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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I bought this stock a few years back, it pays a consistent dividend but little value add outside of that. I am thinking of selling and moving into other US pharma with better growth upside. What are your thoughts and a couple of recommendations for alternatives.
As always thanks for your advise.


Read Answer Asked by Jim on March 14, 2023

Q: Asked by Doris on January 09, 2023
We are not big fans of the staples sector overall right now in the US. It has fared decently over the last year but valuations are at the higher end now, as growth should moderate alongside inflation. Also, now that bonds offer more attractive yields, we think the relative attractiveness of staples is lower than it was a year ago (more safe alternatives for stability and yield now).

We think it is difficult to be too hard on COST though. Overall, we think staples names in Canada look a bit more attractive due to what looks like lower valuations on average. In Canada, we think PBH, ATD and NWC are worth looking at.

this is an answer you gave regarding staples . would you feel the same eay about hwalthcare stocks, such as gilead, etc

Read Answer Asked by joseph on January 10, 2023

Q: I have no Healthcare companies in my portfolio. What names are you presently recommending; Canadian and/or US $. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Gerry on January 05, 2023

Q: Hi Peter
I am thinking of balancing the asset type in my income portfolio .
I am currently 40% financials , 25 % energy stocks . 25 % real estate, 10 % consumer
Do I need to rebalance?

Do you have suggestions for dividend paying growth stocks that i can add or health stocks that you would recommend over my current portfolio.

The minimum dividend for a stock in my portfolio income portfolio is 3.5 %

Thank you


Read Answer Asked by Howard on November 11, 2022

Q: Hi Folks
I am looking to add to my Health Sector, currently holding ABBV, PFE, GILD and WELL in various accounts. I have CVS and MRK in mind to add - which one would you recommend at this time and why ? Appreciate your comments.

Read Answer Asked by JOHN on May 05, 2022

Q: Good morning 5i,
I have a loss in Gild and have been waiting for a time to claim it and buy a replacement. It seems to me that the recent drop in Abbivie might provide that opportunity, unless there is something I don't see. Would you think that this would be the best opportunity in this field at the moment?
thanks as always for your great work

Read Answer Asked by joseph on May 03, 2022

Q: Please give your opinion on whether you would buy, hold or sell the companies listed. Thinking of 5 year or more time-frame.

Thanks as always,


Read Answer Asked by Kevin on April 21, 2022

Q: Hello 5i team,

Need an opinion on resizing my healthcare investment.

I hold GILD, ABBV, PFE in our portfolio; ABBV & PFE are doing well while GILD is barely breaking even. Your thought in replacing GILD with JNJ or go to IHI - a medical devices ETF.

Thank you !

Read Answer Asked by Nhung on March 28, 2022

Q: Hi Folks,
I've held GILD in my TFSA now for a couple of years and I'm down 27%, time to let it go. I also hold ABBV, PFE and MDT all performing well - can you suggest a replacement for GILD - looking for a company paying a dividend with some growth. Appreciate your suggestion.

Read Answer Asked by JOHN on March 28, 2022

Q: You used to be quite positive on GILD in response to subscriber questions asking for recommendations in the US Healthcare sector. Have you given up on the GILD turnaround story? At what price would you buy in?

Now, your top choice seems to be ABBV on the basis that it is performing better and your belief that Humira patent issues are well-known and baked into the stock price. However, ABBV is trading at an all-time high (not just a 52 week high) and GILD is trading at a price that is a 52 week low and lower than its closing price in 2013. Which stock has the better risk-return profile and why? Even if you think ABBV is the better long term investment, I am still nervous buying in at all-time high prices - what would be a good entry point on a pull-back?

Read Answer Asked by David on March 14, 2022

Q: I own both BMY and GILD, both of which have not done much the past few years except provide a stable dividend. I have enough health and death care ( - PLC:) ) stocks currently and would be OK to sell or raise some cash.
Do you think one or both of these have an upgraded outlook and are worth holding for the next year or two?
Thank you for the great service.

Read Answer Asked by Tulio on February 07, 2022

Q: Good morning everyone at 5i
I have been thinking of selling gild at a tax loss following their earnings report. Wondering what you would see as a replacement in order to buy back later. And should I buy back later or just keep the replacement. I already own abbievie in this sector.

Read Answer Asked by joseph on February 02, 2022

Q: Hello 5i
I know that it is a good idea to either have a certain number of US stocks that are not represented in Canada, or an etf for the US market, in order to have a balanced portfolio. Fortunatly, or unfortunatly, I have both. And I am wondering whether I should either get rid of my stocks or get rid of my etf's. The above are the US stocks I hold. in pretty good percentages. If i were to hold only stocks what might you suggest to supplement these? I know that I am probably heavy in tech to really represent the US market and will probably have to trim here, maybe in percentages. any other suggestions appreciated. Most of these are held in tax sheltered accounts, so taxes shouldnt matter too much.
thanks as always

Read Answer Asked by joseph on January 30, 2022

Q: Hi
I am looking for 5 US Income producing stocks to provide US funds to travel with. This will be long term investments, looking for low to moderate risk, good income stream and somewhat diversified although that's not a huge criterion.
Thank you, Len

Read Answer Asked by Leonard on November 19, 2021

Q: Hi can you recommend some healthcare etf funds that trade on the NYSE or NASDAQ, I need exposure in this sector, looking for:
1. Growth based funds with some dividend income
2. Dividend income with lower volatility


Read Answer Asked by Kim on November 19, 2021

Q: Top USD stocks for dividend income please. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on November 03, 2021