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Q: Hello,
I recently asked a question regarding a substitution for vea. You mentionned that a high dividend might be a good approach currently, and you suggested I was wnting to do this in US dollars, however, and i cannot seem to find the US vanguard equivalent of this etf? Is there one?

Read Answer Asked by joseph on February 03, 2020

Q: I have positions in each of these ETF's inside my RRSP. Am I paying witholding taxes on any of them? If so - What is the tax treatment if I held them in my TFSA? Also what would the tax treatment be for each if held in my non-registered account?

Read Answer Asked by Reg on January 28, 2020

Q: Hello 5i,

I am wanting to move more into US and rest of world, as the analytics program directs me.
Due to a sale in my tfsa, i will have US dollars that i can then put in my non registered account. ( i will fill the tfsa once afain from that same non registered account). I was wondering what to buy with these US dollars, though. I dont want to lose too much of. The divident break we have for US stocks in the Rif, so i was looking for low or no dividend yield candidates. One problem encountered is that in my non Canadian portfolio, i am moving away from individual stocks and towards etf's. Harder to find low or no dividend payers.

VEA was one I was looking at.

In the 5i portfolio tracking and analysis it says that vea has a yield of 1.89, which although not ideal, maybe something we could live with. When i go on the bmo site, though, it seems to indicate a yield of 2.99, which is becoming less livable.

I imagine you are riht about the dividend. But, would like to be sure. Also, do you see the 1.89 yield as being too high for a non registered account? Thanks once again

Read Answer Asked by joseph on December 04, 2019
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