr and 10 yr timeframes by a wide margin and the charts are Total Return!!

I have held both CDZ and ZLB for years as a core conservative part of my portfolio....very little overlap in their holdings and both steady performers (although I admit ZLB is better).

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on March 22, 2024
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