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Investment Q&A

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Q: I've asked quite a few questions on these new Hamilton ETF's and thank you for the explanations you have given me thus far . They have been very informative ..... I'll likely have a few more before I make my final decision on whether to purchase .... I have noticed that though 5i generally gives them a nod of approval you fail to recommend them in questions as a covered call option. For example in a question this morning from KIM looking to replace his 11% yield from EIT.UN you give ZWU as an option instead of UMAX which yields better than KIim's target yield. First question is why ? The fact that you are giving the nod to the BMO product is making me pause in my purchase of the Hamilton product .....
Second question is though UMAX has only been around since June 23 please give the both the return without dividends and the return including dividends for both UMAX and ZWU during the available time period ? Thanks for your terrific service .....
Read Answer Asked by Garth on March 21, 2024
Q: All different holdings, but what would be your order of preference (based on expected total return) with the next 12 months in mind. Thanks as always, great service.
Read Answer Asked by Curtis on March 06, 2024
Q: I am an income investor. I believe that umax and zwu are similar.

Would umax (14% yield) not be preferred to zwu at 8.2%

Same for qmax (11.8%) vs. txf at 8.3%

thank you for your comments

Read Answer Asked by JACK on November 23, 2023
Q: I hold a significant amount of those 3 ETF in my non registered account + RRSP.Assuming that ROC represents a large part of the dividend ( true?),I suppose that we could tolerate a "reasonable or slight" réduction of the NAV ,compensated by the much lower income tax + partial compensation of capital gain if eventually sold .Those advantages are not present in the RRSP , maybe should I reduce the % of covered call ETFs in the RRSP if the NAV is not stabilized... Please comment ( or criticize ! )my observations since I am far from being an expert, regards J-Y
Read Answer Asked by Jean-Yves on November 17, 2023
Q: I would like to put about 50% of my portfolio into safe, higher yielding (10%+) Canadian focused ETF's or Mutual Funds, and adjust my holdings as needed going forward based on sector performance. I feel that both Banks & Utilities are nearing lows and that a further correction may occur in the general market due to tax loss selling or possibly one more rate hike. Do you feel that the mix of ETF's listed provide a safe way to invest with the goals indicated? What % for each, as part of the 50%, would you recommend as a holding, and how would they be treated for tax purposes? Thanks for the great service and please use as many credits as necessary.
Read Answer Asked by Will on October 25, 2023
Q: From what I understand from 5i - HCAL should move up much faster than HMAX and ZWU should move up faster than UMAX when the market begins its recovery. Is this a correct analogy? Thx James
Read Answer Asked by JAMES on October 20, 2023
Q: Would like to get your view on ETFs that use covered call options to enhance returns. As interest rates plateau and eventually begin to fall is there anything 'in general' that we can expect from these ETFs? Will the share price increase, like bonds, to bring yields more inline with expectations or is the share price more influenced by the underlying share prices of the stocks held in the ETFs?
Read Answer Asked by Larry M. on September 18, 2023
Q: Hello i would like to add some Zwu to my TSFA account strictly as income,hovewer i noticed that Zwu isn't part of your income portfolio any reasons? i'm 80.

Read Answer Asked by DANIEL on September 12, 2023
Q: I hold ZWU ( significantly),in my RRSP +my non registered account,since my belief was that 1) utilities offer stable yields+ are quite essential even in a recession 2) call options from BMO are made for 50% max of portfolio, so ZWU could also benefit from some growth( in theory ..).But in fact,ZWU share price is in a constant downtrend since the last 10 yrs (17 $ in 2013,10$ now).The dividend is for more than 50% ROC, the rest being mostly eligible dividend.Do the clear fiscal advantage+ the 8 % yield compensate for the capital reduction over those 10 years ?
Read Answer Asked by Jean-Yves on September 08, 2023
Q: In an answer to John you stated that you would expect ZWU " would likely retain its' share price better than UMAX " . Though UMAX hasn't been around long enough for a comparison I think one can speculate on what return might be expected as fifty percent of their portfolio are utility stocks with no calls written on them . So I would think the capital gain would be fifty percent of the utilities index. For example if the index returned 8% annually UMAX should return 4% which would reflect the percentage of the portfolio that is stocks { half the portfolio }. I would think that might be a good educated guess ..... ZWU on the other hand has been around for a while. So my question is has ZWU historically beaten fifty percent of the annual return of the utilities index ? And what has their historical annual percentage been compared to the utilities index ? ......
What I am shooting for here is a way to calculate whether the difference between ZWU's return and the utilities index return is enough compensate for a 5.6% lag in yield between it and UMAX ...... Thanks Garth .....
Read Answer Asked by Garth on August 29, 2023
Q: If you had $20,000 to invest today for and Income with some growth investor in an otherwise well diversified portfolio, what would you pick or just add to?
Read Answer Asked by Martin on August 28, 2023