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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi there,
I have invested in three mutual funds with considerable management fees. I am hoping you can recommend three ETFs with similar holdings/benchmarks and performance. They are CIG 622 (CIG AMRCAN FD CL A -FE) MER 2.44%; FID 254 (FDLTY CDN GRWTH COMP CL B -FE), MER 2.23%; and FID 234 (FDLTY US FO STK SR B -FE), MER 2.22%.
Read Answer Asked by Zohreh on November 30, 2023
Q: Hello 5i,

If you were to start a 15,000 USD TFSA which 3 funds would you start with?

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on November 30, 2023
Q: ETF's. Is this true? Thank you.

Most funds allocate assets in one of two ways. The first and most straightforward way is equal-weighted, which means the money you invest is equally split between the stocks the fund holds. If a fund has 500 companies and you invest $500, each would get $1.

The other primary method is distributing investments by the companies' market capitalizations (market caps). In this case, companies with a higher market cap receive more of the invested amount. For example, if a fund has 500 companies, a $1,000 investment could mean $5 to the largest company in the fund, while $0.10 goes to the smallest. The exact distributions will vary based on the range of market caps in the fund.
Read Answer Asked by Ross on November 14, 2023
Q: Good morning - can you suggest some US S & P 500 ETF possibilities along with a recommended choice. Many thanks

Read Answer Asked by alex on November 06, 2023
Q: I am an income investor in my 80’s, largely in large cap Canadian equities and with 30 percent in GIC’s. Approximately 5% in U.S. stocks through ETF’s. I feel that I should have a larger U.S. presence but lack the knowledge to invest in that market. Can you make a few suggestions, bearing in mind that preservation of capital is important?
Read Answer Asked by Gail on October 11, 2023
Q: What do you think about taking a new position in Russell 2000 at this time? Dan Niles was on CNBC talking about how the index may outperform some of the big tech names. I am also considering a position in SPY and/or the QQQ. I tend to buy and sell stocks too quickly and my thought was to buy an index fund with a view to holding longer term so that I don't have to worry about individual names. Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Jason on October 11, 2023
Q: My son, 25, recently married and working in USA, has just begun contributing to ROTH IRA matched by employer and looking for advice on on initiating investment in top 4-6 etf's to achieve long term gains with appropriate market diversification. Also, could you please suggest weightings for each considering moderate to high risk tolerance? Thanks so much. Tony
Read Answer Asked by Tony on October 10, 2023
Q: I am close to retiring and have all registered accounts maxed out, but have $200K of non-registered funds to invest, and wondering what recommendation would be. I am leaning for simplicity to spread across a few ETFs to get some balance of growth and dividends. Thoughts/recommendations.
Read Answer Asked by Steven on October 06, 2023
Q: Hello Peter,
From an earlier question on VFV in terms of foreign taxes, it looks like there is a double taxation as VFV invests in US ETF not directly in US stocks.. I would think i am better off with xsp excepts the etf hedges. Would i better off just investing in SPY or is there another ETF that is like VFV but invests directly in US stocks.. Thanks very much
Read Answer Asked by umedali on September 26, 2023
Q: Just a follow up to a previously answered question regarding which ETFs you would choose. What would be your weighting in a portfolio containing SPY, QQQ, IJH, AGG and VYM?

If you were to remove bonds (AGG) altogether, where would you allocate weighting?
Read Answer Asked by David on September 25, 2023
Q: There have been a number of questions recently asking how to construct the best etf portfolio. I thought you did an amazing job in answering these. I had a couple of questions, though, to which I like your response.

You recommend SPY. I believe you also answered QQQ in some place. Would one need QQQ if one already owned SPY? I am speaking here as an average retired investor willing to take a little risk. The concern is that the top ten holdings of the two funds is quite similar. The other concern relates to thèse top ten holdings. A lot of both funds is invested in high flying technology stocks. You often mention that the danger in investing in a Canadian index fund is that they are heavily weighted to three industry sectors. Wouldn’t the same fear hold true for SPY? And if so, would a good work around be a combination of a market weighted fund, such as RSP and an appropriate balance of SPY and QQQ?
Read Answer Asked by joseph on September 25, 2023
Q: If you were to build a portfolio of just ETFs, what 6-8 would you select? Maybe ignore Canada for this scenario as I have plenty of individual positions I'm quite happy with.

Read Answer Asked by Robert on September 21, 2023
Q: "We don't quite match the market in good years but will lessen your losses in bad years" say many portfolio managers to clients in exchange for a 1/2 to 1% management fee.

But, over the years, since the market has had significantly more positive years than negative years, I feel this is a good argument to just purchase some very low-fee ETFs, once you've determined your asset and currency mix. Less fees, therefore more money invested and therefore little value add from the advisor! Your comments please.

Also, I am a 65 year old retiree with a high 7 figure investment portfolio who will not run out of money. I favor a balanced portfolio of 80% equity (with a slight tilt to growth) and 20% fixed income. I also favor a 50/50 split between US and CAN dollars.

While I realize you cannot provide individual advice, which low cost ETFs should I consider?
Read Answer Asked by John on September 20, 2023
Q: Hi 5i Team - What would your top 5 ETF's be as I'd like to purchase the best ETF's that you will recommend.
Thx - Doug
Read Answer Asked by DOUG on September 20, 2023
Q: Hi Team,
For an 18 year old who just opened their TFSA and starting with $6500, what stocks or ETFs (CDN and/or US) would you start with? There are no trading fees so there is no worry to buy 10 names if that is the best way forward.
Read Answer Asked by Marco on August 22, 2023
Q: From a global perspective would you favor European, US or international stocks/EFTs to invest at this time ? I would like to diversify my portfolio a little better and therefore sell some Canadian ETFs and purchase European, US and international ETFs .
Thank you . Miroslaw
Read Answer Asked by Miroslaw on August 18, 2023
Q: For a non registered account which etfs would your recommend for broad US and for tech exposure and what max weighting would you recommend allocating to these 2 etfs? Would these 2 etfs be the best for US exposure for the TFSA also or would you suggest different ones?
Thanks for your help.
Read Answer Asked by Anna on August 16, 2023