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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Without naming every company - I have full positions in most banks, insurance cos., utilities, pipes, telcos and renewables,

This is where I see some relative safety and the best yields.

With the dip and yields improving are there any names that stick out as very attractive and safe in going a little overweight on?

Read Answer Asked by Dave on July 07, 2022

Q: Hello, happy Canada to all. Currently building a moderate portfolio with the stocks above, all full positions except WSP, open to also taking on some more risk and buying into the negativity. Long runway of 5-10+ years. Am looking for 3 new options that would help achieve an overall 2.5-3% dividend yield (2 CAN and 1 US). And 3 growth options (2 CAN and 1 US). Please omit GSY, ENB, MG, TOI, and GOOG (I know, sorry) as these are also held in a separate account. Thank you for all that you do!

Read Answer Asked by Robert on July 05, 2022

Q: Since the announcement of accounting changes this year for insurance contracts, it seems to have accelerated the downward movement of this stock's price. I'm trying to understand if this is a short term impact, or ongoing.

Will there be a point where the (theoretical) positive impact of rising interest rates put the brakes on the decline?

In the past I've heard the narrative on insurance companies that they can simply keep raising their premiums when business is negatively impacted. Not sure if you agree with that. I am a long term holder and am trying to decide whether or not to bring my weighting of this company back to 5% after its recent decline.

Read Answer Asked by James on June 23, 2022

Q: Would like your suggestions of 7 value stocks that also have a history of increasing dividends for both a balance portfolio and an income portfolio ....primarily Canadian stocks or secondary US traded stocks.
and please take the number of credits necessary to complete this "task". ........thanks.....Tom

Read Answer Asked by Tom on June 21, 2022

Q: Greetings 5i,

Can you rank in a list the top5 Canadian Banks, top 3 Life Companies, and 2 Telcos in order of preferance for purchasing today for longer term hold.

Can you briefly outline your reasons as to why you ranked the Lifecos as you did in comparison to the others on the list.


Read Answer Asked by Duane on June 20, 2022

Q: In our unregistered, income account I recently sold LIF and have decided not to return to that stock after 30 days. Instead, planning to buy more of one or two of the existing stocks.

Since this is an income account, yield is important and also quite happy to see total account balance steadily increasing whilst tapping off the cash.

I need some help deciding which ones to add to, and have 3 criteria:
1. Best yield
2. Current portfolio weighting
3. Best value over next 5 to 10 years

1. From highest to lowest yield:

2. From lowest to highest weighting:

3. Can you please help me to rank these stocks from highest to lowest value / growth prospects, or if that is to big a task. Please recommend overall best 3 selections given my criteria.



Read Answer Asked by Jim on June 13, 2022

Q: Can you please provide a few US and Canadian companies that are not traditional growth or tech companies, but represent deep value at this time. Bonus if they pay a dividend as well.

Read Answer Asked by mitchell on June 07, 2022

Q: On a question regarding WELL you indicated, the appetite for growth stocks driven by acquisition, with sub $700 million cap have just about 0% appetite right now. If you ture that around, what is there an appetite for now and please give me 5 examples of Canadian companies and American companies that meet those requirements. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Les on June 06, 2022

Q: I believe that life insurance companies benefit from higher interest rates . When I was much younger a-lot of people and families seemed to carry life insurance policies . But from what I can tell ,young people today could not care less about life insurance . Could I get your out look for these insurance companies in Canada and what could have the best upside , if any due to interest rates continuing to rise. . Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by jim on June 03, 2022

Q: These companies are in my husbandís TFSA and they are currently all down from where I purchased them.
In the current economy, which of these companies would you add to today? Please rank them in order of preference.

Read Answer Asked by Donna on June 02, 2022

Q: What 3 Canadian and U.S.A. large cap companies are great buys at their current level ?
Buying for core and long term holdings.

Read Answer Asked by Lawrence on June 01, 2022

Q: HI, This retired income couple want to invest 5K for our 20 year old grand daughter from our TFSA. To do so we have to sell some of our holdings in this account. Our largest holding SLF to our smallest TPZ are available with profits in most. Please suggest best to worst to select for raising the necessary cash. Our plan is to use the cash to purchase VGT.US or perhaps your other preferred etfs to be used in about 3-5 years. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Peter on June 01, 2022

Q: Regarding the list above, could you rank them from best to worst, in terms of fundamentals and the ability to survive economic downturns.
Deduct as many credits as you wish. Many thanks for you assistance.

Read Answer Asked by John on May 21, 2022