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Q: I have all these stocks in my non-registered account, I have some money to deploy. My two smallest holdings are CP and WCN, should I add to either one or would you suggest a new stock?

Read Answer Asked by Dorothy on May 02, 2019

Q: I was stopped out on ENB a while ago but now would like to reenter the sector. Which pipeline company would you buy today for some growth as well as the steady dividend ?

Read Answer Asked by Sharon on May 01, 2019

Q: Thank you for for answer yesterday about setting up my parent's investments. To summarize, they are very conservative, above 80 years old, and looking for safety and income.

I would now like to ask you about the distribution of the equity component of the investments (composing only 17% of the total, the rest being in bonds, preferred, and GICs). Those below are all in equal weight. What do you thing?

XHC for healthcare exposure
IWO for US growth
VGG for US exposure
XEF (in a half position) for international exposure
VEE (in a half position) for emerging market exposure

Could you please suggest some more to round things out? I need another 5 or 6 stocks.

Also, do you have any objection to using ZAG and HYGH as bond substitutes for their conservative portfolio? I am buying individual preferred shares for that component.

Thank you once again,


Read Answer Asked by Federico on April 29, 2019
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