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Q: hello 5i:
In our various portfolios, we own DIVO, SCHD and MTUM. MOAT is not owned. I've done a fairly deep dive trying to compare the 4 etf's as I'd like to consolidate some of our single companies eg. MRK, LMT etc etc into ETFs to simplify things, and in the case of the RRIFs, to enhance yield. By my metrics, DIVO seems to come out on top on a risk/reward basis and a good balance of yield with growth. I've included MOAT as I'm interested in the concept (but not sold on the ETF). Can you confirm my findings? Would you agree, or what could you add to my findings? Is there a source (Morningstar does a good job, but not great) that would allow me to better compare risk/return of the listed etf's?
I realize there are a few questions here: take as many credits as necessary to answer as I have a lot banked.
Paul L
Read Answer Asked by Paul on May 29, 2023
Q: Hello, I just read an excellent article in today’s Globe & Mail written by Norm Rothery. He discussed how a momentum investing strategy has significantly beat benchmark indexes for many years. I would not be able to run the numerous screens and perform the frequent rebalancing that this strategy requires. Are there any Canadian ETFs that follow a US or Canadian momentum investing strategy? Many thanks for the great service that 5i provides.
Read Answer Asked by Anthony on November 08, 2022
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