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Q: I just moved my RRSP over to Questrade from PH&N and have lots of cash to deploy (5+ year time line). For tax efficiency, I want to hold REITs, bonds, interest investments, US div stocks/ETFs, royalty income funds or any other investments that are not tax efficient in my MARGIN, TFSA and CORP accounts.
(1) Industrial REITs: I have half positions in DIR, GRT - should I diversify and also take positions in WIR and SMU or focus on DIR and GRT?
(2) Other REITs: Can you recommend any other quality value REITs? Is it a good time to invest in residential REITs?
(3) Can you recommend a good high yield bond ETF that has performed as well as PH&N High Yield Bond?
(4) Can you recommend some good value US div stocks (preferred) or ETFs? I am considering ABBV, PG, VZ.
Many thanks for any/all suggestions/comments!!!

Read Answer Asked by Grant on January 19, 2021

Q: Recently in response to questions, 5iR provided  target sector weightings for a dividend conservative portfolio and also for a balanced portfolio.
For my income portfolio, with a target sector weight of 10% for Communications, I have a position of 3.50% in BCE and, for health care, with a target sector weight of 10%, I have no positions. What are some Cdn and US stocks and ETF, even in Cdn dollars, would you suggest I consider.

When it comes to the balance portfolio, the communication target sector weight of 5%, I have at position of 3.00% in Telus and in the case of health care, with a target sector weighting of 10% (say in US stocks), I hold no positions. Again, what are some US stocks and ETF, even in Cdn dollars, would you suggest I consider.

Yes this is two questions in please deduct two credits............Again, Thanks........Tom

Read Answer Asked by Tom on January 19, 2021
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