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Q: Good morning,
I'm looking at adding a QQQ equivalent component two my Cdn$ Non Registered portfolio.

HXQ and XQQ are among the ETFs currently under consideration.

Q1. At this point in time, would you recommend a hedged or unhedged Canadian version of QQQ?

Q2. Not limiting yourself to HXQ and XQQ, what would be your recommendation for a Canadian QQQ equivalent?

Thank you


Read Answer Asked by Francesco on September 27, 2021

Q: I hold the US portion of my portfolio in my RRSP. It represents roughly 20% of my total investment. I do not need to convert to RRIF for another 5 years and at that time will be taking the minimum required.
I currently hold ZQQ; ZPAY; ZDY; ZWH; ZSP.
I am thinking of switching my holdings to the following in roughly equal amounts: ZPAY; VUN; ZSP; ZNQ; XSU.
The objective is to get better coverage of the total US market through XSU and VUN. Maintain coverage of S&P 500 through ZSP. For Tech switching to non hedged via ZNQ. ZPAY will still provide good income with perhaps some downside protection through its options strategy.
Your thoughts and recommendations of alternatives.
The rest of my portfolio in my Non-Registered account and TFSA follow a mixture of your 3 portfolios which by the way have provide me with a return of 12 - 15% in the past 6 plus years.

Read Answer Asked by Bruce on September 08, 2021

Q: We have about an 11% position in this etf (ZQQ). In the 5 years we have held this etf which was suggested to us by 5i, we have had about a 150% gain - thank you 5i Team. Almost half of these are held in TFSA or RIF accounts, and so not subject to capital gain tax . Due to strength in the Canadian dollar, we are considering switching some or all of the non taxable portion to a similar or identical etf that is not hedged to the Canadian dollar. We understand this would be solely a currency call. We would appreciate your thoughts on this and suggestion of suitable non-hedged Canadian ETFs. We think the MER on ZQQ is a bit high.

Thank you for your continued assistance.
Pat & Cyril

Read Answer Asked by Pat & Cyril on May 06, 2021
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