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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: As grandparents, we are interested in making a long-term investment for our two grandchildren that will be held for the next 20 years. Could you please recommend the most suitable type of investment account to avoid personal investment and tax implications? Additionally, we would appreciate your suggestions for a few ETFs to consider for this extended investment period. Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Ronnie on December 08, 2023
Q: Adding to a TFSA for a 20 year window.
Please advise 5 ETFs to buy and hold for the duration.
Read Answer Asked by Don on November 30, 2023
Q: My question yesterday did not seem to go through as it did not show up in "My Questions".
In reading your newsletter "What Investments to hold in your TFSA or RRIF" - I hold the above 4 ETF's in my TFSA and was wondering if they should be in this account?
I interpret your information as they should not be in an TFSA.
Read Answer Asked by Terry on November 23, 2023
Q: I have the above ETF's in my TFSA and am wondering if these belong in a TFSA? On reading your newsletter "Investments to hold in your TFSA" , I interpreted this to mean they do not belong in the TFSA. Am I right?
Thanks for your response.
Read Answer Asked by Terry on November 23, 2023
Q: What are your top etf recommendations to purchase now given we are officially in a bull market, the latest cpi numbers are encouraging & the fed is possibly done?

Or is this too late and FOMO is leading me at the wrong time into investing more funds now?


Read Answer Asked by Donald on June 15, 2023
Q: In my spousal RRSP, I hold a handful of US dividend stocks as well as several ETF’s (VOO, VGG, XIT, FIE, ZRE). The split is about 50/50 between stocks and ETF’s. My question is regarding VGG. I think you have said in the past you prefer VOO, and VGG is not as efficient in an RRSP as the distributions are subject to withholding tax. For me, VOO and VGG have both averaged around 10% since I bought them. I keep debating if I should 1) swap VGG with the US$ equivalent 2) move VGG into VOO 3) move VGG into individual stocks or 4) do nothing and continue to hold VGG. Could I please get your take? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Kim on June 13, 2023
Q: Am retired and looking for regular income from dividend paying stocks.
Is there such a thing as a EFT that holds only dividend producing stocks that then pays out the dividends on a regular basis? If so can you suggest any?
Read Answer Asked by Warren on March 13, 2023
Q: I am converting my TFSA to a dividend with some growth portfolio to reduce volatility and hopefully get more sleep. I want to start with 2 etfs to establish diversity. I like DGRC and VGG. I plan to set and forget the etfs once I reach the desired weighting. Do you think this is a good pairing of dividend growers? Can you comment on the somewhat lower average daily volumes of the etfs? Would including CDZ add value? Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Richard on January 16, 2023
Q: Hi, my RRSP and TFSA are maxed out with VOO and QQQ. I would like to build non-registered account with some dividend ETFs. What would you buy and what % would you apply to each ? Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Yasushi on October 06, 2022
Q: Hi I am still looking for Growth opportunity PLUS INCOME ( main criteria).

Also looking to diversify. Currently I own no European stocks.

Can I have your thoughts on BEUR : mer 0.9% and yield @ 6.4%

Or is there a better opportunity out there.

Read Answer Asked by Donald on August 04, 2022
Q: Can you comment on the investment merits of these two etfs.Are there others that you would see as more attractive for a diverse long term hold of both Canadian specific and US specific etfs?
Read Answer Asked by Kim on July 25, 2022
Q: I am currently managing my TFSA/RRSP funds and some money outside of registered accounts, which are largely individual stocks. With the market volatility, potential recession and war in Ukraine, I am finding it more difficult to keep on top of the individual stocks and am therefore considering going to ETF's. I am a year away from retirement but would be ok with more risk in the TFSA/RRSP's.
Could you please suggest 5 ETF's for the registered accounts and 5 ETF's for the non-registered accounts.
Thank you,
Read Answer Asked by Jacquie on June 02, 2022
Q: Dear 5i
The above noted ETFs are the ones i commonly use in my RRSP , TFSA and non registered accts .
CDZ and ZLB are used for CDN content and the rest for US content.
I believe there is probably some redundancy in these and was wondering which ETFs could be left out .
Which ETFs would you use for RRSPs , which for the TFSAs and which for the non-registered acct .?
Bill C
Read Answer Asked by Bill on May 25, 2022
Q: Could you give me 7 diversified income etfs for 200000 rank them in order which ones you would pick up first etc. thanks
Read Answer Asked by Ken on May 09, 2022
Q: If you were to sell any of the above, list in order your top 5 or 6. Or would you keep the portfolio as is for next 3 years.
Read Answer Asked by Roy on March 04, 2022