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Q: hi,
I hold these in my USD account. I'm trimming PFE today as it was getting too large a holding. could you please rank all as a current buy, sell, hold. I am a long term investor. and , could you provide 2-3 other US names, with a reasonable balance of growth and downside protection in this market. cheers, chris

Read Answer Asked by chris on December 06, 2022

Q: Can you supply a few suggestions of dividend stocks that may be good to purchase during tax loss selling? Canadian and US if possible.
A few growth stocks would be a good balance to this question as well! Thanks, James

Read Answer Asked by JAMES on November 28, 2022

Q: Hi 5i
PFE ($49.36) has had a nice run. Any worries of a backlash against them as we all keep getting jabs and yet keep getting COVID? The virus mutates faster than they can come up with new vaccines. Will investors start to worry that this giant boost to revenue may disappear?
-And side question-how have your portfolios fared this year? Just curious since you don't own any Canadian stocks, have you managed to avoid major declines?


Read Answer Asked by Greg on November 16, 2022
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