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Review of Sun Life Financial Inc

MAR 19, 2021 - The insurance company has managed to grow its earnings at a faster rate compared to its peers and is expected to maintain the momentum. Going forward, performance could see an incremental positive impact if interest rates rise. Rating maintained at 'B+'.

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Q: When I look at the quoted prices for SLF it gives me a long list of share types you can purchase. I understand that a preferred share acts more like a bond and you don't have voting rights but you get paid dividend payments first and come ahead of the line before common share holders for pay outs. Given the price per share of a preferred share is much less than a common share why would anyone not choose the preferred shares? In essence, I want to know whether to buy SLF common shares or preferred shares, thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Lucy on September 22, 2021

Q: Balanced Equity Portfolio (Cdn & US Stocks): If 5i were just starting business today what 20 stocks would make up the portfolio?

Read Answer Asked by Keith on September 16, 2021
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