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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: If you currently had about 50% cash in your portfolio;

- how would you suggest investing the balance and over what time period?

i.e. 30% cash now, 30% in 2 months etc

Thank you for your input.

Read Answer Asked by Dick on November 24, 2022

Q: For someone retiring in 10 years and looking to withdraw capital gains (already have high dividend payers)over the span of their retirement, what mid and large cap equities/ ETFs , including USA, would you suggest, in a non registered account . Thank-you

Read Answer Asked by Albert on November 08, 2022

Q: Good morning, what ETF's would you advise for a new portfolio today. Mid age investor, including sector allocations please. TFSA and Non reg'd accounts

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Laurence on October 31, 2022

Q: Hello 5i,
Looking at the top ten holdings of XQQ and SPY there appears to be a lot of overlap.
Do you agree? Is it advisable to own both?

Read Answer Asked by Dave on October 27, 2022

Q: I have half my retirement portfolio in cash right now and plan to start layering in to index funds over the coming months. Consensus seems to be a Recession in 2023 so i'm thinking about taking a more defensive approach like SPHD and receive the 4% dividend while the market figures out where it is going in 2023 and beyond.
Once sentiment improves and another bull market looks to be in the horizon i would likely shift from SPHD to SPY and/or Sector in flavor funds.
Seem like a reasonable approach?

Read Answer Asked by Rob on October 24, 2022

Q: About 2 years ago I invested in RSP the equal weight SP 500 etf. Since that time SPY the cap weighted etf has decreased about 10% more than RSP. Now that tech valuations have come back down I am considering selling RSP and buying SPY. I recall reading here that you expect tech and consumer discretionary sectors to lead once inflation starts to move down and interest rates peak. You have also mentioned that markets look ahead.

It looks like both tech and consumer discretionary are down more than 11% in the last month.

Could you give me your assessment of this trade?

Read Answer Asked by Robert on October 17, 2022

Q: I want to crystalize tax losses in my non-reg account. Can you please suggest good proxies for IYT, VTV, VEA, and IWO? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Michael on September 28, 2022

Q: 1.For Canadian coverage would you choose xic, vcn or xiu?
2.Would it be worth putting half the total amount in one of the above(xic, vcn, or xiu)and the other half in vdy?
3.For the U,S. allocation should I choose vig or spy which both require payment in u.s. dollars which I don't have, or would it be adequate to simply choose vun.

Thanks in advance. I plan to hold these allotments for many years and I appreciate dividends but do not need them for my living expenses.

Read Answer Asked by Astrid on September 20, 2022

Q: Hi Peter,

Over the next five to ten years, what is your expectation from a risk-return prospective for the following asset classes? Please provide your ranking with a brief explanation for your rationale.

Annualized returns for the past ten years are noted below as per BlackRock:

U.S. equities 13%
Canadian equities 8%
Infrastructure 7.3%
Japan equities 6.6%
REITs 6.1%
European equities 5.3%
China equities 4.9%
High yield bonds 3.4%
Emerging Market equities 3.3%

Thanks George

Read Answer Asked by George on September 14, 2022

Q: Hi Group what the heck happened to ECN they announced a bought deal and it has gone down since? I see the CEO is loading up on shares He just bought over 1m this week also can you supply your thoughts on TCN seems to me rentals should go up in this environment so what gives with TCN? lastly is it time to take a small position in US and Cad EFFs

Can you give me an entry price on all 4 stocks and your reasoning or should i just wait for markets to shows signs of recovery Was June the lows or are we going to retest June lows (just you best guess I know you do not have a crystal ball

Appreciate your help with my questions

Read Answer Asked by Terence on September 09, 2022

Q: Hi, I appreciate the great work you have been doing to share knowledge.
I am considering the smith manoeuvre and would like to invest about $100K for a start in an etf vs Canadian dividend stocks. I would appreciate if you can share your thoughts on any ETF or ETFs that would be ideal considering the issues with ROC and ACB at tax filing time. I am also considering the importance of geographic diversification, hence the reason that I am not too convinced on going the route of Canadian dividend stocks. I am on the 50% marginal tax bracket and would also like to invest tax efficiently perhaps more towards growth than high dividends.
I look forward to your thoughts.

Read Answer Asked by Sandak on September 07, 2022

Q: Peter,

What etfs would you recommend for consideration that would cover equities outside of North America, in Canadian dollars. I am looking more towards the more established economies rather than emerging markets.



Read Answer Asked by paul on September 06, 2022

Q: What are your thoughts on index funds and if you were to buy a few which ones would it be, following the Canadian and US exchanges?


Read Answer Asked by Cam on August 31, 2022

Q: What specific ETFs suggestions would make a diversified portfolio

Read Answer Asked by Nick on August 02, 2022

Q: Hello,

Please recommend some total market ETFs for the Canadian market, the American Market, for growth, for income, and/or the best overall in your opinion.



Read Answer Asked by Mark on August 02, 2022

Q: Hello,
I am trying to understand how Horizons S&P 500 Index ETF tracks the index. At the moment I'm typing this message, the S&P 500 sits at 0% daily change, SPY at -0.03% while HXS is at -1.09% and HXS-U is at -1.08%. Why do we see such significant deviation from the index in $3.5B ETF with very high trading volume and close spread between bid and ask? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Michael on July 13, 2022