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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Peter,

I look at the S & P 500 index as the gold standard for performance measurement. It has been my theory that any portfolio performance should be compared to this index first. Do you agree?

For diversification purposes please list your top 5 indexes & associated ETF codes that you feel would be relevant whenever looking at an equity portfolio. This can be anywhere in the world. { Fixed Income I strictly take a ladder approach.} I would be interested in ones with a lower correlation , if that is realistic. It may not be.

Thank you


Read Answer Asked by paul on May 11, 2022

Q: Hello 5i,
I am a value invester with a mix of equities and ETF's. I have done well with VGT and am up $8,000. As I look for dividends I am looking to sell VGT and buy ZWT. Also exchanging XHYy for ZWH, XTR for ZWC and VE for ZWE. Some are underwater but not by much. $75,000 is involved altogether with these exchanges. Do these changes make sense or should I just leave things as they are. The difference in dividends is nice to have (an extra $300 or more a month) but not really needed.

Read Answer Asked by STANLEY on April 25, 2022

Q: For European blue chip exposure with attractive yield, CDN domiciled, for an income account, is ZWP the only/best option or are there alternative on the CDN exchange.

Looking for an etf with close to 1b in assets, with blue chip holdings, a minimum 3% yield to compliment a long term retirement income account

Read Answer Asked by Harry on March 02, 2022

Q: Good morning 5i
I am well diversified in my portfolio and so i am looking to buy opportunistically into this dip. So sectors don’t matter. What do you see as the best opportunity currently? Also, your analysis tells me that i need more weight outside of Canada and the US. With this turmoil would Europe be a good choice. If so, what etf would you use?

Read Answer Asked by joseph on February 25, 2022

Q: What are your top 10 ETF’s to hold forever?
Would you buy them on the US or Canadian markets if available. I know some of the US listed ETF’s are more liquid. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Ben on November 05, 2021

Q: Please rate these Europe ETF's in order of your best choices. VGK; ZEQ; XEH; XEU; VE.

Read Answer Asked by Terry on August 11, 2021

Q: I had a portfolio review many years ago when you did them individually, personally by human! At the time your suggestions were right on and cleaned up my ETF's. Now I have over ten and according to your metrics it should not be so. Given those above, is there anything that is not required? I am up 25%- 150% on all of them. I am happy with all of them. I have a balanced portfolio in all 11 sectors with 44 stocks all doing quite nicely thank you. Following the income portfolio with some of my own additions from 15 years ago. I do not see any major conflicts.I am s a buy and hold dividend investor with some growth ( lightspeed, Leon's).
Thank you for your million dollar service!

Read Answer Asked by STANLEY on April 26, 2021

Q: May I please have the names of 3 or 4 recommended non-North American, non-European ETFs and one European ETF?
With appreciation,

Read Answer Asked by Ed on April 21, 2021

Q: Hi which of these 3 ETF'S would you recommend for exposure to European markets ZEQ,VE,XEH, could you list them in your preference.
Thank you for your service

Read Answer Asked by James on March 16, 2021

Q: Words you hear often -"You can't beat the Index" . If one was to follow this theory - what would you invest in?

Read Answer Asked by Barbara on January 25, 2021

Q: Hi, 5i team
What are your opinions about emerging market and Europe? Are they attractive based on current value? Could you recommend some ETFs both in Canadian & US dollars?
Do you recommend to buy now to hold about 1 or 2 years?

Thanks a lot!

Read Answer Asked by Zheng on January 14, 2021

Q: hello 5i team
i just read one of the articles you recommended to us stating that the consensus amongst money managers is that European stocks will do better than US stocks in the coming years. they give various reasons for this view. i was wondering what your thoughts were on this thesis. i am a little light on foreign equities but have been a bit hesitant to add any. But now i am rethinking this. if you see this as more or less an accurate perception of the investing reality today would you think that the etf’s mentionned would provide the coverage needed?
as always thanks for your expertise

Read Answer Asked by joseph on November 17, 2020

Q: I need to increase my Global ETF or ETFs (ex- North America) exposure. I currently have some VIU but am wondering if I should consider a couple geographic areas: Europe, Asia, Japan etc. My preference would be something I can hold in CAD non-hedged and preferred non covered call.

Read Answer Asked by Sandy on October 29, 2020

Q: As part of my shift from managed products to ETFs I need to top up all or a combination of ve, spy and xef. This will be a rather large transaction so I am leaning towards 25% of the amount in each ETF and keeping 25% in cash counting on covid related market dips over the next few months.

Read Answer Asked by Tom on June 15, 2020

Q: Good morning, Peter/Ryan!
I am interested in finding more detailed info about European and emerging market dividend paying stocks, essentially of the "blue chip" variety. Do you know of any specific resources that provides coverage in that area? As well, would you by chance have any recommendations of specific stocks and/or ETFs along those lines … maybe 4 or 5?
Thanks a lot!

Read Answer Asked by Paul on May 15, 2020

Q: IF and that is a big IF we have all missed the bottom on American larger caps should I be now focusing on US small caps and International markets? When I look at SPY and VIG all th money has jumped into American large caps and more or less erased the huge loss and pairs back some of my gains from huge collapse gone...for now. I've topped up some VIG but missed on SPY. When I look at US small caps they are lagging and I assume this is due to the higher risk and lower volume, Same story for Europe, International and emerging markets. So my question is should I be shifting to adding IWO, XEF, and VE. I need to add some international content to my portfolio anyways as I am a bit light at 12% international ( developed) and 10% emerging markets. If you agree or don't strongly disagree what ETFs do you recommend right now ( I already hold the one mentioned). I am leaning toward a bit of IWO and larger positions in VE and XEF.

5 year window, high but slowly lowering risk tolerance, Balanced portfolio follower ( shifting slowly to income follower), overweight canada (40%) and US(40%) ,

Read Answer Asked by Tom on April 24, 2020