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Q: I like the high dividend paying shares of NYMT. Do you see any reason for a Canadian like me to pass on buying it for my RRSP.
After some research it seems to me that I would not pay tax on the dividend payout received in an RRSP. Can you verify that?
Other well respected dividend paying shares such as Bell (BCE) and Enbridge are Canadian companies so I could hold them in my TFSA without any tax implications. I am also noticing CM (Cibc) for long term RRSP or TFSA hold. BNS.TO, Also Telus KEY.To, Hydro one I won't mention Rogerw because I just don't like the way they do business. VDY.To. ZWP.TO covered call ETF. ZWE.TO is another one.
looking to get creative and make my own portfolio but not to proud to buy an ETF for income. I know you have an income portfolio I appreciate that and will look through it again. Looking for feedback for this strategy. I am a 50 year old Canadian citizen living in Canada looking for long term holdings.
Happy New Year - all the best.

Read Answer Asked by Daniel on January 09, 2023

Q: Hello
I thought it would be good to diversify and collect some extra income from European High Yield companies. Turns out a war in Europe is not good for stocks or currencies.

I hold both hedged and unhedged in equal amounts and see the 7% performance delta due to currency. By the Math (currency move) it is clear a trade out of currency hedged and into currency exposed would be favorable in advance of any recovery of Euro and Stirling.

I don't make Bets. The switch is a bet on Euro and Stirling recovering former glory.

Would you sit on current holdings with both exposures? Move to currency exposure? Or just get out of European companies.


YTD August

ZWP..... - 14.99 % (currency exposed)
ZWE..... - 7.56 %

Read Answer Asked by Dave on October 03, 2022
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