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Q: I hold the above stocks in my portfolio. Thinking of adding QSR. Your thoughts. Or should I keep my cash for better opportunities during tax loss period ? BEW and PNG are my play money. Playing PNG with house money.

Read Answer Asked by Roy on September 12, 2019

Q: Follow your balanced portfolio and hold the above etfs for american exposure.. Vgg has performed better over the last 18 months. Thinking of selling vun, vfv and buying vgg. What do you think? T steve

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on August 29, 2019

Q: Greetings 5i

I continue to focus in on dividend producers that offer security as I enter retirement. At the present time in my TFSA I already have a 20% weighting in VBAL and 5% in XRE. I have another 5% to allocate which will be coming from my sale of BAD as I slowly transition to more security. Which do you suggest as the best alternative? Any other suggestions?

I know VBAL and XRE are very different in context and dividend payout so I need your insight. What I do know is that Iím having a great long ride with Shopify. For that Iím happy not to receive a dividend. Thanks 5i!


Read Answer Asked by Peter on August 29, 2019
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