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Q: Have $20,000.00 sitting in a LIRA account. Please recommend 3-4 ETFs that I can hold for the next twenty years. and drip (no bonds) would like to double every 10 years. Would Dividend Growth ETFs a good choice over that time frame or just growth stock ETFs?
Thanks Cec

Read Answer Asked by Cecil on November 14, 2019

Q: Most of my information is supplied by your insightful replies in this form but now require a little more direction.
Need to convert about 105000 from rrsp to rrif .
Am looking for 4 or 5 ETFs that are dividend payers as all our needs are covered with
oas and cpp plus company pension.
We also have tfsa, US and Canadian trading accounts so this would be for discretionary spending.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by barry on September 25, 2019

Q: I have about 150k in an RESP account for my 2 kids ( grade 9 and 12) so next year kid 1 will start withdrawing funds and kid 2 in 4 years. I've maxed out the match up grants so no new contributions. I hold mostly global growth mutual funds and am thinking I should shift to a more conservative dividend aristocrat type of holding. This would maintain equity and start generating some income vs more global growth focus I have used to get to this point. Do you have a suggestion for 1-3 low cost mutual funds or ETFs to generate some income and be good holdings for the drawdown period over the next 8 years.

Read Answer Asked by Tom on September 25, 2019
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