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Q: If using your balanced portfolio as my canadian content for an equity portfolio could you please recommend some equity etfs for ex canadian content and what % would be canadian of the total portfolio? I was thinking 40% and 60% outside canada

Read Answer Asked by blake on June 06, 2024
Q: a sunlife life insurance policy was purchased for grandchildren as an investment for them on the advice of a financial planner- I am embarrassed to say so far $9000 in annual premiums has been paid, with 11 more remaining before the policy is paid in full. If I cancel this policy it will be a loss. However; the dollars which would have gone to sunlife could be used for a better investment. Your suggestions would be welcomed. Thank you- (P.S.- I submitted this ? a moment ago-but my screen went black so I don't no if the ? was sent the first time)
Read Answer Asked by jane on May 29, 2024
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