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Q: Hi Peter, Ryan, and Team,

We hold IHI in our non-registered investment account, and I recently looked at US News ( which stated:

“The main issue holding weight-loss drugs back is their exorbitant price tag, with Ozempic clocking in at $980 per month and Wegovy at up to $1,300 per month. If weight-loss prices fall or if insurers and employers start covering their costs for consumers, that could negatively impact medical device-oriented funds like IHI.”

Do you concur with this view? I note that XLV has surpassed IHI in four out of seven periods from one month to ten years. Alternatively, since Portfolio Analytics indicates that we need to increase Healthcare exposure, would starting a new position in XLV at this time be prudent?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on May 06, 2024
Q: Good morning;

I own the 4 stocks referenced at a 4.5% weight in my portfolio. ILMN was purchased as a turnaround candidate so I wish to keep it. XLV to hedge. UNH I have my initial investment out; it has bounced around quite a bit lately with no clear path but a target +/$75 above current price. May 1st you commented CVS is not one you would add to and it could be a value trap. I've owned it since prior to COVID and missed my opportunity to sell it off.

I want to stay exposed and grow my exposure a bit to the US (and maybe Canadian) health care sector. Other than a very occasional flare of positive results this sector has not been very beneficial to my portfolio other than a bit of modest income. I could part with (in order) CVS, UNH, XLV to build better growth exposure. I would appreciate your top 5 recommended options along with why you would put them on the list.

Thanks very much.

Read Answer Asked by Dave on May 09, 2024
Q: Can you account for the recent drop in TMO and possibly also for its quick recovery.

Portfolio analytics call for more in my healthcare sector. Do you prefer ETFs or individual companies here?

Please recommend a few of your favourite quality long-term holds for both (more American than Canadian, but both if possible).

Thanks as always.
Read Answer Asked by Kevin on May 06, 2024
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